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Video Unboxing: This Compact Stroller Gives Your Kiddo 8 Ways to Ride
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Video Unboxing: This Compact Stroller Gives Your Kiddo 8 Ways to Ride

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Video Unboxing: This Compact Stroller Gives Your Kiddo 8 Ways to Ride

If you’ve been dreaming of all the fun places you’ll go with your little one—trips to the zoo, play dates at the park, sightseeing around the city—you’ll need a stroller that can keep up. That’s what the City Sights Stroller is designed to do. It’s the latest addition to the Baby Jogger lineup that can take on all the terrains and face all the ways, but not take up all the space. Babylist Scout Shannon gives us the rundown in the video above.

What It Does

This lightweight, single, modular stroller (a.k.a. the seat is reversible!) is designed to take you anywhere, and look good doing it. It has all-terrain wheels and front-wheel suspension that make city sidewalks and outdoor paths no problem. As of August 2022, this is the MOST compact-folding 4-wheel modular stroller on the market. It folds 6-10 inches flatter than other popular options. Here’s what else makes this stroller a standout.

  • Your Ride, Your Way: With the addition of a few accessories (infant car seat, bassinet or glider board) you can create eight ways for your baby to ride, from the newborn stage to toddlerhood.
  • Away We Go: Out and about? This stroller has a one-hand fold and lightweight design (only 25 pounds!) to make travel and storage easier.
  • Stroll in Style: Luxe touches like vegan leather accents, an adjustable handle bar and large storage basket make this a convenient and stylish option for parents.

Out of the box, the Baby Jogger City Sights Stroller can be used for babies from 6 months old and can support up to 50 pounds, but it’s compatible with a range of car seats for infants, too. For snack time, this tray is sold separately. Once you create your ideal setup, you’ll be ready to roll. And whether you plan for urban adventures or outdoor excursions, the all-terrain wheels and front-wheel suspension allow you to explore anywhere.

Why You’d Want That

Choosing a stroller can feel a lot like choosing a car—there are so many features to consider and so many models to look at. Our advice: start by thinking about your life with your little one. Where, when and how do you plan on using your stroller? If you’re looking for something that can easily support the day-to-day and adventures with baby without adding any additional bulk, Baby Jogger has made all the considerations for you with the City Sights Stroller. Watch Shannon’s complete review and see if it fits the bill for your family.

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