Babylist's 29 Most Registered-For Products of 2020
Most Registered-For Baby Products 2020
November 9, 2020

Most Registered-For Baby Products 2020

Most Registered-For Baby Products 2020.
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Cut through the noise: These are thousands of parents' must-haves, all in one handy list.Most Registered-For Baby Products 2020

Preparing for a baby is exciting, whether it’s your first or your third child. But when you haven’t had a baby before, tackling the baby registry can be a puzzle. What does your baby really need? And what’ll make life as a parent easier?

Don’t worry: Thousands of parents have gone before you, road-testing strollers, pacifiers, baby wipes and all kinds of baby gear. We crunched the numbers to find the items expectant families add to their registries more than anything else. Consider adding these most-popular, most-registered products in the Babylist Store to your list too:

Fits Like a Glove

Like your favorite yoga pants, these diapers are velvety soft and stretchy and give the freedom to move any which way in comfort. A color-changing wetness indicator tells you when it’s time for a change, and newborn diapers are shaped to avoid rubbing on your baby’s umbilical cord as it heals. (Pampers also has a more natural line of diapers with the same wetness protection: Pampers Pure.) Pair these diapers with another parent registry favorite—Pampers Sensitive Wipes—to keep your baby clean and comfy.

Hardworking Accessory

Is it a bib or an adorable fashion accessory? That’s what people will wonder when they see your baby decked out in a bandana bib. These soft wraparounds sop up drool in the most stylish way while keeping your baby’s neck dry. With 25 sets in different colors and patterns, you can compliment your little one’s outfit instead of covering it up.

Hospital's Choice

You may have to try a few types of pacifiers to find your baby’s #1 binky. But many little ones love soft, silicone Soothies as soon as they’re introduced to it. Hospitals prefer this brand because its design helps prevent nipple confusion and is the perfect shape for little newborn mouths. Plus, the one-piece design is easy to clean.

The Snotsucker

No need for a catchy headline when the product really is called the Snotsucker. This nasal aspirator uses your own suction to clear your baby’s stuffy nose. Just place the large tube at the base of your child’s nostril (not inside) and use the red mouthpiece to suck the snot out (yes, really). But don’t panic—it has disposable filters to prevent icky germ transfers. Sure, it sounds like a crazy contraption, but parents swear by it. (Watch this video to see the NoseFrida in action.)

Your Baby's BFF

A pacifier that actually stays in your baby’s mouth? Yes, please. WubbaNubs are snuggly stuffed animals with a Soothie pacifier attached at the end. This genius combo (invented by a mom, obviously) keeps the paci in position better than a basic binky. So rather than rolling right out of the stroller, a WubbaNub will stay nearby for little hands to easily grab. From elephants to monkeys, lions to puppies, your kiddo will love these plush pals.

The Cool Can

Diaper pails don’t usually get factored into nursery decor. But parents love the Ubbi for its sleek steel design, variety of patterns and power to lock in the stink. Although it’s on the pricier side, you won’t have to splurge on custom liners. Just use your usual kitchen trash bag to contain dirty diapers.

Bottle Sampler

Babies can be picky when it comes to bottle nipples, which makes it hard to know ahead of time which bottle set to purchase. This sampler box gives your baby five of the most popular bottles to test out. That way, you can get the green light from your baby before purchasing the entire line.

Essential One Piece

From newborn to toddlerhood, most babies live in a bodysuit. These one-piece wonders serve as short-sleeve shirts that don’t ride up in the summer and act as warm base layers in the winter. Choose from 9 different color-and-pattern combos to build your baby’s staple wardrobe.

Home Base for Bottles

The best place for bottles to air dry is on an adorable patch of grass. This two-piece drying rack is a fan favorite for containing all those bottle parts and pieces, pacifiers, spoons and sippy cups. After washing, stick items into the “grass blades,” and water will drain down into the little tray. It’s easy to empty and clean in the sink. Plus, the sleek design adds a bit of zen to bottle-washing.

To-Do: Create Your Babylist

With Babylist, you can add any item from any store onto ONE registry. You’ll even get a Hello Baby Box full of free (amazing!) goodies.

The Changing Table Staple

Need some back-up during diaper changes? The high, curved walls and safety belt on Summer Infant’s 2-Sided Changing Pad keep your little mover and shaker in place. This pad fits practically every changing table. Summer makes their own pad covers, but most other brands will work just as well. And when things get messy (which they inevitably will), the waterproof vinyl can easily be wiped clean.

The Breast-Inspired Bottle

Transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding isn’t always a breeze. There’s nipple confusion and all-out bottle rejection. “Good times!” said no one ever. From the naturally shaped nipple to the squeezable silicone base, every feature of Comotomo bottles mimics a breast, so switching can be easier. And when it comes to cleaning, no bottle brush is necessary.

Relaxation Station

Consider this your newborn’s version of a couch. It’s soft and cushy and designed for max baby comfort with a contoured interior that lets your child stretch out and relax. With a slight incline on one end of Boppy’s machine-washable pillow your baby can watch everything that’s going on without slumping over. It’s an ideal resting spot for little ones up to 16 pounds.

Smarter Sleep

Nightlight + sound machine + okay to wake clock rolled into one, fully customizable and all controlled easily via your phone? Yes, please! Tech done right, this sleek and simple nightlight pulls triple duty by providing not only a soft, glowing light for all those midnight feeding sessions, but also functions as a soothing sound machine and a clock to help with those early morning wakings as your babe gets older. And since the Hatch Baby Rest is all controlled from your phone, you won’t have to worry about stealth trips into the nursery to turn it on or off. There’s the Hatch Rest +, with all of this, plus a digital clock and two-way audio.

Stylish Versatility

Whether you’re nursing, shopping or in the car, this 5-in-1 cover has you, well, covered. One of our favorite must-haves for new mamas, there’s not much this soft, stretchy and super-stylish piece of fabric can’t do. It can be used as a nursing cover for a little extra privacy, and a car seat cover. It also works as a shopping cart cover, high chair cover or even as an infinity scarf. It’s easy to use and folds up small enough to fit right in your diaper bag or purse.

The Mod Humidifier

Some people think of humidifiers as clunky, noisy, space-hogs that are hard to clean. Crane’s Drop Cool Mist Humidifier is the opposite on all counts. This sleek gadget adds moisture to the air (without making a peep), helping to relieve stuffy noses and scratchy throats. It’ll work its magic all night, without needing a refill. Bonus: the moist air keeps your little one’s skin from getting dry during the winter months too. (Watch it in action here.)

Small-But-Mighty Diaper Bag

It’s a clutch. It’s a wristlet. It’s a…diaper bag? Yep, disguised as a fashion-forward accessory, this little bag has enough room for diapers, creams and wipes as well as a zippered pocket to stash your keys and phone. Unzip the attached, wipe-clean changing mat and you have everything you need for quick diaper changes (minus the bulky bag).

The Swaddle of All Trades

So what if you can’t master a swaddle? These soft, lightweight blankets (in tons of patterns) have plenty of uses other than making a baby burrito. Use it as a playmat, nursing cover, car seat cover or even wear it as an impromptu scarf to hide spit-up on your shirt. (Watch this video for how to use it.)

Babyproof Booties

For some mysterious reason, it’s hard to get socks and shoes to stay on babies’ feet. Blame it on their pudgy shape, wiggly legs or a child who thinks it’s a game to pull them off. But the two-snap closure on Zutano baby booties means business. The soft, fleecy booties stay put and keep tootsies warm.

Super Soothers

When you’re getting the hang of breastfeeding, nipples can become sore and dry. Nursing parents swear by this organic balm’s power to soothe and soften irritated nipples. It’s easy to smooth on (no stickiness!) and completely safe for baby—there’s no need to wash it off before breastfeeding. And if baby gets a diaper rash, this 100% organic diaper cream is as effective as it is gentle.

For Your Baby Shark

Teething is no joke: When your baby reaches that stage (between three to six months), they’ll mouth everything. As teeth grow in, baby’s gums can get sore, and chomping on stuff helps relieve the discomfort. These silicone teethers come in cute shapes, pretty colors and different textures to give your baby a fun and safe chew. Plus, they clip onto clothes so you don’t have to stress about them falling on the floor and getting dirty.

Breastfeeding Helper

The dilemma: bending over to nurse your baby can hurt your back after awhile, but lifting your child up to your breast sometimes makes your arms burn. Enter the Boppy Nursing Pillow: this c-shaped pillow wraps around your waist to lift your baby up and provide a comfy resting spot while nursing. Cover the machine-washable pillow with a slipcover (sold separately and available in lots of adorable patterns) and use it to support your baby during tummy time and while learning to sit too.

The Chill Zone

Babies love snuggly spots that remind them of the good old days in the womb. The DockATot delivers that cozy, secure vibe…and then some. It’s a comfy place for little ones up to eight months old to chill, play, do tummy time and even have a diaper change. Perfect for home or travel, you’ll want to take this lightweight, portable lounger everywhere you go. This pattern is a Babylist exclusive, but they have other colors too.

Make a Splash

Finding just the right cup for bath time can be trickier than it sounds—you want something large enough to get the job done, but you also don’t want to overwhelm baby with too much water at one time. Enter this whale rinse cup, which is just as adorable as it is functional. It features a soft, flexible lip that rests against baby’s forehead to prevent getting water in the eyes, and uses interior “fins” to channel the water for an even pour. It even stands up on its tail for easy storage.

A Parent-Like Rocker

Your wish for a second set of arms has been answered: an infant seat that keeps babies calm and happy by bouncing and swaying the same way that parents do. Five different motions and speeds on the mamaRoo let you pick the just-right movement for your little one. Plus it has four built-in sounds and a variety of incline positions. This one-of-a-kind seat for babies up to 25 pounds is ideal for when your baby wants to be held, but your arms need a break or you need to shower or make dinner.

Organic Burp Cloths

Babies and burp cloths go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every newborn needs them because of spit-up, drool and other (ahem) baby messes. These ones are made from soft, organic cotton and big enough to sub in for a changing mat in a pinch.

Best Bottle Cleaner

Designed to get to the bottom of the tallest bottles, this brush also has a hidden silicone nipple cleaner so you can thoroughly wash every part of your baby’s bottles. When you’re done, the brush goes on it’s stand to dry off and stays tucked out of the way until you need it again.

Easiest Swaddle

The secret to getting newborns to sleep for longer than 15 minutes? Keep ‘em cozy. Swaddling babies (wrapping them up like burritos) is a trick that’s been used for centuries, but it takes some finesse to create this kind of secure blanket fold. Enter the SleepSack Swaddle: You just zip your baby up in the sack, which replaces a blanket, and wrap the “wings” around your little one’s torso. It’s so easy any blurry-eyed, sleep-deprived parent can do it.

Softest Sheet Ever

You know how your favorite T-shirt has been through a thousand washes and just keeps getting better? These sheets are just like that, except they’re buttery soft to begin with and made with organic cotton so they’re extra gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

The Classic Teether

You’d be hard pressed to spot a baby out on the town without Sophie. This beloved giraffe teether has been around since 1961, and for good reason. Handmade in France with 100% natural rubber, every part is perfect for grabbing, chewing and squeaking. Plus, the contrasting spots give visual stimulation a boost. (Note: Some parents say Sophie can mold easily on the inside.)

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