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What weabout it
The Transformer of Strollers: this one piece is both a car seat and stroller.

About this Product
  • One piece that is both infant car seat and stroller
  • Retractable wheels and handle
  • Orthopedic cushioning for your baby
  • Rigorously safety tested


You’re used to having car seats clip into strollers, but how about having JUST ONE piece of gear that transforms from car seat to stroller?! Just fold back the wheels, retract the handle and slot it into the car seat base (or buckle it with a seat belt). And presto! Nothing extra to lug around, nothing extra at all. That’s kind of amazing: the Doona is the only product of its kind. It’s not just two-in-one, it’s three-in-one: you can also use it as a baby rocker.

Of course, nothing’s perfect, and the Doona has a couple of downsides: 1) It only holds up to 35 pounds so your child outgrows it faster than many other strollers and 2) It’s probably not full-featured and maneuverable enough to be your everyday walking stroller. It’s also bit on the pricey side. If you’re going to be using it with multiple kids though, that helps to justify the price point! And it truly is the perfect stroller for taking on quick car errands or on the plane. It’s narrow enough you can actually push it down an airplane aisle. And how awesome would it be not to wrestle a stroller in and out of the trunk just to run to the store?

You can transform it from car seat to stroller (and vice versa) without taking your baby out of it. People with chronic lower back pain love that feature; you don’t have to bend over to strap your baby into their seat! It has orthopedic cushioning in it so it’s really comfortable for your baby, and there are lots of great safety features as well. The canopy looks stylish and there’s no need for a peekaboo window since baby is facing you. It comes in some good colors too.


  • Weight of stroller: 14.3 lbs
  • Child weight limit: 35 lbs
  • Child height limit: 32”
  • Wheels: Plastic
  • Suspension: None
  • Hand wash, mild detergent, air dry
  • Dimensions Unfolded: 26” x 17” x 40”
  • Dimensions Folded: 26” x 17” x 24”
  • Includes car seat base

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January 4, 2020

This is the absolute best item we received for our daughter. It’s lightweight and small, which helps if you’re in a crowded place. It also makes it very easy to put in and take out of your vehicle. Get it.

July 18, 2019

Very convenient especially for on-the-go moms or any parent who are taking care of the baby. It’s super easy to “transform” from a car seat to a stroller and vice versa. Always get complimented how compact and portable it is. It’s awesome!!!

May 26, 2019

I really like it. I recommend it.

April 19, 2019

This has so many uses. It's high quality, easy to use and I even use it around the house when I need baby to be secure if I’m alone with her and need a shower or cooking and she’s fussy and won’t sleep. She sleeps like a champ in this. Works great on airplane rides too! Even rolls down the aisle of a 737 after the first few rows. It’s a must for someone who’s on the go a lot with baby in tow.

January 23, 2019


November 26, 2018