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31 Weeks Pregnant
Updated on
December 1, 2023

31 Weeks Pregnant

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31 Weeks Pregnant.
31 Weeks Pregnant

You’re 31 weeks pregnant, and as your baby bump grows to accommodate the developing baby inside, you may start to feel itchy on your abdomen and breasts (It’s always something!). Remember to stay hydrated and use moisturizer. Here’s what else to know about week 31 of pregnancy.

How Many Months Is 31 Weeks Pregnant?

31 weeks pregnant in months is seven months pregnant, which is part of the third trimester.

Your Baby at 31 Weeks

At 31 weeks, your baby is almost the size they’ll be at birth (!!!). Here are some new developments your baby is undergoing in your belly:

  • Head turning: They can move their head around from side to side now and are strengthening their neck muscles.
  • Super smarts: Your baby’s brain is developing so quickly! This week, baby’s developments include making important neural connections that ensure all five senses are on point, according to the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Yep, this baby-to-be’s ready to see, feel, touch, taste and hear.
  • 31 weeks pregnant baby position: Your baby is starting to nestle into the fetal position as space gets tighter inside your belly. They also might be faced head-down, getting ready for the big debut.

How Big is Your Baby at 31 Weeks?

Your baby is around 16.2 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds this week. That’s about the size of a SunnyD.

💛 Congratulations 💛

There are 63 days until your due date!

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


31 Weeks Baby Movement

You may notice your bump has shifted downward. This is to accommodate baby’s new downward position and their increasing weight.

Your Body at 31 Weeks Pregnant

At 31 weeks pregnant, belly aches and pains can be common. You may be experiencing anything from round ligament pain to Braxton Hicks contractions to just plain gas or constipation. Most of the time, it’s nothing major, but always call your healthcare provider any time you’re experiencing pain and are unsure of the cause.

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

This is the point of pregnancy where baby’s arrival feels so close, yet so far away! These are the symptoms you might be experiencing at this phase.

Hip and/or back pain

Ouch! You may be feeling hip and back pain as your pelvis starts to loosen to get ready for giving birth. “Your center of gravity is shifting as your hips widen to accommodate a growing, heavy belly — it’s a lot of change in a relatively short period of time!” says Al Bradlea, IBCLC, Birth & Postpartum Doula. This can cause pregnancy-induced sciatica, round ligament pain or just generalized aches. “Consider talking to your doctor about a physical therapy prescription or ask them to sign off on a pregnancy-approved exercise program—There are tons out there!” says Bradlea. “And please, take a closer look at your shoes. Picking the right pair of supportive shoes can make a huge difference to your comfort level.” You can also try prenatal yoga or some of these stretches.


It’s super common to experience shortness of breath during pregnancy. This is partially caused by the hormone progesterone, but also baby is getting bigger and crowding your lungs, not allowing you to breathe quite as deeply.

Hair and nail changes

Though it’s common for some pregnant moms to have fuller hair and great skin, not all are so lucky. Some experience very brittle nails during pregnancy. If your nails have started to chip excessively, don’t worry—they should go back to normal after you deliver.

Trouble sleeping

Baby’s movements are getting stronger, and ironically babies tend to have in-utero dance parties when mom finally gets a chance to relax. Not only that, you may be battling pregnancy symptoms that keep you awake, like leg cramps, or may simply be uncomfortable or even have a little stressed out—hey, there’s a lot on your mind! Stay well hydrated, prop yourself with as many pillows as you need to get comfy and practice calming nighttime rituals, such as shutting off screens or drinking chamomile tea. And get plenty of exercise during the day.

Braxton Hicks contractions

“I like to think of Braxton Hicks as training contractions,” says Bradlea. Your body’s practicing for giving birth. You may feel your belly tighten up and get rock hard for about 30 seconds here and there. If it’s just mildly uncomfortable and goes away when you switch positions, that’s a Braxton Hicks contraction. True labor contractions will feel painful and will happen at intervals that become regular and closer together as time goes on. “Rather than trying to fight them or magic them away, use them as an opportunity to test out strategies for managing pain during labor,” says Bradlea. Are Braxton Hicks making your whole body up? That’s okay! Ask for help getting a heating pad, take a slow walk around the block or tune into some calming music as you stretch.” Stay well hydrated to prevent having too many Braxton Hicks contractions and to prevent them from turning into preterm labor. Call the doc if you have more than four contractions in an hour, or if you have any other weird symptoms along with the discomfort.

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms Not to Ignore

At 31 weeks if you’re experiencing anything out of the ordinary, like extreme lower back pain, run it by your doctor.

Pregnancy Symptoms Coming Up In Week 32

You may be having more heartburn, weird dreams or even experiencing signs of preterm labor in week 32 of pregnancy.

Real Baby Bumps at 31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks pregnant belly @shivaun elizabeth

31 weeks pregnant weight gain @sophienicole93

31 weeks pregnant pictures @meghanjschmidt

31 weeks pregnant bump @kl haworth

31 weeks pregnant bump picture @cassy16

31 weeks pregnant exactly @missmorganjj

31 weeks pregnant hard belly @official lullue

fundal height at 31 weeks pregnant @shivaun elizabeth

31 weeks pregnant stomach hard @hillp22

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Commonly Asked Questions About 31 Weeks Pregnant

Nine weeks to go until your due date, but who’s counting? Here are some common questions parents have in the 31st week of pregnancy:

How can I relieve back and shoulder pain in the third trimester?

A prenatal massage isn’t simply a luxurious splurge; it’s also a great way to relieve back, shoulder and hip pain, and help you relax. Look for a clinic or massage therapist specially trained in perinatal massage techniques. They’ll have the props and table necessary to keep you comfortable and protect your belly.

Should I be meal prepping for baby’s arrival?

When you’re trying to keep a hungry newborn fed, it sometimes can be a challenge to figure out what to feed yourself—but tired postpartum parents need access to filling meals. Once the food deliveries from friends and family run out, prepared freezer meals can make a world of difference. Start cooking now to grow your freezer stash. Here are some super useful hints for postpartum food prep.

What are some ways to motivate myself to stay active in the third trimester?

As your belly expands and your body gets more uncomfortable, you may find you need motivation to keep moving. There’s no shame in wanting an extra boost. An addicting podcast, like Dirty John, You Must Remember This, Bear Brook or The Habitat, can help keep you company on a daily walk. Psst: They’re also fun to listen to on the couch, if you’re really just over walking.

What’s happening to my brain?

Did you know all those pregnancy hormones are affecting your brain? We’re not talking about forgetfulness, which is what most people think of when they think “pregnancy brain.” We’re talking about a maturation that’s happening in that noggin. One study suggests the brain evolves during pregnancy to allow you to better understand other people’s perceptions. Maybe to empathize with a crying baby? We think so.

“There’s a lot about pregnancy that we still don’t fully understand or have ‘hard evidence’ for, and pregnancy brain is one of those mysteries,” says Bradlea. “What we do know is that pregnancy is a time of immense upheaval in nearly every aspect of a person’s life, and with that comes a need for more patience and support.” So remember to be patient with yourself! “What matters most to me is that each person feels like they can let go of perfectionism and be taken care of through their pregnancy (and beyond!).”

Recommended Products for Week 31 of Pregnancy

A few niceties of home (like your favorite robe, slippers and pjs) will make your hospital stay much more enjoyable.

31 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Pack that hospital bag.
  • Prenatal massage can be a great stress reliever. See if anyone in your area specializes in it and book one as a third trimester treat.
  • Make a few freezer meals to have once the baby is born. (Not only dinners—a few loaves of banana bread might make perfect morning snacks.)


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