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Natalie's Baby Registry
Updated on
November 8, 2023

Natalie's Baby Registry

By Natalie Gordon
Babylist editors love baby gear and independently curate their favorite products to share with you. If you buy something through links on our site, Babylist may earn a commission.
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Natalie's Baby Registry.
Photo by Alex Washburn
Natalie's Baby Registry

I started Babylist when I was pregnant for the first time with my son Max. I’ve spent the past six years talking to awesome pregnant women about their baby registries (and having my second son, Ben). I live and breathe baby products and wanted to share my favorites with you! Also, be sure to visit the Babylist Best Guides for all the great baby gear feedback we’ve gathered from thousands of parents just like you.

Baby Gear

Strollers are so hard. We had a City Mini with our first, and I’m sticking with it. This stroller is affordable, high quality and is awesome in an urban environment.

Once a stranger clapped for me when I put it into the trunk of my car (while holding baby). I felt like a super star.

(Note: you can buy infant car seat adapters for the stroller that work with many different brands of car seats, though not the Nuna PIPA I mention above.)

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Stroller - Jet

So, What is Babylist?

Babylist is a free, all-in-one baby registry that lets you add any item from any store (including Honest Company), as well as things like help, favors and cash funds. Your registry should be as unique as you are. Start your Babylist now.

For our first, we had a Moby wrap and I loved it. I’m really excited to try out the Solly baby wrap – I love the patterns. I will probably also try the Baby K’tan.

We used a wrap for about the first 4 months.

Natural & Grey Stripe Solly Baby Wrap - Natural & Grey Stripe


I skipped the infant insert (and used a baby wrap) and once baby had head control moved to an Ergobaby. I am still a huge fan of the classic Ergobaby carrier. You can wear baby on your front, and move to the back as baby gets bigger.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier - Pure Black


Clothing & Accessories

Zutano fleece baby booties have a two-snap design system so its extra comfy for babies but also keeps the booties on until you take them off.

Zutano Cozie Fleece Bootie - Fuchsia, 6 M

Primary is a new store has very affordable plain, bright baby onesies.

Primary Babysuit Set (7 onesies) - size 3-6 months - Product Offer


Feeding & Diapering

Health + Safety

Clothing & Accessories

Honest diapers are lovely. A gift card is the best way to go for receiving the gift of diapers.

Honest Gift Card - Product Offer


Nursery and Decor

I love a lot at Land of Nod, especially their changing pad covers and sheets.

Deep Space Changing Pad Cover - Product Offer


Health & Safety

We don’t need this, but hopefully I have your attention. Have a smoke detector in baby’s room and a carbon monoxide detector somewhere in the house. This is more important than most things on this list.

Kidde Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm - Product Offer


It Takes a Village (Help & Favors)

Adoption Fund Donation

Adoption costs on average between $30,000-$40,000, which often doesn’t include additional travel costs and attorney fees. Give your friends and family a chance to chip in. You can even set up a secure way to donate online via your Babylist registry page.

Registry Coupons

Don’t be shy—there will never be a better time to ask for help as you adjust to your new life as a parent. From house cleaning and babysitting to home-cooked meals (or takeout, of course!) Babylist help and favor cards offer a personal way for your friends and family to help out when you need it most.

For the Parent(s)

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