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27 Weeks Pregnant

May 16, 2019

27 Weeks Pregnant

27 Weeks Pregnant
27 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is 14.4 inches long and weighs 1.9 pounds this week. That’s about the size of a Barbie.

Your Baby at 27 Weeks

  • Eyes: Your baby’s eyes are starting to open, and they are practicing opening and closing them. 👀
  • Hiccups: Baby is also starting to hiccup. While they won’t make any noise, you might feel them as tiny sudden jumps or flinches in your belly.
  • Listening in: It may be an exciting week for partners too! At the 27th week of pregnancy, baby is likely able to distinguish your voice from theirs. If they push their ear to your belly, they may even be able to hear baby’s heartbeat.

Baby’s Brain Development

Your little smarty pants now has an active brain. Their brain tissue is still developing but the brainstem is almost completely mature—it controls heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

In other fetal development news, brain waves are creating baby sleep cycles, and your baby may even be dreaming!

Fun Fact

Most umbilical cords are around 20” long.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Week 27

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Pregnancy Symptoms at 27 Weeks

  • Braxton Hicks contractions: Feeling contractions already? Braxton-Hicks are totally normal. If you have more than four contractions in an hour, though, call your on-call nurse or midwife.
  • Higher blood pressure: Though a mild increase in blood pressure is somewhat normal during this week of pregnancy, your doctor will be keeping an eye on your blood pressure to make sure you aren’t developing preeclampsia, especially after 20 weeks pregannt.
  • Mood swings: Feeling like an angry mama bear? Pregnancy can make some women more aggressive because your body is priming you to protect your young. If you breastfeed, these feelings could increase after birth because of lactational aggression.
  • Abdominal pain: Round ligament pain—from all the stretching your bod’s doing—is a common cause of stomach pain. So are constipation and gas. But if you’re getting severe or persistent pain, or you have other symptoms, such as bleeding, it could be something more serious. Also, sensations that feel like menstrual cramps and pelvic pressure—downward pushing—should be checked out.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Can’t seem to keep your legs still at night? Restless legs syndrome is another not-so-fun condition that can crop up during pregnancy. You might feel an ache, a creepy-crawly feeling or just weirdness in your legs that drives you nuts. A warm bath or shower, massage and/or stretching can help in the short term. And getting exercise during the day may help you sleep better.

Also, mention it to your doc, since low levels or certain nutrients can contribute to RLS, and they might recommend a specific supplement. (But don’t take anything without their OK!)

Your 27 Weeks Pregnant Belly

You’re probably feeling much more movement inside that belly of yours! You may have gained 15 to 30 pounds so far. Your fundal height is around 25 to 29 centimeters; you really don’t need to worry about this measurement, but your doc will check it at your next visit to help track baby’s growth and amniotic fluid levels. It’s normal to have a spike in weight gain around this time, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it if you gain more than the recommended point or two during a week. But continue to try to make healthy food choices and exercise. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy will reduce your risk of complications.

💛 Congratulations 💛

You’re almost done with the second trimester, mama!

Getting Your Kick Count On

fetalmovement header js5rdo (1)

Kick counts are an easy way to monitor your baby’s health. “Maternal perception of fetal movement is actually one of the best indicators of well-being that we have in the entire field of obstetrics,” says Jennifer Lang, M.D. “Try not to become a hypochondriac, but you’re keyed into your body and baby and its patterns—trust yourself.”

How should you do them? Once a day take a few minutes to pay extra attention to what’s going on inside. You want to feel 10 distinct movements within two hours—though it usually takes around five minutes to get there. Try to do your kick counts around the same time every day, and record baby’s movements and how long it took to reach 10 of them.

Find out more about what you need to know about fetal movement and kick counts here.

Top Tip for 27 Weeks Pregnant

Do your kick counts around the same time every day to figure out your baby’s patterns.

Baby Bumps at 27 Weeks Pregnant

27 weeks pregnant belly @ashleyatmos

27 weeks pregnant bump ooarven

27 weeks pregnant belly picture @that crazy mama

27 weeks pregnant belly today @strongmedicinemom

27 weeks pregnant baby position @florencejoseph6

27 weeks pregnant bump first baby @katiescarlettmorgan

27 weeks pregnant bump weight gain @blueevelvett

27 weeks pregnant baby @medlaura

27 weeks pregnant belly

Partner Tip

Two words: push present.

How to Choose a Pediatrician

Seems early, but it’s smart to choose a doctor for your baby before they’re born. That way, the pediatrician can visit your baby shortly after birth, and you’ll have a plan for the in-office checkup that takes place three to five days after. So how to choose?

Get recs from family and friends. Word-of-mouth recommendations are usually the best place to start. Ask parents you know if they like (or dislike) their kids’ pediatricians and why—like if they are comfortable asking questions and feel heard by the doctor.

Check if the doc accepts your insurance. You’ll be seeing the pediatrician a lot during your baby’s first year. If the visits are covered by your health insurance, you’ll pay a whole lot less.

Know their credentials. Find out what hospital they’re affiliated with, whether or not they’re certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and whether or not they’re a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP). This should all align with your expectations.

Interview potential peds. Talk to the doctors in the practice and ask your own personal questions. For example: Do you have weekend and evening hours? What if I need a sick visit on short notice? How do you support breastfeeding mothers? What’s your vaccination policy? It’s important for them to be a good doctor, but you also want someone you feel comfortable with.

Scope out the office. Is the pediatrician’s office in a convenient location? See if you like the nurses, and find out if you’ll see the same doctor at each visit or rotate through different ones. And ask how long it usually takes to make an appointment for both well-baby visits and one-offs.

You don’t have to decide on one right away, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you’re looking for in a pediatrician so you’ll be ready in case baby comes a little early.

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Week 27 Pregnancy Checklist

  • Start doing kick counts.
  • Reevaluate your workout. During the third trimester, you may want to modify a bit. Listen to your body.
  • Planning on breastfeeding? Sign up for a pre-baby breastfeeding class at your local hospital or parenting resource center.
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