IKEA Baby Registry

IKEA Baby Registry

Last Updated: August 1, 2016
Modern design at affordable prices? No one does it quite like IKEA.IKEA Baby Registry

Modern design at affordable prices? No one does it quite like IKEA. There’s one more reason to love IKEA: their awesome selection of baby items. Here are a few of our favorite IKEA baby products for your BabyList Registry.


Sniglar - Crib - $79.99

Sniglar - Crib

This basic crib is as easy as it gets, and with two heights and a removable side, it can grow into toddlerhood, too.

Vyssa Vinka - Crib Mattress - $69.99

Vyssa Vinka - Crib Mattress

It’s important that your crib mattress perfectly match your crib, and this price can’t be beat.

Vyssa Tulta - Mattress Pad - $14.99

Vyssa Tulta - Mattress Pad

Mattress pads help protect your mattress from the inevitable nighttime accident. This way you only have to wash the pad, not the whole thing.

Len - Mattress Protector - $5.99

Len - Mattress Protector

This mattress protector has a important waterproof backing.

Len - Crib Fitted Sheet - $9.99/2 pack

Len - Crib Fitted Sheet

In plain white or punchy turquoise, these crib sheets are versatile enough to match any nursery.

Trofast - Storage Combination - $65.99

Trofast - Storage Combination

You will need somewhere to put all of the stuff you are getting for your baby, and these shelves are perfect for toys, clothes, and more.


Leka - Baby Gym - $29.99

Leka - Baby Gym

This sturdy baby gym is great toy for a small house, and you can use it from birth!

Himmelsk - Mobile - $7.99

Himmelsk - Mobile

Over the changing table or the crib, a mobile can keep babies entertained and help their developing eyesight.

Mula - Stacking Rings - $7.99

Mula - Stacking Rings

These fun stacking rings help your little one learn matching and hand-eye coordination. (For 12 months+)

Bath Time

Krama - Washcloth - $3.99/10 pack

Krama - Washcloth

Your baby will get dirty, and you will need to wash her.

Smakryp - Bath Toy Set - $3.99

Smakryp - Bath Toy Set

Make bath time more fun with this boat that also turns into pour cups.

Slappa - Towel with Hood - $9.99

Slappa - Towel with Hood

A cold baby is a sad baby, so keep her warm with this cute towel. (Pro tip: if you throw the towel in the dryer for a few minutes before the bath, it will make the end of bath time even better.)


Blames - High Chair with Tray - $59.99

Blames - High Chair with Tray

A high chair does not need to be a high-end affair. This simple black high chair makes a great addition to any kitchen.

Smaska - 6-piece Feeding and Spoon Set - $2.99

Smaska - 6-piece Feeding and Spoon Set

This spoon set features spoons of two lengths. The longer ones are great for getting to the bottom of baby food jars.

Smagli - 5-piece Place Setting - $7.99

Smagli - 5-piece Place Setting

With two spoons, a bowl, a plate, and a sippy cup, you will be ready for baby’s first meal time.

Borja - Training Cup - $2.00

Borja - Training Cup

A few extra cups might come in handy when you leave them in the park or in your car or wherever else all the lost cups are hiding.

Kladd Randig - Bib - $2.99/2 pack

Kladd Randig - Bib

Available in orange or green, these bold bibs are a great addition to your table.

Himmelsk - Burp Cloths - $4.99/2 pack

Himmelsk - Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are useful for much more than burps.


Patrull - Safety Plug - $1.99/12 pack

Patrull - Safety Plug

Before you know it, your baby will be going for the electrical outlets and you will need dozens of these.

Patrull - Drawer/Cabinet Latch - $1.99/5 pack

Patrull - Drawer/Cabinet Latch

Soon after they can crawl, babies learn to open cabinets, so these are must-haves on any cabinets with harmful products hiding inside.

Patrull - Corner Bumper - $6.99/8 pack

Patrull - Corner Bumper

These little bumpers protect your baby’s head from the corners of tables.


Smila Mane - Wall Lamp - $9.99

Smila Mane - Wall Lamp

This moon is a great addiiton to a nursery.

Himmelsk - Rug - $34.99

Himmelsk - Rug

Continue the sky theme to the floor with this star-studded rug.

Dromland - Baby Blanket - $14.99

Dromland - Baby Blanket

This versatile cover is great for trips to the park as a blanket for the ground or as a car seat cover.

Schottis - Pleated Shade - $2.99

Schottis - Pleated Shade

These baby safe blinds give you peace of mind–and they are cute too.

Diapering and Potty Training

Stuva - Changing Table and Desk - $99.00

Stuva - Changing Table and Desk

This changing table converts into a small desk when your little one isn’t in diapers anymore.

Skotsam - Changing Pad - $6.99

Skotsam - Changing Pad

This changing table pad can coordinate with the Stuva or be used independently on a dresser or desk that you already have.

Dromland - Diaper Stacker - $4.99

Dromland - Diaper Stacker

Keep those diapers close at hand with this convenient diaper stacker.

Lockig - Children's Potty - $9.99

Lockig - Children's Potty

After diapers comes potty training!

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