4moms mamaRoo Baby Swing
4moms mamaRoo Review
February 5, 2018

4moms mamaRoo Review

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4moms mamaRoo Review.
This high-tech baby swing is attractive, sleek and compact, but families are divided about its soothing capabilities.4moms mamaRoo Review

Upshot: This high-tech baby swing is attractive, sleek and compact, but families are divided about its soothing capabilities.

Price: $$$

The 4moms mamaRoo is the Cadillac of baby swings, and like Cadillacs, not everyone thinks they’re worth the money.

What’s a Baby Swing? Do You Need One?

A baby swing can help soothe a fussy baby by swaying them when you need to do something else. Some babies love swings. They love sitting in them and playing with mobiles or other attached toys. Other babies don’t. They demand the original baby swing: a swaying parent.

4moms studied how parents actually sway their babies to determine the five unique swaying motions of the mamaRoo (which first came out in 2010). They also added high-tech features like a Bluetooth connection to your phone to control speeds and sounds, and even an MP3 option for you to play any song you want through the mamaRoo speaker. (Welcome to the future.)

Why We Love It

It has five motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and ocean), five speeds and four built-in sounds. It has many recline options to keep baby comfortable, too.

The seat fabric is removable and washable. (This should be a requirement for all baby gear!) The mamaRoo also includes a reversible mobile with three unique toys—a rattle, mirror and crinkle ball.

The new mamaRoo 4, which came out in 2017, features an on/off switch large enough that you can press it with your foot. Parents complained that previous models didn’t have quite enough swing, so the new mamaRoo is faster than previous models.

Compared to other swings that can take up an entire corner of your living room or nursery, the mamaRoo is pretty compact. It’s only 19.5” wide by 33” long—significantly smaller than the Fisher-Price Snugabunny, which comes in at 37” by 37”.

Why We Don’t

It’s expensive, and it’s impossible to know if your baby will love it before they arrive. Consider borrowing one from a friend or trying one out once your baby is born.

Also, it has a pretty limited lifespan. You have to stop using it when your baby can sit up unassisted, which usually happens between six and eight months. (Some other swings try to overcome this by converting into a toddler chair once the baby outgrows the swinging functionality.)

Tips About How to Use the mamaRoo

The mamaRoo has to be plugged into the wall. This can be a pro or a con. It makes it hard to move from room to room, but it means you aren’t constantly running out of batteries.

Some parents find the LCD control screen on the unit hard to use, but you can opt to use the app instead to avoid the control screen altogether.

The Competition

4moms rockaRoo

This is a simplified version of the mamaRoo that’s also a lot less expensive. It only has one basic motion and doesn’t have adjustable recline or an app to control the sound or motion. For some parents, though the rockaRoo gets the job done.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing

One of the best-selling baby swings on Amazon, the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘N Swing has two swing directions and six speeds. The main disadvantage of this swing is that it takes up a lot of space. It’s more than 3’ by 3’, which is just too big for some living rooms. Parents also complain that the motor malfunctions. Though Fisher-Price will send a replacement, it’s painful to sacrifice those precious few days or weeks when your baby is young.

Fisher-Price makes variations of this swing under the Snuga- name, like Snugapuppy and Snugabear. They also make a simpler version called the My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer, which is just a bouncer with calming vibrations.

Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing

Similar to the mamaRoo, this Graco swing has a small footprint (only 24.5” x 28”). It only has one swing motion, but it does have a reclining seat, built-in sounds and soothing vibrations. It’s a good alternative at a lower price.

BabyBjorn Balance Bouncer

A bouncer does not have the fancy mechanical motion of a swing like the mamaRoo, but the BabyBjorn Balanace Bouncer checks the boxes for sleek and small like the mamaRoo. It bounces with the baby’s own motion, and can convert into a toddler chair when your baby grows out of it.

User Reviews

From the Babylist Store

“We got a ton of use out of the product. It is adjustable, and once we found the right setting, our little one spent a bit in it each day. It has an incredibly small footprint, and in our apartment, that was great. It also doesn’t weigh a lot, so we could carry it from room to room depending on where she was hanging out. The Bluetooth/phone controls are great as well!” -Nicole

“I loved its neutral design, and the way it didn’t overtake the room but…it didn’t really do the job. It didn’t swing as fast and smooth as a traditional swing and didn’t soothe my baby. She was never cozy or content in it, and we just didn’t use it. I would skip it and just get a big old-school swing!” -Sarah

“It seems this is a very hit-or-miss product. Either a baby loves it or hates it, and it’s too expensive to take that gamble. My baby tolerated it at best and only a handful of times…” -Michelle


Plush newborn insert: This insert makes babies extra cozy. It’s reversible and machine washable, too.

Extra seat fabric: You can buy extra seat fabric for the mamaRoo. Unless your baby is constantly soiling the seat, this isn’t very important.


Age of use: Birth to 25 lbs or when the baby can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out, whichever comes first

Weight: 19 lbs

Dimensions: 19.5” wide x 33” long x 25.5” tall

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