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Most Innovative Baby Products of 2024
Updated on
March 29, 2024

Most Innovative Baby Products of 2024

Babylist editors love baby gear and independently curate their favorite products to share with you. If you buy something through links on our site, Babylist may earn a commission.
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Most Innovative Baby Products of 2024.
Most Innovative Baby Products of 2024

We love any smart solutions that help make parenthood a little bit easier. From a baseless infant car seat to a fully sustainable cardboard bassinet (really!)—and a whole lot in between—these are the newest, coolest and most innovative baby products to hit the market so far this year.

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A Car Seat That Installs in Seconds

Before you can understand why the first-of-its-kind car seat included in this travel system is so cool, a bit of Car Seat 101. Most infant car seats can be installed without a base, but require a seat belt—along with time and patience. That’s not the case with the urbn. There’s no base to worry about AND the latch system is built right into the seat’s base. Simply press a button on each side to attach the seat directly to your vehicle’s lower anchors. It’s about as foolproof as it gets, which means the easiest install and the safest infant car seat. Paired with Nuna’s TRVL lightweight stroller, this travel system is especially ideal if you’ll be using your car seat on the go in rideshares or taxis or if you travel frequently.

The First Doona Competitor

The Doona stood alone for years in the innovative car seat + stroller hybrid class—until now. Meet the Evenflo Shyft, a new car seat stroller hybrid turning heads for its innovation, style and convenience factor. Like the Doona, the Shyft is a car seat and a stroller all rolled into one. But there are some key differences between the two. You can use the Shyft for babies as small as three pounds (the Doona’s weight minimum is four pounds), a nice perk if you have a preemie or smaller baby. The seat on the Shyft detaches from the wheels, meaning you can use it as a standard infant car seat carrier, which isn’t an option with the Doona. And there’s an integrated SensorSafe technology that alerts you if the seat’s chest clip comes unbuckled, the temperature is too hot or cold, your baby is seated too long or if you’ve left your baby behind accidentally.

A 100% Breathable Bassinet

We already know (and love) the Newton brand for their bestselling breathable crib mattress, so when we heard they were launching a bassinet, we had a hunch it would be just as amazing—and we were right. Besides being beautiful, this modern birchwood bassinet features a sized-down version of the brand’s crib mattress. It’s 100% breathable, washable and lightweight. Why is this a big deal? As new parents, we appreciate any product that can manage our anxieties and help everyone sleep a bit easier. Other bassinet features to love include a large sleep surface, a bedside sleeper mode with a zip-down side for easy access to your baby, eight adjustable height settings and a light weight and travel bag for easy portability.

Super Cool, Super Practical

It’s not often that a new product is as helpful as it is cool. Swehl’s Latch Kit is a bit of a unicorn in that way, and we couldn’t be happier about it. A fellow Babylister and new mom described it as “a great kit of things you didn’t know you might need.” Curated for breastfeeding parents, the kit includes eight items designed to make your nursing experience more comfortable and convenient. There’s a colostrum bottle, nipple shields, milk collection cups, nipple balm and lots more, all packed into a stylish carry-all that can be repurposed for just about anything. And if you’re a tired new parent overwhelmed by information overload, don’t worry—each product includes a QR code that drives to bite-sized video tutorials.

A Slimmer, Sleeker Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are known (and loved) for features like serious suspension, smooth maneuverability and lots of storage. What they’re not often known for is a slim design. The Wayfinder, a new jogger from BOB, certainly isn’t the smallest jogging stroller around, but it’s a lot sleeker and slimmer than many of its competition, which is a pretty big deal. The wheels tuck in when the jogger is folded to free up about three inches of space. That may not sound like much, but it’s pretty significant when you’re trying to wrestle your jogger into the trunk of your car or stash it away in your home. The more compact design doesn’t detract from the Wayfinder’s features. It has impressive suspension, a one-hand full-recline seat, tons of storage and a large canopy. And you’ll be able to job with your little one until they hit up to 75 pounds. (And if you can do that, you’re clearly in much better shape than we are.)

Eco- and Baby-Friendly

Wondering what’s so innovative about a box of bottles? Babies + bottles can be a tricky combo. Not all babies are picky about the bottles they love, but many are—and you run the risk of ending up with a whole lot of wasted bottles (and wasted money) if you register for or purchase a large set only to find out your little one won’t take them. This bottle bundle makes things a lot easier. It’s exclusive to Babylist, so you’ll only find it here, and it features four popular glass bottles (Lansinoh, Dr. Brown’s, Chicco and BIBS) so you can test out a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to see what you and your baby prefer before you go all in.

Form Meets Function

As it sometimes feels like parenting is one perpetual mealtime, we’re always here for any and every high chair innovation. Bugaboo’s new high chair, the Giraffe, caught our eye the moment it was released, and we’re happy to report that it very much lives up to the hype. This beautifully designed seat reminds us of a sleeker, more modern and slightly more compact version of the Stokke Tripp Trapp, one of our favorite high chairs of all time (and a parent favorite for over six decades). Right out of the box, setup is incredibly easy. Adjustments are just as simple; both the seat and the footrest slide up and down in seconds with the squeeze of a button, a feature we love as it assures your baby or toddler is in a safe, ergonomic position for eating.

Other features to rave about include ease of cleaning (zero nooks or crannies to worry about), a super stable base and a dishwasher-safe tray that’s effortless to get on and off. We also love that the chair pulls right up to the table and grows with your child. There’s an easy-to-attach Newborn Set available for the six-months-and-under crowd and a baby set with a five-point harness for your toddler that you can use until your little one is about three years old, at which point the Giraffe turns into a chair that can be used up to 220 pounds.

A New Type of Bottle Nipple

When feeding at the breast, babies are able to control the flow of milk naturally by compressing the nipple. But this can be tricky if a baby is using a conventional bottle. Most bottle nipples are hollow and inflexible, meaning milk may flow too quickly and cause choking, gagging, overfeeding and colic-like symptoms. What piqued our interest in the Momi bottle is its innovative nipple design. Instead of a stiff, hollow nipple, the Momi nipple is flexible and features a single duct running through the center. These features help your baby regulate the flow of milk and more closely replicate nursing, making it easier and more comfortable for your baby to switch between breast and bottle. And there are only three bottle components in the Momi, making it easy to assemble and, more importantly, easy to clean.

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Simplicity + Safety

Yes, this is a cardboard bassinet. Yes, at first we also thought that sounded strange. But then we realized it was actually pretty genius. Many parents use a bassinet for the first few months of their baby’s life to keep their little one close. But bassinets can be expensive and bulky, and babies outgrow them quickly. While we do wish this option from DockATot was a bit cheaper, we love it for its simplicity, sustainability and safety. It’s easy to put together, has a small footprint and is lightweight, making it easy to move around your home. It’s also sustainable; repurpose it as a bookshelf or toy bin after your baby outgrows it, or recycle it. Plus, Finnish babies have been using cardboard bassinets for decades—so maybe we have something to learn.

Portable Pumping from a Trusted Brand

While there are many wearable breast pumps already on the market, this is the first from Medela, a well-established brand and a parent favorite for all things breastfeeding. This combo brings together Medela’s collection cups, ultralight cups that slip into your bra, with the Freestyle pump, a pocket-sized double electric breast pump. You won’t be cord-free, as you’ll still have tubes running from your pump to the collection cups, but the Freestyle + cups combo does allow for hands-free pumping and much more mobility than with a traditional breast pump. Our testers were impressed with their milk output while using this pump, which isn’t always the case with wearables. And we love the new Sarah Wells Allie Sling Bag for taking it all on the go in style.

A Smarter Sound Machine

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Nanit’s smart baby monitor, so we were excited when we got a chance to take the brand’s new sound and light machine for a test drive. This phone-friendly, multifunction gadget is worth a look, especially if you’re already a Nanit user. It’s a two-in-one sound machine that combines a white noise machine and a programmable night light all rolled into one. Sound options include white noise, nature sounds, lullabies and more, and you can customize both the light’s color and brightness to create a custom environment, including routines for bedtime, wakeups and naps. You can operate the sound machine via the main Nanit app (which means no toggling back and forth between two different apps if you’re already a monitor user) and it runs on both a power adaptor and a rechargeable battery.

Better Babymaking

For some folks, fertility can be stressful and complicated, so we always take notice of anything that may make the process a little easier. Frida’s new line of fertility products do just that. Including everything from pre-conception supplements and ovulation prediction tests to an at-home insemination set and pregnancy tests, Frida’s fertility products aim to take some of the guesswork out of what can be a very overwhelming time of life. Everything was developed with fertility specialists and reflects the brand’s signature blend of style and straightforwardness.

One Seat, Lots of Possibilities

Adventure-loving families, this one’s for you. This unique seat from Veer, makers of one of our favorite stroller wagons, is a jack of all trades. It’s compatible with a host of different Veer products including a stroller, a jogger and a bike, or can be used as a standalone or booster seat. The seat itself weighs about seven pounds so it’s easy to carry and can be used for kids up to 50 pounds. We love the versatility, the fact that it makes getting outdoors with your baby or toddler a little easier and, of course, the innovation.

A Smart Monitor

We’re always a bit hesitant about baby monitors that track vitals like breathing and movement, as they are not medical devices and, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, give little or no protection from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). But we realize that many parents turn to them for peace of mind regardless, and Halo’s new SleepSure monitor is worth a mention. It uses a wearable band that wraps around your baby’s calf to track heart rate, skin temperature and movement (including rollovers) in real-time. There’s no camera included—it’s a wearable only at this time—but we like that you can track everything via an app on your phone and even use the band in On-the-Go mode if you’re on a walk, in the car or away from home.

Bathtime Made Better

Can a bathtub be innovative? We think so. Lalo’s tub is chic and modern, but also ultra-functional. The ergonomic multi-stage design supports even the tiniest babies from day one. Once your little one is sitting independently, you can switch them to the other side of the infant insert for more legroom, then pop out the insert altogether to turn the tub into a toddler basin. It’s made from non-toxic materials and is easy to wipe down. And when your baby tub days are behind you, repurpose it as a toy storage container or a sensory bin for years of added use. This bundle comes with the tub, a spout cover and a rinse cup.

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