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Banana Republic Baby Sample Registry
Updated on
April 17, 2024

Banana Republic Baby Sample Registry

By Babylist Team
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Banana Republic Baby Sample Registry.
Banana Republic Baby Sample Registry

If you have a hope chest filled with your own baby books and that special outfit your grandmother hand-crocheted for you, meet the keepsakes that are going to go inside it next. Banana Republic’s new collection for little ones mixes timeless designs with premium, sustainable fabrics and a sweet nod to exploration and adventure. Think: tiny sailor sweaters and printed rompers in ultra-comfy linens, cottons and cashmere. Here are some of the staple pieces from this adorable (and super-giftable) collection.

Banana Republic Baby Collection

Banana Republic Baby Sailor Sweater - $65.00.

Inspired by vintage sailor sweaters, this nautical look is made from organic cotton that’s always soft and never scratchy. Plus it comes in a matching grown-up version and one for the family dog.

Banana Republic Baby Sailor Sweater

Baby Heritage Explorer Vest - $125.00.

A shrunken-down version of the classic explorer vest, this miniature version boasts plenty of pockets for your little one’s found treasures.

Baby Heritage Explorer Vest

Baby Essential Supima Short-Sleeve Bodysuit 3-Pack - $65.00.

Made from a special kind of American-grown cotton that’s stronger and softer than regular cotton, these mix-and-match bodysuits (with coordinating pants) are designed to last through all of your baby’s adventures. Also available in beige.

Baby Essential Supima Short-Sleeve Bodysuit 3-Pack

Baby Linen Safari Shirt - $45.00.

The classic explorer outfit—this shirt and the matching shorts below—gets a modern (adorable) update with baby-friendly details like a pull-on waistband and naturally breathable linen that’s ideal for sunny days and warm weather.

Baby Linen Safari Shirt

Baby Heritage Leather Flight Jacket - $250.00.

This extra-special outerwear is designed to last for generations. But for now, the generous cut gives your baby room to grow in a supple jacket that supports responsible leather manufacturing. Bonus: there’s a matching version for you too.

Baby Heritage Leather Flight Jacket

Baby Linen Safari Romper in Zoo Print  - $85.00.

Don’t let the stylish print fool you, this romper is equal parts fashion and function: with a roomy fit for plenty of movement, a drawstring waist for comfort and snap closures for easy diaper changes.

Baby Linen Safari Romper in Zoo Print

Baby Reversible Bucket Hat in Zoo Print - $45.00.

Complete the look with a matching reversible bucket hat (whimsical print on one side, solid color on the other) in breathable linen. Also available in blue floral print and beige watercolor zebra print.

Baby Reversible Bucket Hat in Zoo Print

Baby Cashmere One-Piece - $130.00.

File these cashmere pieces—like the one-piece featured here and the matching beanie and booties below—under: future family heirlooms. Cashmere is known for its sumptuously soft feel (perfect for that soft baby skin) but what makes these keepsake pieces extra special is that they’re made from 50% recycled fibers.

Baby Cashmere One-Piece


Shop the entire Banana Republic Baby collection here.

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