Babylist's 30 Most Registered-For Products of 2022
Babylist's Top 30 Most Registered-For Products of 2022
September 15, 2022

Babylist's Top 30 Most Registered-For Products of 2022

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Babylist's Top 30 Most Registered-For Products of 2022.
Cut through the noise: These are thousands of parents' must-haves, all in one handy list.Babylist's Top 30 Most Registered-For Products of 2022

There are a lot of choices to make when you’re building your baby registry. Ever think it might be helpful to get a peek into what other parents-to-be are adding so you can see how your choices stack up? Now you can.

When we see the same baby products popping up again and again on our customers’ registries, we stop and take notice—and you should too. Checking out the gear other parents have on their registries is a great way to see the types of products others are the most excited about and help you decide what to add to your own registry.

Get ready to ‘add to cart’—these are Babylist’s top 30 most registered-for products of 2022!

Babylist's Top 30 Most Registered-For Products of 2022

The Bottle Box is THE most popular add on Babylist registries! This exclusive box solves a common problem: most babies are picky about bottles, so why buy before you try? It includes five of the most popular bottles for your baby to sample.
Even Babylist parents want to be a little bit French. This sweet teether is made from 100% natural rubber and is a perfect size and shape for babies to hold and chew.
This collection includes four favorites: the Nose Frida (IFYKY), the Windi (gross but great), the SnipperClipper Set (because trimming tiny nails is as hard as it looks) and Peri Bottle for postpartum care (100% better than what you get in the hospital).
Babylist registrants love this affordable car mirror. It’s large, clear and easily adjustable.
Which diapers do Babylist families add to their registries again and again? Soft, absorbent Pampers Swaddlers.
This bestselling drying rack is the best combination of style + function. It’s just right for bottles, nipples, pump parts and so much more.
Small but mighty, this pint-sized pump uses natural suction to help you express milk and is the most popular breast pump Babylist parents add to their registries.
The most registered-for book on our list, this timeless story about a little caterpillar’s big appetite has become a modern classic.
Copper Pearl
It’s pretty easy to see why these hats make the most registered-for list. They’re simple, super stylish and super functional.
Burt's Bees Baby
Organic, affordable and, most importantly, absorbent, these burp clothes are a workhorse you’ll reach for again and again.
Earth Mama
This organic nipple butter is a favorite for good reason—it’s one of the best at providing soothing relief and it’s not sticky like many other nipple creams.
If you’re confused about which pacifier to add to your registry, add this box instead. It has six popular pacifiers and one paci clip so you can see which one your baby prefers.
Packed with full-sized items and curated by doctors, this First Aid kit deserves a spot in every medicine cabinet (and on every Babylist registry).
It may not be your most exciting registry add, but we promise this sturdy, spacious basket perfect for corralling small parts like bottle nipples, pacifiers and more will be one of your most-used.
This exclusive “try it kit” is one of the most popular additions to Babylist registries. It’s packed with 100 diapers and 200 wipes from three popular, eco-friendly brands so you can try before you buy in bulk.
Swaddling your baby can be intimidating, which is why parents love this foolproof style from Halo.
If you’re looking for a supportive, organic nursing pillow (that also helps with supervised tummy time, sitting and more), you’ll want to consider adding the Boppy to your baby registry.
There are lots of options for breast milk storage, but these Lansinoh bags take the top spot on Babylist registries thanks to their durability.
Baby Shusher
A quick and easy way to “shhh” your baby—and save your voice.
This play gym goes the distance, from the infant days all the way until the toddler years.
Manhattan Toy
Rattle + teether + parent (and baby) favorite all rolled into one, the Skwish is the perfect first toy.
Skip Hop
This go-anywhere toy helps Babylist families guac and roll.
Philips Avent
Its compact size and smart temperature controls make this the most popular bottle warmer registered for by Babylist families.
Skip Hop
This bathtime bundle has everything you need for the tub: Skip Hop’s signature whale-shaped tub with sling, a rinser and a spout cover.
Skip Hop
Just enough light to help you find the diaper supplies you need for those middle-of-the-night changes.
Easy to take along to a restaurant or a weekend away, this hook-on chair attaches right to the edge of a table so your little one can join in during mealtime no matter where you are.
Babylist parents love an all-in-one product! This cool-mist humidifier is also a diffuser and a nightlight.
This budget-friendly carrier boasts four different carry positions and gets rave reviews from parents.
It’s easy to see why parents-to-be want this multitasker on their registries—it’s a sound machine, nightlight and time-to-rise clock all in one, all controllable from your phone.
It does take some practice, but this stretchy carrier is the one Babylist registrants love the most thanks to its ultra-soft French terry material and one-size-fits-all design.
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