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Why I Love It: Mockingbird High Chair
Updated on
April 10, 2024

Why I Love It: Mockingbird High Chair

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Why I Love It: Mockingbird High Chair.
Why I Love It: Mockingbird High Chair

Is there a baby product you’re absolutely obsessed with? Or something from your registry that you didn’t think you even needed—but now can’t stop telling everyone about? We’re talking to real parents about the baby gear they just can’t live without, from $20 snot suckers to $300 breathable crib mattresses and everything in between.

Why I Love It: Mockingbird High Chair

Why did I get it?

Latifah is Babylist’s Commerce Editor and mom to a tween and a baby under 1 year old. She lives in Charlotte, NC.

High chairs are among the handful of baby items that sit on display in your home, so when it came time for me to choose one for my now six-month-old daughter, I wanted one that flowed with my existing home decor. I was looking for a sleek style, simple colors and classic feel that would fit my space even as the years ticked by and my daughter got older. And just as important as the way it looked, I wanted a high chair that was functional and straightforward to use, with features that would make my life with an eating baby and toddler easier.

Mockingbird High Chair (Mockingbird’s High Chair is sleek, modern and so easy to clean.)

Why do I love it?

Mockingbird sent me their new high chair to try out just as my daughter entered her baby-led weaning stage. Once I set it up, the style of the chair immediately checked off the first box of what I was looking for. The natural beechwood base and eggshell white seat pulled on my millennial-aesthetic heartstrings right away. But it was the functional details—like the double-layer tray that allows you just to pop off the top to clean it instead of completely sliding it off—that really sold me on this chair. Does it sound a bit strange to say that a high chair anticipated my needs for a perfect space for my baby to explore foods? Yes. But is it true? Also yes!

Mockingbird High Chair tray photo (The double tray makes cleanup so much easier.)

  • Functionality. When it comes to modern baby products, they can attempt to solve too many inconveniences at once, adding unnecessary buttons, straps and doodads. This high chair is thoughtfully designed with detailed features like food-grade silicone straps for easy clean-up after spaghetti night, an adjustable footboard for baby’s feet to rest comfortably even as they get taller and an adjustable tray so your baby has ample space between their body and the tray as they grow.
  • Grow-with-me Design. Instead of trading out our high chair for a toddler seat in a year, this seat transforms into one, with no extra pieces required. With two clicks, the baby seat comes off and the footboard becomes the seat.
  • Compact Footprint. The Y-shaped design of the chair didn’t take up too much space. When my baby was done eating, I tucked the chair right under my dining table. And with a curious 100-pound Labrador Retriever running around, a tween who likes to parkour off of my walls and a baby who will be crawling soon, the compact size is a major win.

(The high-chair-to-booster transition is quick and easy. Once my daughter is bigger, I’ll be able to use the seat in booster mode for years.)

Mockingbird High Chair back photo (The harness straps are so easy to wipe down. You can also remove them and toss them right in the dishwasher.)

Who would I recommend it to?

If you want a do-it-all high chair that you can keep around from the first day of baby-led weaning to the years of air fryer chicken nuggets, this is the one. And if you value stylish baby gear that won’t throw off the style of your home, you can’t go wrong with the Mockingbird High Chair.

Latifah Miles

Latifah Miles is the Senior Commerce Editor at Babylist.

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