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5 Ways a Smart Nursery Can Make Life with a Baby Easier
Updated on
November 9, 2022

5 Ways a Smart Nursery Can Make Life with a Baby Easier

By Babylist Team
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5 Ways a Smart Nursery Can Make Life with a Baby Easier

Smart phones. Smart watches. Smart…nurseries? Yep, they’re a thing, and more and more parents are turning to them when building their baby’s nursery. With the right gear and setup, a smart nursery gives you more options for keeping an eye on your baby while helping you create a sleep-friendly environment for them. Think: streaming live HD video to your phone or soothing sounds you can adjust from anywhere. It’s pretty cool stuff.

If you’re not a tech genius, going the smart nursery route might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. With a roundup of five genius baby gadgets, Safety 1st’s Connected Suite has a simple setup that works with the Safety 1st Connected App to give you a total view and total control of your baby’s surroundings, wherever you are. Whether you want to dive in and and commit to a completely smart nursery or just want to try a few gadgets, here’s a breakdown of the full Connected Suite and what makes each one a game-changer for new parents.

A WiFi-Enabled Monitor That Lets the Whole Family Check On Baby

Baby monitors are a staple for most nurseries, but this one does more than just let you see your sleeping baby. With an 1080p HD live stream, crystal-clear night vision, two-way talkback and customizable motion sensitivity and sound detection, you’re practically in the room with your little one. It’s also fully encrypted which means it’s virtually hacker-proof. If you’re ever feeling sentimental (usually always with a baby), you can even record adorable baby moments from the monitor and save right to the cloud. When paired with the Safety 1st Connected App, you have control over who has access to your monitor and when—meaning grandparents and other family members can check in on baby from anywhere with WiFi.

A Smart Soother with Over 20 Soothing Light and Sound Combos

Babies get used to hearing their mother’s heartbeat and other “swooshing” sounds in the womb, and sound machines are meant to mimic that at bedtime. The Smart Soother creates that same sensory experience with the addition of soft lights to help lull them to sleep. With 20 lullabies and soothing natural sounds, a range of nightlight colors and brightness, and the ability to save your baby’s favorite combo as a preset, it’s a step above traditional sound machines. A parent perk: you can adjust it from any location through the Safety 1st Connected App, so there’s no need to go into the nursery to calm your little one. You can do it right from the palm of your hand.

A Smart Humidifier to Improve Air Quality

Humidifiers are a helpful addition to a nursery, especially if your baby has sensitive skin, nasal congestion (that first cold is always rough) or if the air is dry in your home. This humidifier can run uninterrupted for up to 24 hours and has a touch display with a humidity and temperature indicator that lets you to monitor room temperature and humidity level from, you guessed it, the easy-to-use Safety 1st Connected App. You can even pre-program a routine and control all settings through the app.

An Under-Crib Smart Light for Uninterrupted Check Ins

Once you finally get your little one sleeping, the last thing you want to do is interrupt them. Instead of turning on a light or a lamp when you want to sneak into your baby’s room, consider this clever under-crib light. It’s automatically activated with a built-in motion sensor, and you can customize lighting brightness and colors (or select from six recommended lighting presets) through the app. It comes with everything you need to adhere it to baby’s crib, too.

A Dual Smart Outlet That Makes Any Gadget ‘Smart’

Not every baby gadget you have will be enabled for a smart nursery, and that’s fine. You might keep a traditional bottle warmer in your kiddo’s room for night feeding or use a wipe warmer that needs to be plugged in and turned on right before use. If you want an upgrade, however, the Dual Smart Outlet gives you the opportunity to transform anything into a smart gadget. By independently powering up to 2 devices, it connects to the app, allowing you to set a timer, manage a schedule or create a custom routine on an otherwise non-smart item.

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