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Video: The Cybex Cloud G Lux Levels-Up Four Major Car Seat Safety Features
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Video: The Cybex Cloud G Lux Levels-Up Four Major Car Seat Safety Features

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Video: The Cybex Cloud G Lux Levels-Up Four Major Car Seat Safety Features

There are a lot of new features that help make infant car seats safer and easier to use, but the way the Cybex Cloud G Lux with SensorSafe infant car seat updates those features takes it to another level. See four of the most innovative upgrades on this car seat in our video review, and learn more about them below.

1. Recline to the Max for Comfort and Safety

Infant car seats aren’t just for the car—they can also be a really convenient way to get around with your little one when you’re out and about. Cybex built an advanced recline feature into the Cloud G Lux that lets you recline your baby into an ergonomic almost-flat position for maximum comfort. Even more than that, it puts them in a healthier position for those extended travels, like long walks and marathon errands.


2. SensorSafe for Alerts to Unsafe Conditions

The Bluetooth-enabled SensorSafe chest clip is not only a super cool use of tech, but also an amazing safety feature. If the area around your baby’s seat becomes too hot or too cold, you’ll get an alert on your phone. If you accidentally leave your baby in the car, you’ll also get an alert. You even get an alert if your kiddo unbuckles their chest clip. See how it works at the 0:51 mark in our video review.

 have an image/screenshot of the “baby left in car” notification

3. Rigid LATCH Installation in Seconds

Getting a tight install at the base is one of the more important aspects of installing your car seat correctly. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. Normally, with a seat belt or regular LATCH install, you have to manually tighten a strap at the belt path (which can sometimes be a struggle). But with Rigid LATCH, you just guide the edge of the latch into the seat until it clicks, like the 01:41 mark in our video review. There’s no additional tightening or pulling necessary.

4. Anti-Rebound Base with Load Leg

Every car seat has to pass the same safety standards, but some go above and beyond the call of duty. The Cloud G Lux comes with an anti-rebound base and a load leg, both of which accomplish something similar: reducing the amount of movement in the event of a crash. The anti-rebound base does it by resisting the movement of the car seat towards the back of the car in a crash. The load leg does it by transferring energy of an impact into the floor of the car. Combined, these safety features can reduce crash forces on your baby by up to 30%.

Cybex Cloud G Lux Load Leg Image.jpg

Here are few more handy features that give this seat some extra wow-factor:

  • Breathable Design: To help keep baby cool, Cybex designed ventilation into the plastic shell of the seat and internal foam that promotes air flow to baby.
  • Linear Side Impact Protection: It’s sometimes labeled as “SIP,” but if you get into a side impact accident, Cybex’s Linear Side-impact Protection system reduces impact force by up to 30%. (When installed with Rigid LATCH, as compared to the same seat without use of the load leg in a front impact collision.)
  • XXL Shade Canopy: For maximum protection from the weather, the extra, extra large canopy covers more of your baby. It’s UPF50 plus, and neatly tucks away when you’re not using it.
  • Easy-in Buckle: Getting a wiggly baby into their car seat can be a struggle—literally—especially when you have to fish the harness out from underneath them. This seat has an easy-in buckle that pushes the harness forward so you can load and unload your baby with less effort.
  • Travel System-Ready: The Cloud G Lux Car Seat can be used with any CYBEX stroller using adapters that come included in the box. It’s also compatible with a bunch of other stroller brands with adapters from Nuna, UPPAbaby and Maxi-Cosi. (Be sure to check with those brands for compatibility prior to purchase, though.)

Cybex Cloud G Lux Stroller Seat Image

If safety features are your top priority (especially if you have the “am I going to forget my baby in the car?” anxiety) the upgrades on the Cloud G Lux might just be worth the investment. Watch our full video to see it in action.

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