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Video Unboxing: The New Lalo Play Gym
February 24, 2022

Video Unboxing: The New Lalo Play Gym

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Video Unboxing: The New Lalo Play Gym

Between tummy time and everyday hangouts, it’s often more of a hassle to put away your play gym than it is to make it a centerpiece of your living room or nursery. So Lalo, best known for their super-smart 2-in-1 high chair/play chair combo, was like…what if your play gym was something your baby wanted to play with and something that you loved looking at? Which is how this sleek, sustainable gear was born. Babylist Scout Mallorie takes the new Lalo Play Gym for a test drive in the video above.

Lalo Play Gym

What It Does

Most play gyms have a few key details in common: a mat for your baby to lie on and an arch for toys to hang from. But for something that may look relatively simple, the Lalo Play Gym differentiates from traditional play gyms in a lot of ways.

  • Minimalist Design: The Lalo Play Gym comes with just three detachable toys that Lalo worked with childhood experts to perfect:
    • A sensory ball that helps develop gross and fine motor skills.
    • A mirror prism that can either hang on the bar or be used on the mat to promote focusing and motivate them during tummy time.
    • A silicone teether that they can chew on and use to practice reaching and grasping.

Lalo Play Gym + Toys

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: The arch on this play gym is made from FSC-certified Beechwood (which means it must comply with intense social and environmental standards), and the mat is made out of a special fabric that’s eco-friendly and machine washable.
  • Pack ‘n Go: You won’t need any tools to assemble this gear. And unlike standard play gyms, the play mat and arch on the Lalo Play Gym are two separate pieces. So when you have to leave the house, you can pack up the play mat and throw it in your diaper bag.
  • Change It Up: You can use this play gym throughout your baby’s first year (starting at day one). But if you want to extend the life of this gear? Opt for the Play Gym + Tent Kit combo, which for an extra $60 lets you convert your play gym into a super-cute play tent for toddlers. Watch Mallorie’s review at the 00:18 mark to see just how roomy it is.

Lalo Play Gym + Tent Kit GIF

Why You’d Want That

There’s no rule that says your baby gear has to match your personal style. But for some parents, it can really help with the transition to parenthood (you’re still you—just with more stuff and a tiny human to take care of!).

This play gym gives you the best of both worlds: expert research and sustainable, minimalist style. As an added bonus, the play tent conversion gives you more mileage out of something that babies typically outgrow in the first year.

Watch Mallorie’s complete video to see how the Lalo Play Gym comes together IRL.

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