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Maxi-Cosi’s Innovative New Car Seat Includes a Wearable Insert
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Maxi-Cosi’s Innovative New Car Seat Includes a Wearable Insert

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Maxi-Cosi’s Innovative New Car Seat Includes a Wearable Insert

Infant car seats can make life easier in a number of ways—the biggest perk being that you don’t have to unbuckle your baby every time you leave the car. Just pop the carrier off the base and go. But the downside to that convenience is that infant car seats can be bulky and awkward and sometimes really heavy (ask a new parent about their biceps and they’ll flex for you).

But Maxi-Cosi’s newest infant car seat, the Coral XP, is the first to include a detachable carrier that you can wear. Babylist Scout Jacquie took the Coral XP for a ride in the video review above to see how this innovation plays out IRL.

Car Seat Meets Nesting Doll

The easiest way to understand the Coral XP is to think of it like a nesting doll. There’s a soft structured carrier that fits inside a plastic shell, which attaches to a base. When you put it all together, it looks like this:

MaxiCosi US Coral product assembly side

When the pieces are combined, the Coral XP looks like a pretty normal infant car seat. But as you can see in Jacquie’s video, when it comes apart, that’s where it really stands out.

A Car Seat You Can Wear

The Coral XP carrier weighs around five pounds (which is about as light as it gets for car seats) and comes with soft retractable handles for easy carrying. Plus there’s a handy cross-body strap for those moments when it’s not worth busting out your stroller, but where a traditional infant car seat can get surprisingly heavy on your arms—like “quick” errands.

With the included cross-body strap, your baby’s weight is more evenly distributed, and you get the added flexibility to use your hands when you need them (something that’s harder to do with a traditional infant car seat carrier). And of course, if you want to use the Coral XP like a traditional infant car seat (with the hard shell attached) you can do that too.

Maxi-Cosi Crossbody strap

Flexibility Meets Safety

Even with its modular style, the Coral XP still manages to pack bonus safety features, like an added anti-rotation stability leg to protect in the event of a crash and Maxi Cosi’s super cool new self-retracting LATCH connectors that help ensure your seat is installed safely. There’s also a belt path on the outer shell that allows for easy riding in taxis, ride shares or airplanes when you don’t have the base with you. And with an optional stroller adapter, the Coral XP inner carrier easily fits into a Maxi Cosi (or Maxi Cosi-compatible) stroller to turn your car seat into a travel system.

The Coral XP makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of a modular car seat sooner. Check out Jacquie’s complete video review to see it in action.

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