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Your 17-Week-Old Baby
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Your 17-Week-Old Baby

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Your 17-Week-Old Baby.
Your 17-Week-Old Baby

Milestone: Teething!

Do you have a little drool machine on your hands? Anywhere from 4-7 months is prime time for kiddos to start teething.

Key signs that chompers are on their way: babies may be extra cranky or fussy, extra drooly and extra excited about chewing on anything they can get their hands on. You may also notice a few days here and there that your little one doesn’t eat or sleep well due to sore, achy gums. Sometimes a low fever (lower than 101 F) occurs.

The first teeth to pop up are usually the two center bottom ones, followed by the two on top. (Thought a gummy smile was cute? Wait for this toothy grin!) Don’t worry if your little one isn’t teething yet. As with any developmental stage, your baby is on their own unique timeline. But generally, you’ll see a couple teeth by the time your baby turns one.

Have You Made Your Dentist Appoinment?

Yes, you! When you’re totally consumed with taking care of your baby, it’s easy to forget to manage your own health and keep up with regular appointments. If you’re overdue for a teeth cleaning, schedule a dentist appointment.

Pregnancy can cause all sorts of changes in your mouth. Thanks to good old hormones, you may have noticed redder gums or bleeding when you brush. “Pregnancy gingivitis” usually resolves itself after your baby is born, but it’s always a good idea to get checked out. And despite the spit-up on your shirt, at least your teeth will be sparkling clean.

Try This: DIY Teether

A frozen washcloth is a great DIY teether. Simply wet it, pop it in the freezer for a bit and then give it to your baby to chew for cool, soothing relief. And the best part, it goes right in the washing machine post-chomp. In a pinch, your finger also will work like a charm, though it might hurt!

Best Teethers

Offering your kiddo a variety of teethers is a great way to ensure that what they’re putting in their mouth is safe, soothing and clean (be sure to wash them regularly!). From silicone to natural rubber, recycled plastic to maple wood, check out Babylist parents’ go-to teethers.

What’s the Deal with All the Drooling?

When a new tooth is on the way, you may notice a lot more of saliva. It happens for a reason.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s how your baby’s body is working to soothe their gums! For extra-drooly days, just put a bib or bandana on your baby so you can easily wipe their face and protect their clothes. However, lots of wiping could irritate their chin, so dab on some Aquaphor (or other baby-safe ointment) as a protective barrier when skin starts to look red.

Is this Rash Roseola?

Roseola (a.k.a sixth disease) is a contagious viral illness that usually affects children under age two. It starts with a sudden, high fever that ranges from 102 F - 105 F. (Whenever your baby has a high fever, call your pediatrician for guidance.) Other symptoms may include a poor appetite, mild diarrhea, irritability and a slight cough or runny nose.

The fever lasts from 3-7 days, followed by a tell-tale raised, spotty pink rash across the abdomen/trunk area. The rash can also spread to the face, arms and legs. While the rash lasts anywhere from 1-3 days, your baby will be feeling much better by then (phew!).

There’s no treatment for roseola, it just needs to run its course. Keep your baby comfortable and hydrated as you guys power through it!

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