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Registry Products to Help You Be More Mindful as a New Parent
January 11, 2023

Registry Products to Help You Be More Mindful as a New Parent

By Babylist Team
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Registry Products to Help You Be More Mindful as a New Parent.
Registry Products to Help You Be More Mindful as a New Parent

Carving out time for yourself in pregnancy—and then as a new parent—can, at times, feel impossible. However, there are significant reasons to do so: incorporating mindfulness and meditation has clinically proven benefits for lowering stress and anxiety and improving quality of sleep.

As a lifelong wellness consumer and a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, Nathalie Walton, CEO of Expectful, a meditation and sleep app for fertility, pregnancy and motherhood, has some tried, tested and easy-to-implement suggestions that can help support a new parent’s mental and emotional well-being.

From fun add-ons to beloved essentials, here’s a roundup of some things that became her go-to’s when she welcomed her first child in 2020.

For me, journaling is a lifelong practice. Not only is the process of reflecting and writing meditative in and of itself, but there’s something so powerful about being able to go back and reflect on my experiences months and years later. I’ve especially loved journaling in postpartum, even if it’s just a few lines at the end of the day.

Any new parent knows what a challenge it can be to find time to eat with a newborn. When you do find time, you’re grabbing for the first thing you can reach. However, as a new mom, it’s so important to make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition to support your healing. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sakara Life and their organic, plant-based prepared meals. Since they were delivered right to my doorstep, they ensured that I was getting the right nutrition with minimal effort.

I’ve long held a life philosophy of trying to live Eastern values in a Western culture. For my postpartum phase, I was eager to learn more about the period of “confinement” observed in Eastern cultures and to see what lessons could be applied in my own settings today. I enjoyed the recipes themselves—the peanut butter & honey rice crispy treats are my favorite!—and especially benefited from the wisdom and inspiration this book provided about how I could incorporate some of these healing and mindfulness principles into my first 40 days.

Expectful has already helped hundreds of thousands of hopeful, expectant and new families with the tools they need to nurture their mental and emotional health. I’m now the CEO of Expectful, but my journey began as an everyday user of the app during my high-risk pregnancy. Expectful’s meditations, in combination with various wellness resources, helped me adopt a warrior’s mentality and cope with my harrowing journey. In addition to a library of do-anytime-anywhere meditations, we also offer shared stories and expert interviews, birth support, a HypnoBirthing course, pre- and postnatal movement and fitness classes and so much more!

Sleep is such a precious resource for new parents, and I’ve invested in finding the right tools that help support me in getting the best-quality sleep possible. For those middle-of-the-night feedings, I really appreciated the soft-glow light of the Hatch Restore. As an added bonus, it works without the eye-straining blue hues to help us all get back to sleep as quickly as possible. I also try my best to disconnect from technology 90 minutes before bedtime, so I take advantage of the Hatch’s ability to slowly dim the lights at the time I want to go to bed. It acts as a signal to my body that it’s time to wind down—and it works.

I love lavender! I went to a lavender farm in the San Juan Islands in Washington State pre-pandemic, and I still have the lavender I got there. I love how the scent makes me feel, and it really is a tool that triggers my body to relax. Part of my bedtime ritual is to use lavender pillow spray. I spray that on everything before I go to bed.

This is another great addition to bedtime. It’s a calming organic chamomile tea promotes deeper sleep and helps with constipation, post-delivery too. It’s also safe for pregnancy.

Having clothes that fit when you are postpartum is something that I didn’t know I’d need, but I was so glad I had. After I welcomed my son, it felt like nothing in my closet fit quite right. I invested in a few key pieces for the fourth trimester that felt comfortable and easy to move in.

Sometimes my meditation practice is at my desk with AirPods, but my ideal is to create a physical space specifically for meditating to set the tone for my day. The Ma Wovens Ritual Rug is a handmade yoga mat made with organic hemp and non-toxic foam that’s super grippy and incredibly light. I love that I can use it as a grounding space to meditate, as a mat to exercise on or that I can roll it up as a space for people-watching with my son in the park.

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