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This bouncer moves in response to your baby’s movements—no batteries required.


This chic bouncer sits low to the ground and creates an ergonomic little nest for infants. The soft cotton fabric is stretched over a flexible framework that moves in response to your baby’s movements, in contrast to swings that operate electronically. It got enough votes from parents to win its way onto our Best Bouncers and Swings guide.

The fabric seat molds to the baby’s frame and supports the head and back, evenly distributing weight. This seat has two elevations—upright or reclined—and accommodates sleep or play. It’s on the pricey side, but it looks so classy and even folds flat for compact storage.

Note: This bouncer can be used from birth to the point when the child can sit upright independently. At that point, it can be reversed and used as a chair. Babies over the weight limit can use the bouncer safely, but the bouncing mechanism won’t work as well.


  • 15.5” x 31” x 22” upright
  • 4.6 lbs
  • Machine wash separately with bleach-free detergent. Do not tumble dry.
  • Use from birth to approximately two years.
  • Minimum weight: 8 lbs

Baby Bouncer Weight Limits

  • Highest position: Up to 20 lbs
  • Middle position: Up to 20 lbs
  • Lowest position: Up to 15.5 lbs

Chair Weight Limits

  • Highest position: Up to 29 lbs
  • Middle position: Up to 22 lbs
  • Lowest position: Up to 15.5 lbs

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July 20, 2019

This seat was so incredibly useful. We used it multiple times a day up until she could sit on her own (about 7 mo) and will use again as a regular chair when she is able to walk. I love that it’s powered by her own strength & soothed her without a bunch of bells & whistles. I think she gained more strength & curiosity about what was around her from being in this type of chair. I also love how compact it is and easy to transport.

July 13, 2019

Light, easy to put away/fold, easy to clean (seat just goes right into the washing machine), doesn’t take up a lot of space. My baby outgrew this by ~5 months—once she got active (rolling, crawling), we switched to an activity center. But in those first five months, it was a lifesaver. I put the LO in it whenever I needed her to stay out while I did something—go to the bathroom, take a shower (it fit easily in my TINY NYC apt bathroom), cook, etc. Also for whatever reason, she loved to poop while seated there...which makes me think she was very comfortable/at ease in it, haha.

July 11, 2019

Great for when baby couldn’t sit up unassisted, but wanted to be a part of everything. Used it in bathroom so I could shower while he played in it.

July 8, 2019

My Baby loves it! Safe and easy to use. Easy to take off the frame, machine washable!

July 1, 2019

This is the best thing we were given at our baby shower. Totally worth the $. Our baby started sitting in it at 3 months and at 8 months she still loves it. Easy to move around to different rooms and the way it’s designed makes for a very cozy seat. Early on she loved napping in it and now all she wants to do is bounce herself.

June 27, 2019

I love that it’s grown with my baby—from a soft recliner to lay in when she was a few weeks old, to a fun and active place she could bounce in when she was a few month old. I don't like that you have to buy the toy bar separately, it’s not cheap!

June 21, 2019

June 14, 2019

April 30, 2019

It is simple, light, and easy to move from room to room. It's also the only place my baby let me put him down happily, so it was a lifesaver for cooking, showering and eating.