Registry Re-Do: Nathalie Walton of Expectful
Registry Re-Do: Nathalie Walton of Expectful
August 5, 2021

Registry Re-Do: Nathalie Walton of Expectful

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Registry Re-Do: Nathalie Walton of Expectful.
Registry Re-Do: Nathalie Walton of Expectful

Nathalie Walton, CEO of Expectful, shares her reflections on the items that helped her find balance in the time-lean days of being a new parent, and the items she wished she’d had.

When I found out I was expecting my first child, I became obsessed with building my baby registry. I’m a planner, and I received immense satisfaction knowing that I was selecting the best items for my baby boy. In hindsight, I believe I enjoyed the registry process so much because it gave me a sense of control over a process where I frankly had no control.

But I left one major thing out… me.

I built my registry by selecting the best car seat, stroller and organic butt paste for my baby, but I completely overlooked items that could help me be the best mom for my baby, and care for myself in the craziness of the newborn days.

I’m excited to share the essential items that helped me navigate the early stages of new motherhood, and the items I wished I had the foresight to consider before I had a baby on my hands.

For a better postpartum experience, consider adding these to your baby registry.


If there is one product that has given me peace of mind during my son’s first year, it would be the Nanit system. In the early days, I relied on the breathing monitoring system to alert us of any discrepancies in my son’s breathing. Nowadays, Nanit enables me to monitor my baby from wherever. If I’m out for a girls’ night and I can’t make it home by bedtime, I can still say good night through Nanit with their two-way audio feature. And because it simply connects to Wi-Fi, it makes a great travel monitor too.

Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System


I read all the books leading up to birth. I knew all about different sleep training philosophies, newborn sleep patterns and regressions that were about to come my way. But then my baby actually came, and he was his own human… I felt conflicted (and confused!) by all the different advice I had read and been told by my mom friends up until this point. Then it hit me: I wish I had registered for consultations with an infant sleep specialist, a 1:1 connection with an expert that could create a personalized plan just for my family, based on our individual needs and lifestyle.

Expectful Infant Sleep Consultation


An eye mask with earplugs is essential to getting sleep as a new mom. My favorite ritual during the newborn days was to listen to an Expectful Sleep Meditation, throw on my eye mask and earplugs, and get a few minutes of rest whenever I could.

Bucky Eye Mask with Ear Plugs


Sleep is such a precious resource for new parents, and I’ve invested in finding the right tools that help support me in getting the best quality sleep possible. For those middle-of-the-night feedings I really appreciated the soft-glow of the Hatch Restore, the ultimate adult nightlight. As an added bonus, it dimly shines without eye-straining blue hues, helping us all get back to sleep as quickly as possible. I also try my best to disconnect from technology 90 minutes before bedtime, so I take advantage of the Hatch’s ability to slowly dim the lights at the time I want to go to bed. It acts as a signal to my body that it’s time to wind down—and it works.

Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant - White



I was among the 92% of women who struggle with breastfeeding, and I wish I had a better support system in place. I ended up with multiple lactation consultants, and it wasn’t until I met with a fifth IBCLC that breastfeeding finally clicked and I got back on track. This was my motivation for making it quick and easy to find, book an appointment with a lactation consultant, or even add lactation support to your registry through Expectful.

I now encourage every mom-to-be to sign up for a prenatal lactation consultation during pregnancy so that they can develop a plan of action—and have someone they trust on speed dial—in case they’re one of the 9 out of 10 who need extra help.

Expectful Lactation Consulting

$60.00 - 165.00

I had a high-risk pregnancy, and I was constantly worried that my baby wasn’t getting the right nutrients in utero. Fast forward to postpartum, I had similar worries that my diet wasn’t providing the right nourishment for breastfeeding. As moms, we want to provide the best for our babies and sometimes we just need a little bit of help, especially if you’re like me and have dietary preferences that are less common (I’ve been a pescatarian for over two decades). This is why Expectful launched Nutrition Support to give moms the personalized, expert guidance they can trust. Just as with lactation or sleep, it’s so nice to have reassurance and a future game plan from an expert in place.

Expectful Nutrition Consulting

$145.00 - 150.00

As someone who struggled with breastfeeding, I was eager to find solutions to help produce more milk. I didn’t have time to make my own lactation cookies, and I was grateful for Majka Lactation Bites in the early days of postpartum. The best part? They taste delicious.

Majka Lactation Bites



For me, journaling is a lifelong practice. Not only is the process of contemplating and writing meditative in and of itself, but there’s something so powerful about being able to go back and reflect on my experiences months and years later. I’ve especially loved journaling in postpartum, even if it’s just a few lines at the end of the day.

Promptly Journal


Expectful has already helped hundreds of thousands of hopeful, expectant and new families with the tools they need to nurture their mental and emotional health. I’m now the CEO of Expectful, but my journey began as an everyday user of the app during my high-risk pregnancy. Expectful’s meditations, in combination with other wellness resources, helped me adopt a warrior’s mentality and cope with my harrowing journey. In addition to a library of do-anytime, -anywhere meditations, we also offer shared stories and expert interviews, birth support, Pre & Postnatal Movement & Fitness classes and more. You can check it out with a no-risk 7-day free trial.

Expectful App Subscription

$9.99 - 59.99

I’ve long held a life philosophy of trying to live Eastern values in a Western culture. For my postpartum phase, I was eager to learn more about the period of “confinement” observed in Eastern cultures and to see what lessons could be applied in my own settings today. I enjoyed the recipes themselves—the peanut butter & honey rice crispy treats are my favorite!—and especially benefited from the wisdom and inspiration this book provided about how I could incorporate some of these healing and mindfulness principles into my first 40 days as a new parent.

The First 40 Days book


This transition into new motherhood is magical, albeit rocky at times, but help is out there. After living through a high-risk pregnancy, an eye-opening breastfeeding journey and a sleep-struggling postpartum period, I can’t stress these lifestyle helpers enough to help you soak up the guidance and support you deserve as a loving, learning, real mom.

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