Most Innovative Baby Products of 2023
Most Innovative Baby Products of 2023
January 6, 2023

Most Innovative Baby Products of 2023

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Most Innovative Baby Products of 2023.
Most Innovative Baby Products of 2023

We love any smart solutions that help make parenthood just a little bit easier. From a rotating car seat to a baby monitor that tracks your little one’s growth—and a whole lot in between—these are the newest, coolest and most innovative baby products to hit the market so far this year.

Smart Swinging That Stores Flat

There’s more to this swing than just its modern looks (although we do love those too). By swaying side-to-side, it recreates the calming motion that babies love and is a great arm saver for when you need a break. There’s lots of smart tech here, including a remote to control everything from speed to sounds and Bluetooth capability that lets you stream in your own tunes in addition to what’s already programmed in. And unlike similar style swings, this one weighs only 10 pounds and disassembles into two parts to store almost flat so it’s easy to stash away or bring along when you’re traveling.

360-Degree Convenience

Rotating car seats are fairly ubiquitous in Europe and we couldn’t be happier to see this ingenious feature finally starting to pop up here in the US. The 360-degree rotation design is brilliant; it makes it super easy to get your baby or toddler in and out of the car no matter what type of vehicle you have or if your child is forward- or rear-facing. The Revolve also grows right along with your little one, designed to work from the newborn days until your child is about 10 years old. The best part? You’ll only ever have to install it once. Can you hear us cheering?

Smart Monitoring—and Much More

Just when we thought something great couldn’t get much greater, one of our all-time favorite monitors just got an upgrade. The Nanit Pro Complete is the ultimate in baby monitoring and sleep tracking. There’s not much this monitor can’t do. You’ll get a crystal-clear view of your baby day and night, of course, along with tracking for your baby’s breathing and movement, sleep stats and personalized sleep guidance. This upgraded Pro version features an overall slimmer design, a higher resolution camera with sharper night vision and better zoom, improved speakers and a Smart Sheet that allows you to measure your baby’s height and growth progress right through the app. Genius!

Simple Sterilizing

A sterilizer isn’t a must-have, but if you do choose to add one to your registry, we highly recommend this innovative new model from Baby Brezza. There are a few standout features here. Other than the (obviously great) feature of killing 99.9% of germs, it also dries things like bottles, pump parts, pacis and more 33% faster than Brezza’s other sterilizers. (That’s a big deal because lots of other sterilizers either leave items wet or take a whole lot longer.) It’s also modular, meaning you can add on or take away trays based on how many items you need to sterilize, saving on space.

Magnetic Magic

Nuna, a Babylist parent favorite brand and maker of stylish, modern gear like the popular Pipa Infant Car Seat and Leaf Grow Seat, just upped their stroller game. The Tavo (as well as other strollers like the Mixx Next and the Demi Grow) now features a magnetic buckle. This self-guided buckle automatically locks into place, making getting your little one in and out of the stroller—something you’ll likely be doing multiple times a day for a few years—easier than ever before. It may sound like a small upgrade but it’s one that will make a big difference in your day-to-day life as a parent.

A 100% Washable High Chair

While most high chairs feature dishwasher-safe trays or machine washable seat pads, the Boon Grub takes cleaning convenience to the next level. The entire seat of this sleek, modern chair can be tossed right in your dishwasher; simply pop it off and throw it into the bottom rack of your dishwasher for a truly spotless clean. So smart! Other things we love: zero crevices to hide sneaky food crumbs, an adjustable tray and five-position footrest for a custom fit, counter or table height adjustments, and an integrated storage hook for bibs. The seat even converts to a toddler chair when your little one’s high chair days are behind them.

Ready to Add These to Your Registry?

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Interactive Playmat

You may know Aden + Anais for their classic cotton muslin swaddles, one of the true newborn must-have products. The brand’s new playmat is a departure from bibs, blankets and bedding but just as interesting. It’s designed to be an interactive space for you and your baby to play on and explore together. Oversized, it’s large enough for both of you to be on it at once. It’s filled with elements that capture your baby’s attention like rattles, a mirror and tactile features like crinkle leaves and was designed to support fine and gross motor skill development along with sensory and cognitive-building skills. For a more neutral look, just flip the mat over to reveal the modern decor-friendly print on the other side.

Three Ways to Splash

We’re suckers for baby gear that can be used in multiple ways. This new baby tub from Skip Hop works on your countertop, in your sink and in your tub so you know it’ll be around long after the newborn days are over. It also features two recline positions and folds flat for easy storage or can be hung using the built-in hook.

Lactation Support

All of FridaMom’s products are super smart and super functional, so it’s no surprise that their latest line of lactation support products nab a spot on our Most Innovative list. This sheet mask is designed just for your breasts and is filled with fenugreek and fennel to help boost milk supply. And it doesn’t stop there! There’s a whole new line of lactation products to love including more sheet masks (there’s one for breast skin care and another that helps ease engorgement for weaning) and instant heat breast warmer packs that provide relief and help break up clogs.

Walk, Run and Everything in Between

You want an everyday stroller. But you also want a jogging stroller. And you don’t necessarily have the space—or the budget—for both. Enter the Roam, a new “crossover” stroller that combines the best of both worlds. The all-terrain bike tires and rear suspension system make the Roam ideal for running either on pavement or off-road but, unlike most jogging strollers, the Roam boasts a compact fold size that’s 50% smaller than traditional joggers. Brilliant!

Purer Air + Soothing Sounds

Many parents are now choosing to add an air purifier to their baby’s nursery or sleep space. Like many of FridaBaby’s innovative products, their new air purifier combines three useful products into one: a purifier, a sound machine and a night light. The Hepa filter removes mold, pollen, smoke odors and other pollutants from the air and each filter lasts for about 90 days. The sound options include two white noise options and the night light has four different colors perfect for setting the mood for sleep.

Diaper Changes with Less Mess

Diaper changes are messy enough—why make them dirtier than they need to be? This unique diaper rash cream comes in a small spray bottle for an easy, rub-free application. Simply give the bottle a little shake and spray it directly on your baby’s bum after a change. There’s no spreading or rubbing required. The spray is made from natural ingredients like aloe and shea butter as well as non-nano zinc oxide and helps to seal out wetness and protect your baby’s most sensitive skin.

Coming Soon

Here are a few more innovative products we’re keeping an eye on this year.

  • Cradlewise is a smart bassinet + mini crib that automatically responds to baby’s cries and includes a built-in video monitor that connects to an app to track sleep and provide personalized advice.
  • If you’re already a fan of the Hatch Rest (and who isn’t, really?) you’ll love this new tinier version, the Hatch Rest Mini Sound Machine. It’s a pared-down model of its larger counterpart that features eight soothing sounds, all controlled via the unit itself or through an app on your phone.
  • The first pump of its kind, the Spectra Synergy Gold allows you to adjust the suction settings for each breast independently so you’re much more likely to find the optimal setting just for you.
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