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September 14, 2023

Your 49-Week-Old Baby

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Your 49-Week-Old Baby.
Your 49-Week-Old Baby

Feeding 411: Introducing New Foods

Did you know babies may need to experience a new food about 8-12 times before they’ll really accept and eat it?

That means just because eggs are always left on the highchair tray these days, there’s hope you’ll have an egg fan eventually. Keep offering the same foods and give your kiddo lots of chances to try them.

Change up your recipes or offer the same food in a variety of ways. For example, pureed peas may be a no-go, but whole steamed peas mixed into pasta could be a hit. You can also sneak veggies into recipes. Rather than plain zucchini, try these muffins to get their taste buds more on board. Follow your baby’s feeding cues and never force them to eat if they show signs that they’re done or just not interested. You’ll get there eventually!

First Birthday Party Planning!

Can you believe it? Your baby’s first birthday is just around the corner. And reaching this milestone is a huge deal for us parents too. Not only will you be over the moon about making it through year one (with flying colors!), you’ll probably feel emotional about your baby becoming a toddler. But don’t worry…they can still rock a footie PJ for years to come.

Social isolation disrupting your party planning? No need to cancel the whole thing; these parents got creative with their kids’ birthdays, throwing virtual parties and making special treats at home to make the day truly special.

As you get your party planning underway, keep these tips in mind:

  • Decor: Despite how easy it is to get carried away with party planning (thanks, Pinterest!), it’s not necessary to go overboard. Whether you’re hosting the shindig at home or heading to a party space, you can get cute, themed decorations online, a few bunches of festive balloons and order (or bake!) an adorable cake. Attach cute decorations to the high chair to create a birthday “throne.” Get your kiddo a birthday crown (a clip or headband may stay on better). If you’ve taken a monthly photo of your baby (either wearing a sticker on their onesie or in the same spot each month), print all 12 and put them out on display so everyone can see your kiddo’s growth. A simple idea is to hang thick string or twine across a fireplace or down a staircase and attach the photos with mini clothespins.
  • Guests: Invite your nearest and dearest to celebrate, but don’t feel the need to have tons of guests or over-the-top entertainment. While you may be tempted to throw a huge bash, a lot of people and commotion can be overwhelming for little ones (and you). Your baby will be thrilled to be doted on by their favorite people, play with their favorite toys and eat their first bite (or 10!) of cake.
  • Cake: And speaking of cake: some people have a separate “smash cake” for their baby to quite literally smash and eat. Be sure to cover those cute party clothes with a bib, or strip your baby down to a diaper so cleaning up crumbs and frosting is easy. Aside from a smash cake, some parents simply give their baby a slice of cake, a cupcake or even a different cake that’s lower in sugar so that first “sugar shock” isn’t quite so…shocking. No matter what, know your strengths and outsource the cake if you can (ie: the night before the party probably isn’t the best time for your first attempt at a 3-tiered jungle animal cake).
  • Timing: Timing is everything when a baby is the guest of honor. Plan your party for early in the day (or non-nap times!) when your tot is well-rested and full of energy. To keep kids happy and busy, put out a few fun activities like a small DIY ball pit (blow up a baby pool and fill it with plastic balls), a tunnel and push toys. Hand out containers of bubbles for the adults to blow, which are a huge hit among the toddler set.
  • Food: Whether you get it catered or cook, finger foods (set out as a buffet) that people can casually grab and eat are always easy. Put out plenty of kid-friendly options like crackers, applesauce or yogurt pouches, cut up fruit and no frills bite-sized sandwiches.
  • Pictures: Get tons of pics! Delegate someone (a family member or friend) to be in charge of taking photos so you can fully enjoy yourself without worrying about capturing every moment. However, do a “birthday photoshoot” at home on a different day when your baby is well rested and in the mood to turn on the charm.

Your Body: What’s with Those Wispy Hairs?

Do you have tiny, wispy “bangs” all along your hairline? While it’s most likely not your ideal hairstyle, it’s a common postpartum look (we’ll call it a badge of honor). Let’s backtrack a bit on your hormonal hair journey…

Pregnancy gave you shiny, shampoo commercial hair. And a few months postpartum, those lux tresses quickly started clogging your shower drain (womp womp). That hair loss was temporary, and what you’re seeing now is the regrowth. Eventually, your hair will start to cooperate with you, but until then, get a cute haircut that makes you feel good!

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