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The Best Baby Gear for Tech-Loving Parents
Updated on
January 4, 2024

The Best Baby Gear for Tech-Loving Parents

By Babylist Team
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The Best Baby Gear for Tech-Loving Parents.
The Best Baby Gear for Tech-Loving Parents

A car seat that alerts you if your baby is left behind, a bassinet that responds automatically to your baby’s cries, a swing you can control with your phone and a video monitor that tracks your little one’s breathing.

If you’re a tech-loving parent, there’s no shortage of innovative baby products for you to choose from when you’re building your baby registry. Here are the ones worth adding to your list.

A Smarter Car Seat

A tech-enabled car seat is a great place to start if you’re drawn toward adding more technology-forward gear to your baby registry. The Sirona S is an extremely safe, extremely innovative seat that’s packed with smart features both you and your little one will appreciate.

The Sirona S was the first rotating seat to hit the US market. (It’s since been joined by several others, including Nuna’s REVV and Evenflo’s Revolve360.) Why is this a big deal? Swiveling seats make it super easy to get your little one in and out, especially when the seat is rear-facing. And extended rear-facing is much safer for your baby and toddler than riding forward-facing—so any seat that makes this easier deserves high marks.

A smart harness clip is the second high-tech innovation to pay attention to here. A special clip on the harness alerts you via your smartphone if you leave your little one behind in the car. It also notifies you if your child unbuckles the clip, is too warm or is seated too long.

A Sound Machine (and More) You Can Operate from Your Phone

A sound machine is an item we think belongs on every baby registry. White noise and other ambient sounds can help babies sleep better and longer—and we’re always here for that. Hatch takes everything we’ve come to love about the sound machine and turns it up a few notches with smart technology.

The Hatch Rest+ is a sound machine, a night light and a time-to-rise clock all rolled into one and all controlled via your smartphone. It’s designed to create the optimal sleeping environment for your baby through a selection of light and sound themes that promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production. You can customize these themes or create your own based on what works best for your family, and you can control it all remotely so you’ll never have to do the ninja crawl out of your little one’s nursery again. There’s even an eight-hour battery backup in case your power goes out and access to exclusive playlists, bedtime stories and other custom content through a Hatch Sleep Membership.

A Video Monitor That Tracks Breathing

Video monitors have benefited more than almost any other category of baby gear from new tech. (Car seats and strollers are two other categories that have been able to make major gains thanks to tech-based innovations.) The Nanit uses technology to let you keep a better—and smarter—eye on everything your little one is up to, even when they’re asleep.

The list of things the Nanit does (and does well) is nearly endless. First and foremost, the Nanit is a video monitor. The camera offers a crystal clear, bird’s eye perspective that lets you see every corner of your crib even when it’s pitch black. Then there’s the breathing wear. The camera reads the custom-designed pattern on the band of this one-of-a-kind swaddle to detect your baby’s breathing motion. (No sensors or add-ons required.) You’ll get an alert both on your phone and your camera if something seems off. And finally the app—it allows you to access sleep metrics every morning and “Nanit insights” with video history, sleep tracking and even sleep coaching. What more could you ask for?

A Thermometer That Automatically Alerts You to Fever

Nothing is more panic inducing than when your baby gets sick. Keeping an eye on your little one’s temperature, especially overnight, can be a huge stress reliever and let everyone sleep a little bit easier.

Vava’s smart thermometer monitors your little one’s temperature via a soft, silicone and completely wireless patch that attaches to your baby’s armpit and displays the reading on an LCD screen. The system alerts you with real-time beeps and a blinking LED light whenever it detects a high temperature. The patch charges in an hour and a half and holds a charge for a full 24 hours. It’s reliable and easy to use and perfect for peace of mind throughout the night.

A Weight-Tracking Changing Pad

One of the most stressful things about having a newborn is worrying about weight gain. Between things like spit up and falling asleep during feedings—and especially if you’re breastfeeding—it can be tough to know exactly how much milk or formula your baby is actually taking in. Weigh-ins at the pediatrician are helpful, but they’re often not frequent enough to calm new-parent anxieties.

The Grow+ smart scale lets you do weight checks wherever and whenever you’d like. This battery-operated baby scale is portable, simple to use and features four-sensor technology for accuracy. There are options to deduct added weight (like a diaper) and a hold function that provides an average weight when your little one is extra squirmy. Everything links to an app so it’s easy to track and chart weight growth. (The app uses the World Health Organization percentiles for weight, height and head size.) The scale also doubles as a changing pad, so you’ll be able to use the scale even when you’ve passed the days of weight-gain worry.

A Completely Hands-Free Breast Pump

Up until only a few short years ago, nothing much had changed about the electric breast pump in a long time. Then along came the Elvie, and pumping hasn’t been the same since.

The Elvie is a wearable pump that’s completely hands-free. There are no wires to plug in and no cords to get tangled up; simply charge each pump, pop it into your nursing bra and let the pump do the rest. The Elvie is completely silent so you can pump pretty much anywhere. There are variable suction levels, seven intensity settings and just five parts to clean. And there’s an app that monitors your milk in real time, tracks your pumping history and can even control the pump remotely. Pumping truly never looked so good.

A Completely Breathable (and Washable) Mattress

Few things are more anxiety-producing for new parents than the first time their baby rolls onto their stomach for sleep. And few products bring us more peace of mind than the Newton Baby Breathable Crib Mattress.

With a core that’s 90% air (yup, air) and 10% food-grade polymer, your baby (and you, if you’re interested) can literally breathe right through this mattress. (There’s even been a lab study showing that a baby gets 97% more air while breathing through the Newton than on a conventional waterproof crib mattress.) There are no foams, adhesives or metal springs, and the mattress is 100% recyclable.

One more thing to love: the Newton is completely washable. Simply zip off the cover, put it in your tub or shower and rinse away. It can even be brought outside for a good spray down with the hose.

A Bottle That Preserves the Nutrients in Breast Milk

Pumped breast milk is an option that lots of parents choose for feeding their babies. To preserve the nutrients in pumped milk, though, you need to make sure to handle and store it correctly. Nanobebe bottles were specifically designed to do just that.

These uniquely shaped bottles were made to look more like a breast than more traditional bottles. They were also engineered to preserve the nutrients in the milk; the rounded shape helps cool and heat the milk twice as fast as standard bottles, meaning there’s less time for that liquid gold to break down. The bottles are compatible with lots of different breast pumps, and you can pump directly into them using adapters. There’s also a vented slow-flow nipple that helps reduce colic.

One Button Bottle Making

We’ll admit it—before we had kids, we may have looked at this product and thought to ourselves, “really?” But then, after what felt like the five hundredth day in a row of making bottles, we understood just how completely genius it is.

Baby Brezza’s formula maker fills up to 20 eight-ounce bottles with a touch of a button. It’s easy to operate and customize and works with all bottle sizes and brands. (And virtually all types of formulas—be sure to check yours first before using it, of course.) It’s a huge timesaver and without a doubt deserves a spot on your counter.

A Swing That Mimics Your Movements

Most babies want to be held all day (and sometimes all night). The mamaRoo is the next best thing. This high-tech swing + bouncer hybrid mimics human movements with five natural motions, five speeds and four built-in sounds that you can mix and match until you find the perfect custom soothing solution for your baby. (There’s even an app to help you figure out which motions most resemble your own.)

The mamaRoo has smart home features like Bluetooth and voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It reclines completely flat so you’ll be able to use it from day one until right around the time your little one starts sitting up independently, and includes a mobile with plush toys and a removable, machine-washable seat.

A Baby Food Maker That Does It All

Looking to take your baby cuisine up a notch? The Babycook is your one-stop shop for all things homemade baby food. This sleek, compact machine steams, blends, warms and defrosts and eliminates the need for pots, pans, blenders and microwaves.

The Babycook makes everything from fine purees to food with chunkier textures. It won’t take up a ton of space on your counter, and the space it does take up looks pretty good thanks to its modern design. It’s easy to clean and comes with a glass bowl and a stainless steel basket.

A Bassinet That Responds to Baby’s Cries

Tech that gets everyone a little more sleep? Yes, please!

The Snoo uses tech in one of the best ways we could ever dream of—to respond to your baby’s cries with gentle rocking and boost your little one’s sleep. It was invented by Dr. Harvey Karp, the pediatrician behind the “five S’s” and author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, and was designed to mimic the calming sensations of the womb. In addition to rocking, the Snoo utilizes white noise and a built-in swaddle to help soothe baby back to sleep. There’s a mobile app where you can control it all remotely as well as a sleep tracker and report.

Genius Innovations to Meet Baby’s Basic Needs

Things like gas, congestion and cutting teeny, tiny nails don’t seem like that big of a deal before your little one arrives—until your baby is born and those are exactly the things you’re struggling with and stressing over day in and day out. That’s why we love all things FridaBaby. Their products are smartly designed, innovative and provide genius solutions for the everyday challenges of parenthood.

This Baby Basics kit includes everything you need to tackle the common struggles of caring for a newborn and beyond. Baby’s first cold? Whip out the NoseFriday snot sucker (yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like) and get to work. Uncomfortable gas pains? The Windi will get the job done. Everything comes in a reusable pouch so you can store it all in one place and stay organized and ready for whatever your little one throws your way.

Easy On, Easy Off Baby Clothing

The concept behind the Magnetic Me clothing line is so simple—and so brilliant—that it will make you scratch your head and think, “Well why didn’t I think of that?”

Instead of snaps (a total pain) or zippers (much easier, but still not ideal), this one-piece footie uses magnetic closures. This simple switch makes getting your baby dressed and undressed so much easier and a whole lot faster. The magnets are especially helpful during those first few weeks when you’re extra nervous dressing your tiny newborn and as your little one gets more active and becomes extra squirmy.

A Programmable, Customizable Humidifier

A humidifier may not be the most exciting item of baby gear you’ll add to your registry, but it may end up being one of the most useful, especially when your little one gets sick. The Hygro+ has tons of tech-enabled features that make it a great addition to any list.

This cool-mist humidifier is completely programmable and customizable. Just set your preferred humidity levels and the humidifier will do the rest, switching on and off automatically to maintain the proper moisture level. The mist output is 360 degrees, and the humidifier runs almost silent so it won’t wake a sleeping baby. It can also be used as an essential oil diffuser and a nightlight.

Warm Milk No Matter Where You Are

Feeding your baby on the go can be great, except if said baby only drinks warmed milk. If you can find some warm water to pop your bottle into, great, but often that’s either not an option or takes too much time.

Tech to the rescue with a brilliant solution once again! Baby’s Brew is a portable, wireless bottle warmer that warms breast milk or formula while it’s right in the bottle. It’s really easy to use (there’s only one button to push), has four different warming temps starting at 80 degrees and going up to 110, takes about five to 10 minutes and holds a charge for up to 12 hours. It also fits all types of bottles with the addition of an adapter. The warmer is small and light enough to easily stow in your diaper bag or stroller and can be a lifesaver when you’re out and about with your baby.

A Stroller That Pushes Itself

This stroller will give your walks around the neighborhood a boost—literally. The E-Priam is powered by an electric motor to propel you more easily uphill or over rough terrain. The lithium ion battery has a six-hour charge time and gets anywhere between five to 28 miles per charge. It’s the right choice for you if you live somewhere you’ll be tackling hills on the regular (it’s great for both up and down hills) or plan on using your stroller over gravel, sand or snow.

Other features to love about the E-Priam include all-wheel suspension, a one-handed fold, an extendable canopy, multiple seat positions and an average table height setting so you can use the stroller as a high chair when you’re on the go.

A Cozy Spot to Rest and Recharge (Literally)

Any new parent will tell you that you’re about to be spending lots of time rocking and feeding your little one. This wingback-style swivel recliner is the perfect spot to do just that. It’s cozy, comfortable and has technology built right in—a USB port so you’ll never run out of juice if you have some down time to look at your phone.

The electronic control panel is discretely hidden in the armrest so it doesn’t get in the way of the glider’s style. We also love the smooth swivel and back and forth motion that’s just right for soothing a fussy baby.

A Suitcase and a Smart Travel Sleep Solution

What’s cooler than a ride-on suitcase? One that transforms an airplane seat into a cozy sleep spot for your little one, of course.

Stokke’s JetKids Bedbox is a smart travel solution that’s ideal for any airplane adventure. Your little one can pull the kid-sized suitcase themselves or ride right on top of it while you do the work. (The swivel wheels in the front allow for easy maneuvering.) When it’s time for the flight, this innovative suitcase solves for the problem of sleeping on the plane—the Bedbox turns the airplane seat into a bed in five easy steps.

This suitcase works best for kids from about three years old through seven, and the bed feature is best for kids over two.

Germs Be Gone

If you’re the type of parent who’s easily grossed out by germs, then this high-tech piece of baby gear is just for you. This portable sterilizer is exactly what it sounds like: a mini version of a full-size UV sterilizer that safely kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It clips right onto your stroller or diaper bag and works on pacifiers, bottle nipples and whatever else your baby can throw on the floor when you’re in the dirtiest place possible (we’re looking at you, doctor’s office floor).

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