Racial Justice Resource Page
Racial Justice Resource Page
June 12, 2020

Racial Justice Resource Page

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Racial Justice Resource Page.
Racial Justice Resource Page

It can be difficult to have conversations about racism, but parents and parents-to-be have an enormous opportunity to shape future generations’ perceptions of race and diversity. We’ve rounded up some important articles and resources that can be used as tools in making actionable change for racial justice. We’ll continue to update this as information develops.

How to Talk to Kids / Resources for Kids / Education for Adults / Maternal Health / Mental Health / Black Voices (Stories) / Instagram Accounts to Follow / Black-Owned Businesses / Petitions / Volunteer / Donate

How to Talk to Kids / Resources for Kids:


Education for Adults:



Watch / Listen

Maternal Health:

Mental Health:

Black Voices (Stories):




Instagram Accounts to Follow:

Black-Owned Businesses:


Volunteer / Donate:

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