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13 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Off Your Baby Registry
Updated on
February 23, 2023

13 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Off Your Baby Registry

By Babylist Team
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13 Items You Shouldn’t Leave Off Your Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry can be tricky. It’s tough to anticipate what you will or won’t need before your little one even arrives, especially considering most parents are trying to strike just the right balance between registering for too much stuff versus not adding enough items to their list.

We’re generally all for sticking to the essentials as much as possible—but there are a few items that we’d likely never think to add to a baby registry without the gift of hindsight. (And of living and breathing all things baby gear all day, every day.)

So while you initially may think of skipping some of these items, don’t. They’ll make your life as a new parent a whole lot easier…and isn’t that the point?

A Newborn Carrier That’s (Truly) Easy to Use

Babies love to be held and cuddled, but sometimes your arms will need a break. Newborn carriers offer a great solution and deserve a spot on every baby registry—but only if they’re actually easy to use. Enter the BabyBjorn mini: a smaller, lightweight version of the brand’s classic carrier designed just for newborns, and it’s super easy to get on and off (we promise.) You won’t need to worry about yards of material to get tangled up in here; just slip the carrier over your shoulders and adjust a few quick buckles and you (and your baby) are good to go.

A Snap-Free Clothing Solution

It’s tempting to want to add all the cute baby clothes to your registry, and we’re not here to stop you. But we are here to make sure you remember this mantra: zippers are your friend! Baby clothes with zippers (instead of snaps) are easier and quicker to take on and off. You’ll thank us for them every day, but definitely during those 2 am diaper changes.

Storage, Storage and More Storage

It’s fun to think about all of the fun baby stuff you’ll likely receive off of your registry…but what you may not be thinking about is that you’re also going to need a place to put it all. Nursery storage is a must-have, and you can never have too much. These storage pints are perfect for everything from diapers to toys.

A Backpack-Style Diaper Bag

You probably know that you’re going to need a diaper bag once your little one arrives, but you may not realize how heavy it can get once it’s packed full of stuff. Consider a backpack-style bag when deciding what diaper bag to add to your registry. Lots of parents find backpack diaper bags more comfortable to carry than traditional over-the-shoulder bags. They also leave you hands-free, a nice feature when you’re also trying to hold your little one or push a stroller.

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A Middle-of-the-Night Time Saver

This may not be the most exciting addition to your registry, but we promise it’s one of the items you’ll be the most thankful for. A waterproof crib sheet goes over your mattress and under your fitted crib sheet, creating a waterproof barrier between the two. Translation: when your little one spits up or has a diaper explosion in the middle of the night (which is going to happen more than we care to admit), you won’t have to worry about your mattress getting ruined.

An On-the-Go Diaper Change Solution

You’re going to be changing a lot of diapers over the next few years, and many of them will be while you’re out and about. A portable changing station turns any flat surface into a soft, clean spot for baby’s diaper change. This one is compact and easy to carry but still has plenty of storage space for diapers and wipes, and it folds out into a pretty large changing pad.

A Quality Sound Machine

Think a sound machine seems too much like a fancy feature at your local spa instead of a baby must-have? Think again. Sound machines help many babies sleep better and longer by creating soothing white noise and blocking out background noise. The Dohm is a tried and true favorite that uses a fan to generate the sound of rushing air, reminding your little one of the sounds they heard inside the womb.

A Pacifier That’s Easy to Find

There are lots of pacifiers to choose from when you’re deciding what’s right for your registry, but the Wubbanub is one we go back to again and again. That’s because of the unique plush + pacifier style that makes it both easy for baby to keep in their mouth and easy for you to find in the middle of the night or within the depths of your diaper bag. (The range of cute plush animals you can choose from doesn’t hurt, either.)

A Simple Cloth That Does It All

Think of these cloths like the catch-all (literally) of baby gear. They have so many uses, from wiping your little one’s spit up to using it as a burp cloth. These are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton for extra softness. They’re also machine washable.

Booties That Actually Stay On

We’re not big fans of baby booties in general, as they’re pretty impractical and really tough to keep on tiny toes. Not the case with these Zutano booties, though. They really do stay put on baby’s feet (we promise) and they’re a great registry addition if you’re welcoming your little one into chillier temps or are simply looking for a quick and easy solution to keeping baby’s feet warm.

A Wipe-Clean Changing Pad

We realize this is a bit of a splurge compared to traditional changing pads, but hear us out. Most changing pads require covers and, since diaper changing can be a bit of a dirty business, those covers require washing. A lot. This Skip Hop change pad does not. Its surface is soft and wipes completely clean. That means less mess and less laundry—two things you’ll be all about as a new parent.

A Washable Rug

For a bit of (practical) luxury, considering adding a washable rug to your baby registry. Although it may sound weird now, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the floor as a new parent, whether it’s for diaper changes, tummy time or even snacktime. A washable rug means you won’t have to worry when the space beneath your little one inevitably gets dirty. This high-quality option can be tossed right in the washing machine (and the dryer, too) and comes out looking just as great as it did the first day you bought it.

A Basic Baby Gate

It’s hard to think ahead to your baby crawling or walking when you’re busy building your registry and thinking about diapers, swaddles and pacifiers. But your little one is going to be on the move before you know it, and it’s a good idea to add a baby gate or two to your registry now so you have it on hand when your little ones becomes mobile. This is a popular and well-priced option that’s easy to set up and works in a variety of different door openings.

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