IKEA Baby Registry

IKEA Baby Registry

July 16, 2019

IKEA Baby Registry

IKEA Baby Registry
Modern design at affordable prices? No one does it quite like IKEA.IKEA Baby Registry

Modern design at affordable prices? No one does it quite like IKEA. And there’s one more reason to love them: their awesome selection of baby items. Here are a few of our favorite IKEA baby products for your Babylist Registry.


Sometimes less is more, and that is absolutely the case with this crib. Keep it in your family for as long as possible by adjusting the height, making it suitable for toddlerhood.



These pretty blinds block out moonlight, street lights and sunshine, so baby can sleep undisturbed.



If you’re like many millennial moms, reducing your carbon footprint becomes a priority when it comes to baby shopping. This mattress fits the bill—made from safe, sustainable materials. We love the price too!

KRUMMELUR - Crib Mattress


Sometimes a perfectly furnished nursery just needs that finishing touch. Casting soft blue lighting, these balloon lamps create that cozy environment your tot craves at bedtime.

DRÖMMINGE - Balloon Lamp


Keeping anything “baby” both functional and stylish is a feat any new parent hopes to master. This clever shelf unit can be placed upright or lying down, hiding all of those toys nice and neatly.

KALLAX - Shelf Unit



This sturdy baby gym is great toy for a small room, and it can keep baby entertained while you get things done around the house.

Leka - Baby Gym


Calling out mini chefs everywhere! Although we all know baby is too teeny to cook (or eat solid foods for that matter), this cute toy actually helps develop baby’s hand-eye coordination. Bon appétit!

DUKTIG - Vegetable Set


A sweet, soft companion to go on adventures with your little one.



Over the changing table or the crib, a mobile can keep babies entertained and help their developing eyesight.



Put a play on a traditional toy with this little red rocking moose. This one’s great for developing baby’s balance.

EKORRE - Rocking Moose


These non-toxic stacking rings help your little one learn matching and hand-eye coordination. Let baby put these through the ringer—each piece is thoroughly tested, allowing for years of fun. (For 12 months+)

Mula - Stacking Rings


So, What Is Babylist?

Babylist is a free, all-in-one baby registry that lets you add any item from any store (including IKEA), as well as things like help, favors and cash funds. Your registry should be as unique as you are. Start your Babylist now.

Bath Time

Scrub-a-dub dub, get baby in a tub! Positioning baby in an adult-sized bathtub can be tricky, so why not get them one of their own? This one is complete with anti-slip protection, so it’s great for sitting tots too.

LÄTTSAM - Baby Bath


A cold baby is a sad baby, so keep them warm with this cute towel. (Pro tip: if you throw the towel in the dryer for a few minutes before the bath, it will make the end of bath time even better.)

TILLGIVEN Towel with Hood


These washcloths are highly absorbant and can be used over and over again. Your baby will get dirty, and you will need to wash them.

Krama - Washcloth

$4.99/10 pack

Make bath time more fun with this boat that also turns into pour cups.

Smakryp - Bath Toy Set



A high chair does not need to be a high-end affair. This simple one makes a great addition to any kitchen.

ANTILOP - High Chair


With a pocketed bib and footed sippy-cup, this kind of genius microwavable-safe dinner set makes clean-up a breeze.

MATA - 4 Piece Dinner Set


Burp cloths are useful for much more than burps.

Himmelsk - Burp Cloths

$4.99/2 pack

A few extra cups might come in handy when you leave them in the park or in your car or wherever else all the lost cups are hiding.

Borja - Training Cup



Soon after they can crawl, babies learn to open cabinets, so these are must-haves on any cabinets with harmful products hiding inside.

Patrull - Drawer/Cabinet Latch

$2.99/5 pack

These little bumpers protect your tot’s head from the corners of tables, chairs and anything else baby likes to knock their head against.

UNDVIKA - Corner Bumper

$3.99/8 pack

Before you know it, your baby will be going for the electrical outlets and you will need dozens of these.

Patrull - Safety Plug

$1.99/12 pack

Diapering and Potty Training

This changing table converts into a small desk when your little one isn’t in diapers anymore.

Stuva - Changing Table and Desk


The SKÖTSAM changing pad is inflatable—it can coordinate with the STUVA or be used independently on a dresser or desk that you already have.

SKÖTSAM - Changing Cover


Decorative pieces or diaper storage? This set of storage baskets do both, adding fun accent colors to your changing station while having everything you need at arm’s length.

KNATTING - Storage Baskets


After diapers comes potty training! We think the ever-so simple, yet genius removable bowl is a game-changer.

LOCKIG - Children's Potty

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