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Mae Whitman’s Babylist Baby Registry
Updated on
July 10, 2024

Mae Whitman’s Babylist Baby Registry

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Mae Whitman’s Babylist Baby Registry.

Mae Whitman is pregnant—in real life! The star of Parenthood and Good Girls revealed she’s expecting her first baby in a sweet Mother’s Day Instagram post where she posed with her Parenthood co-stars Miles Heizer and Lauren Graham (her character was memorably pregnant on the series, so the shot was a cute throwback). 

Whitman’s registry picks include the Artipoppe Zeitgeist carrier, a celeb fave. She also added Stokke’s top-rated high chair and the UPPAbaby Vista stroller—two products that consistently make it into our Best Baby Products guide because they’re really that good. And if Kieran Culkin—aka Succession’s Roman Roy—recommends a Nuna PIPA infant car seat to you, as he did to Whitman, you will add it to your registry.

Here are the other essentials Whitman picked out during her visit to the Babylist Beverly Hills Showroom, along with her very own commentary on why she chose them (that we actually can’t get enough of). 

Mae Whitman’s Babylist Baby Registry
Artipoppe Monogamy Zeitgeist Baby Carrier.

Monogamy Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

"This thing is so damn chic I fully plan on wearing it out with a doll in it long after my child grows up just to enhance my fashion stylings."
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Jool Baby TinyBums Baby Wipe Warmer & Dispenser with LED Changing Light - Aqua.

Jool Baby 
TinyBums Baby Wipe Warmer & Dispenser with LED Changing L...

"Obviously I can’t speak to this from personal experience but it seems like it would be nice to have a warm bottom over a surprise icy one! Life is hard enough!"
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4moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Grey.

MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing

"I like that it sort of jiggles your baby into a zen state. I want one for myself."
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Nuna PIPA urbn & MIXX Next Travel System - Caviar.

PIPA urbn & MIXX Next Travel System

"Kieran Culkin told me to get a Pipa and I do whatever he tells me to do."
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Nuna EXEC Convertible Car Seat - Caviar.

EXEC Convertible Car Seat

"Again I haven’t had the chance to use this yet but I love how you can use it until the baby is basically in college."
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Yana  360° Body Pillow.

360° Body Pillow

"My house is covered in pregnancy pillows partly because I can't sit comfortably without them and partly because my dogs keep claiming them as their own. I’ve bought these as presents for my non-pregnant friends who rave about it after leaving my house!"
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UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller Limited Edition JADE RABBIT - White Marl/Carbon/Maroon Leather.

VISTA V2 Stroller Limited Edition JADE RABBIT

"I have an unhealthy obsession with rabbits and also it just seems like this stroller is smarter than I am."
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Lovevery The Play Kits (3-Kit Subscription).

The Play Kits (3-Kit Subscription)

"So helpful. Takes the guesswork out of providing the best stimulation for those first few months."
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Estella Organic Cotton Handmade Baby Rattle Bundle - Nighttime Bundle.

Organic Cotton Handmade Baby Rattle Bundle

"Blame it on the hormones but I burst into tears when I saw it!"
WubbaNub WubbaNub Pacifier - Baby Yellow Duck.

WubbaNub Pacifier

"The thought of a baby duck hanging from my child’s gaping maw also makes me want to burst into flames from the cuteness."
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Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Complete - Glacier Green/Glacier Green/White Tray.

Tripp Trapp High Chair Complete

"Again, I love that you can use this from baby to college graduation age."
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