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Five Parents, Five Feeding Challenges: How They Did It
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Five Parents, Five Feeding Challenges: How They Did It

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Five Parents, Five Feeding Challenges: How They Did It.
Five Parents, Five Feeding Challenges: How They Did It

Every parent wants what’s best for their baby, but you know what? Sometimes it can be hard to trust you’re doing the right thing. Especially when it comes to feeding them, whether you’re pumping, formula feeding, breastfeeding or a mix of all of the above.

We’re sharing the feeding journeys of five different families who found the best ways to feed their babies. We hope their stories help you feel supported in whatever path you’re taking to feed your little one.

My Feeding Journey: Meghan Basinger


What’s best for your family might be different from what you originally planned, as this family discovered. Read Meghan’s Story »

My Feeding Journey: Elliot Dougherty


Sometimes it takes a community of people to help create and feed a new baby. Read Elliot’s Story »

My Feeding Journey: Lauren Dix


So many factors come into play when breastfeeding, and it’s okay if it’s not picture-perfect right away. Read Lauren’s Story »

My Feeding Journey: Sylvie in the Sky


2 kids. 4 years breastfeeding. 1 ½ years pumping. 2 ½ years formula. This is my feeding story. Read Sylvie’s Story »

My Feeding Journey: Nikki Stephens


Education and support can help moms navigate the breastfeeding journey—even the second time around. Read Nikki’s Story »

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