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19 Weeks Pregnant
Updated on
June 9, 2023

19 Weeks Pregnant

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19 Weeks Pregnant .
19 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to week 19, you may be starting to feel baby moving, and you may be feeling some aches and pains, too. Baby is growing a lot, and you belly may be expanding as well. Here’s what else might be going on at 19 weeks pregnant.

How Many Months Is 19 Weeks Pregnant?

Nineteen weeks pregnant in months is four months and one and a half weeks pregnant, which is part of the second trimester of pregnancy.

Your Baby at 19 Weeks

At 19 weeks, baby is developing its five senses fully, and their body is growing, gaining weight and adding length. “Baby’s five senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste—are rapidly growing at 19 weeks,” says Dr. Jessica Madden, Medical Director at Aeroflow.

Dr. Lauren Demosthenesis, an ob-gyn and Senior Medical Director with Babyscripts, says that now you can see facial features, including baby’s ears, nose and lips. For girls, the uterus and vagina are beginning to form at this stage.

By week 19, babies are also continuously swallowing amniotic fluid, the smell and taste of which are affected by a mother’s diet, Dr. Madden says. Even though baby is still in the womb, they’re also starting to develop a sleep/wake cycle.

All of baby’s major organ systems have formed by now, and baby is gaining weight and growing in length, and there’s a protective coating growing all over the body called vernix caseosa.

“Vernix caseosa is a thick, white coating on babies bodies that starts to develop around this time,” says Dr. Madden. “It is the main protection for babies fragile skin and prevents their skin from wrinkling since they live in a fluid-filled environment.”

How Big is a Baby at 19 Weeks?

At 19 weeks, baby is about 6 inches long and just over 8 ounces, or half a pound. That’s the size of a Magic Eight Ball.

💛 Congratulations 💛

There are 147 days until your due date.

19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


Chances are, you’ll have your 20-week anatomy scan very soon (it usually happens between 18-20 weeks). And when that time comes, you’ll get to see some interesting features.

“You can see the heart, kidneys, limbs, and so forth,” says Dr. Demosthenes. Baby’s size is also analyzed to make sure they’re on track with their development.

19 Weeks Baby Movement

Now that your baby is developing its central nervous system, the movement won’t stop. You’ll likely feel your baby flipping and kicking and you might even notice when your baby has the hiccups!

“It gets easier for people to feel their babies move at this stage and almost everyone will feel their babies move by the beginning of week 20,” says Dr. Madden. “Babies at this stage love to do flips, move around, and kick.”

Your Body at 19 Weeks of Pregnancy

At this stage in the game, symptoms of pregnancy are much more tolerable than they were in the first trimester and better than they will likely be in the third. But you still may feel some unpleasant side effects.

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Stay hydrated and get enough rest, advice you’ll be hearing a lot these days. “Many people experience episodic dizziness,” Dr. Madden says. “This is sometimes from decreased blood flow to the upper body and brain, and can also result from dehydration.” If you experience this frequently or throughout the day, you might want to run it past your doctor.

Leg cramps

Cramps are also common if you’re not getting enough fluids. “Like dizziness, leg cramps are common and likely due to multiple factors, including dehydration, decreased blood flow to muscles, and muscle fatigue from carrying extra weight,” Dr. Madden says. Up your water intake if you have frequent cramping.

Aches and pains

By this point you’ve likely experienced back aches as your uterus grows and your posture shifts. Round ligament pain is also common, as is hip pain. “Some people develop sciatica, which are sharp pains that travel down the legs when nerves get pinched,” Dr. Madden adds.

Nutrition Tip for 19 Weeks Pregnant

Make sure to get plenty of iron to help your body make extra blood. Docs recommend you double your daily iron intake to 27–30 mg. In addition to taking a prenatal vitamin, keep some raisins or dried peaches close by to snack on, try this chicken chili recipe or saute some spinach as a side.

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Real Baby Bumps at 19 Weeks Pregnant

19 weeks pregnant bump

19 weeks pregnant belly size

19 weeks pregnant belly natalieherbst

19 weeks pregnant belly @dtrevruns

19 weeks pregnant size @signe lauren

19 weeks pregnant belly bump @the santosha mama

19 weeks pregnant belly snakesnscriminger

19 weeks pregnant belly @runpinkjess

19 weeks pregnant bump @tiffe626

Pregnancy Symptoms Coming up in Week 20

Things to look forward to in week 20 of pregnancy: more weight gain and headaches followed by an increase in your sex drive! Most people report gaining 1-2 pounds per week at this stage as their appetites increase.

Commonly Asked Questions About 19 Week Pregnant

While you’re still riding the good vibes of the second trimester, you may be wondering where all this energy is coming from. And an age-old question might be on your mind: am I drinking enough water. Hydration, especially at this stage of pregnancy, is super important.

Is it normal to feel energized?

Yes! Many people report feeling high levels of energy at this stage in their pregnancy, and that’s totally normal! Enjoy it, but be sure not to overexert yourself.

“You’ll have more energy at this stage than during the first and third trimesters, but it’s important not to overdo it and get plenty of rest,” Dr. Madden says. “Walking, swimming and prenatal yoga are wonderful ways to stay in shape.”

Am I getting enough fluids?

Dehydration is a common problem throughout pregnancy. You’ll know it’s time to up your water intake if you’re frequently dizzy or experiencing cramps throughout your body, especially your legs. Use it as an excuse to get a new fancy water bottle and set times to ensure you’re drinking throughout the day.

Recommended Products for Week 19 of Pregnancy

At this point, you may be feeling little aches and pains, and your belly is probably expanding. These products will help you manage any discomfort you may be experiencing.

19 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Birth is a big deal. Spend some time thinking about the kind of labor and delivery you’d like to have.
  • Incorporate extra iron into your diet. (You need about twice as much as you did pre-pregnancy to help make extra blood for baby.)
  • Try to get outside for some soothing fresh air. Even a stroll around the block counts.


  • Dr. Jessica Madden Medical Director at Aeroflow Breastpumps
  • Dr. Lauren Demosthenes is an OBGYN and Senior Medical Director with Babyscripts, the leading remote monitoring platform for managing obstetrics.

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