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Video Unboxing: This $20 Baby Bather Folds Flat and Can Be Used Anywhere
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Video Unboxing: This $20 Baby Bather Folds Flat and Can Be Used Anywhere

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Video Unboxing: This $20 Baby Bather Folds Flat and Can Be Used Anywhere

Bath slings, baby tubs, sink bath inserts—who knew baby bathtime had so much stuff? For new parents looking to streamline the process,The First Years Sure Comfort Folding Baby Bather is a smart yet simple option that can be used for both sink and tub baths. And since it folds flat for easy storage, you get the support your little one needs without the bulk of a full-size baby tub. Oh, and it’s only $20. Babylist Scout Aileen breaks it down in the video above.

What It Does

Babies need comfort and support during their first baths—and this baby bather is designed to provide both. It’s best used for babies from 0-6 months or up to 15 pounds, and can also be used until they’re able to sit up unassisted. For parents, the compact foldability means a simpler bath routine that is flexible for different spaces and even early travel. Here’s what makes it so unique.

  • Bathtime Anywhere: Where you want to bathe your baby is up to you, and this bather gives lots of flexibility. The no-slip seat base grips to keep the bath in place whether in the sink, tub or shower.
  • Keep It Compact: Unlike more traditional baby tubs that take up a lot of floor space, this bather folds flat (about the size of a laptop or loaf pan!), making it easy to hide away in your bathroom, closet or anywhere that’s handy for you.
  • (Not) Slippery When Wet: Managing a slippery kiddo at bathtime might be a lot for new parents. With an inclined seat and raised mesh sides, this bather comfortably cradles babies.

Something to keep in mind: this bath is only designed to provide support up until about 6 months, and after then you’ll need something bigger.

Why You’d Want That

Unless you want a dedicated baby bathtub, you don’t actually need one. You just need a supportive spot to keep your little one in place while they get squeaky clean. This baby bather is especially helpful for parents who don’t want the added clutter of a full-size baby tub. Since you can use it as a tub or sink, it gives a lot of flexibility for a variety of living spaces, and at $20, it’s about $50 less than other popular compact baby baths. Watch Aileen’s complete video review to see if this is a bathtime essential for your family.

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