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GoodBuy Gear Sells Used Baby Gear That Feels New
Updated on
September 11, 2023

GoodBuy Gear Sells Used Baby Gear That Feels New

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GoodBuy Gear Sells Used Baby Gear That Feels New.
GoodBuy Gear Sells Used Baby Gear That Feels New

There are a few reasons why you might want to buy used baby gear. For the sustainability minded, shopping second hand is a way to keep stuff out of landfills. Or maybe, you’d just like to save a few bucks.

Whichever reason rings true for you, used baby gear is a legitimate option for finding what you need for your baby. The tricky part is finding items you actually trust. Since many of the common ways of finding used baby items are informal, there’s no real way to be sure what you’re getting or who you’re getting it from.

But GoodBuy Gear set out to change that. They’re a new online marketplace that bridges the gap between accessible and affordable, while giving you a way to find used baby gear you don’t have to second guess.

What is GoodBuy Gear?

GoodBuy Gear is the first of its kind—a dedicated resale marketplace for high-quality baby gear. You can shop online safely, comfortably and get your items shipped to you just like you would at other major retailers.

Unlike the online marketplaces where you’re at the whims of sellers, GoodBuy Gear’s gear experts inspect and clean all items before listing them. They never sell recalled items, and if you’re not happy with your item, they offer a buyer “Gear-antee.” If your item doesn’t match its description, you can get a full refund within 14 days. That’s more than you can expect from your local online parent group.

Have a preference for something even newer? GoodBuy Gear stocks open-box items from popular brands too. Think gear from 4moms, Mockingbird, Owlet and Chicco that have only ever been taken out of the box—a.k.a. they’ve never been used. That means you get practically brand spankin’ new goods at deeply discounted prices.

And unlike Facebook or Craigslist where you’re mostly shopping in your own zip code, GoodBuy Gear offers nationwide shipping on all items. On most gear, including travel strollers, you only end up paying $8.99-$9.99. Car seats are $24.99 to ship and all other strollers are $34.99. Stocking up on even more? They offer a dynamic rate based on the total weight of items in your cart over 10 pounds. You can expect your picks to ship in one to three business days—on par with what you’d get from big-box stores.

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Our GoodBuy Gear Picks

If you’ve ever shopped at your local thrift store, you know finding name brand products in good condition can feel like a treasure hunt. But GoodBuy Gear has a lot of the big-name brands you’ve probably been eyeballing. While their inventory is always changing, here are the kinds of deals you might be able to find (though these specific ones might be sold out, new items are added every day!).

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Car Seats

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Home & Nursery

How To Sell Used Baby Items on GoodBuy Gear

It’s easy to go overboard and buy all the baby gear when you find out you’re expecting. But here’s the thing: babies grow really fast. After a few months, you might look around and realize you’ve got a pile of gently used baby things you don’t know what to do with. Luckily, GoodBuy Gear can help clear the pile while giving you a little extra cash. Here’s how it works.

They pick up your gear, inspect and clean it, take photos, list it, and voilà, you receive up to 80% of the sale price or 90% if you choose GoodBuy Bucks—store credit you can use to shop at GoodBuy Gear. As of now, pick-ups are available in Denver, Dallas, Houston and Philadelphia, but they’re steadily expanding.

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Keep the Good Gear Going ‘Round

GoodBuy Gear’s mission is to make shopping and selling baby and kid gear sustainable for the planet and accessible to all families. Reusing an item rather than buying it new reduces its carbon footprint by up to 82%. It’s an easy way to play your part in a more conscious circular economy—while saving some cash too.

For more on GoodBuy Gear and how it all works, visit and take the Gear Finder Quiz.

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