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14 Items to Add to Your Registry to Soothe Fussy Babies
Updated on
September 23, 2019

14 Items to Add to Your Registry to Soothe Fussy Babies

By Babylist Team
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14 Items to Add to Your Registry to Soothe Fussy Babies.
14 Items to Add to Your Registry to Soothe Fussy Babies

After using migraine-inducing carriers that left her feeling like a packhorse with her first baby, Elle Rowley, creator of the Solly Baby wrap, wanted a baby carrier that was both comfortable and chic.

In 2011, she created the functional and beautiful Solly Baby wrap. Rowley is also a bit of an expert in calming babies. Be prepared for baby’s fussy moments with this sample registry of her product recommendations for soothing little ones.

Wrapping your baby is the ultimate soother. Proven to reduce infant crying by up to 43% when used for four hours a day or more. The sound of your heartbeat, the skin to skin touch, the upright positioning to help aid digestion and decrease reflux—there is literally nothing better for a fussy baby.

Solly Baby Wrap Carrier - Black & Natural Stripe


When your baby isn’t wrapped up on you, swaddling them in the same lightweight but cozy Lenzing Modal is ideal. The 5 S’s (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking) have been lifesavers for me with my little ones.

Solly Baby Babylist x Solly Baby Collaboration Swaddle - Black & Natural Stripe


Don’t ask me what it is about this book, but my babies want to hear it over and over and over. I could recite this book in my sleep! I love reading it to my little ones right before bed, following a bath and a feeding.

Goodnight Moon


I diffuse lavender oil pretty much nonstop during those first few weeks. I’m not sure if it helps the baby or not, but it sure helps me stay calm when the baby is crying. Citrus oil is another favorite to use during the day in those first few weeks.

Breathe Essential Diffuser


I’ve used gripe water with every baby with varying degrees of success. When it is truly a gas-related cry, it has always done the trick.

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water


Adding a warm bath into our bedtime routine makes all the difference! These products are my favorite, especially the all-over ointment for diaper rash.

Tubby Todd Tubby Todd x Babylist -- Baby's First Year Skincare Gift Set - 2022

There is nothing like a baby straight out of the bath. This towel may not stop them from crying, but it’s the cutest way to take your babe out of the bath!

Shop Fog Linen Hooded Cotton Swaddle


As gorgeous as it is helpful when your little one needs to be in an upright position and you need to put them down.

Bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 Baby Lounger


White noise is key in helping your baby sleep through the night, especially when you have other kids! This one is awesome because it can be programmed from your phone and it has a built in nightlight.

Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen


The pacifier of all pacifiers! Love the colors and the functionality. I know everyone has a different opinion on pacifiers, but for that first year, pacifiers are my best friend.

doddle & co Pop Pacifier - I Lilac You


Put a clip on that pacifier so you don’t lose it! I’ve literally used dozens of these over the years.

Madeline’s Box Pacifier and Clip in Macrame


If your baby isn’t into a pacifier, a soothie might just do the trick! This one is cute enough to keep as an heirloom.

Liewood Rabbit Soothie


Once your baby is a little older, they may cry because they’re bored. I love having something easy and pretty that we can keep out for them to play under.

Liewood Activity Arch


I’m all about a no-fuss newborn outfit that doesn’t lack in design. I designed this layette after searching high and low for simple newborn outfits with no buttons or snaps or zippers. Plus it’s two pieces for easy diaper changes, and there are little feet included so you won’t lose any socks. I recommend starting with three for those first few weeks—your baby will live in them!

Solly Baby Layette Sleeper Set - Deep Blue, 0-3 months

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