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Must-Have Products Based on Your Baby’s Zodiac Sign
Updated on
February 2, 2024

Must-Have Products Based on Your Baby’s Zodiac Sign

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Must-Have Products Based on Your Baby’s Zodiac Sign.
Must-Have Products Based on Your Baby’s Zodiac Sign

Astrology isn’t an exact science, but it can definitely give you clues about what your new arrival might be like. “Knowing your baby’s sign sets you up to understand the preferences your child could have throughout their life,” explains Alyssa Polinksy, an astrologer.

That sneak peek can be super helpful when planning your registry and their nursery. “It’s like a quick snapshot of understanding your baby before they even arrive.”

Ahead, jump to a specific sign based on your due date or baby’s birthday. Or explore all of the star sign-approved goods. And if you’re looking for more ways to discern your baby’s personality, read up on their Chinese zodiac sign!

Aries / Taurus / Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces

Products for Aries Babies

ARIES (Element: fire) (March 21 – April 19)

One of the many reasons Aries is special is because it’s the first sign of the zodiac. If you’re expecting an Aries, know that they’re likely to be independent and a bit fiery, says KJ Atlas, an astrologer. Represented by the wilful ram, Aries are known for being passionate, vibrant, and opinionated. Must-haves include products that will help soothe headstrong outbursts, as well as anything that acknowledges their courageous nature.

Peregrine Kidswear 
Bamboo Knotted Newborn Gown Hat Set

This sweet firefly hat and gown set is the perfect nod to your new addition’s fiery attitude.

Baby Shusher 

Parents swear by this almost-magical soothing shusher that’s easy to take on the go.

Solly Baby 
Wrap Carrier

Calm a fussy baby (or chip away at your to-do list while holding them) with this super-soft wrap.

Products for Taurus Babies

TAURUS (Element: earth) (April 20 - May 20)

The second sign in the zodiac is represented by the bull, but Taurus babies aren’t known for being unruly. Instead, they’re more likely to be pleasure-focused thanks to their ruling planet, Venus. The way to please a Taurus baby is to ensure they’re happy and comfy in their environment. “They might especially enjoy soft fabrics and soothing scents,” says Lauren Donelson Jones, LFMTA, an astrologer and psychotherapist. ”Many Taurus babies love music, so sing to your baby or play music for them often.” Another pro tip: Put a plant in their nursery. “Taurus babies love feeling close to nature and find it very comforting,” Donelson Jones adds.

Tubby Todd 
The Essentials Gift Set

These gentle bath time and skincare products are naturally scented with lavender, rosemary and honeysuckle.

Skip Hop 
Succulent Glow Sound Machine

Incorporate natural vibes into your nursery with this succulent-shaped sound machine and night light.

Kyte Baby 
Zippered Footie in Midnight Constellation

Kyte is known for having the softest fabrics around, and this starry print plays into the zodiac theme.

Products for a Gemini Baby

GEMINI (Element: air) (May 21 - June 20)

Known as the chattiest sign in the zodiac, Gemini babies are often social butterflies. Represented by twins, they thrive on excitement, spontaneity and close relationships. “A Gemini baby will probably coo and caa earlier than others because a Gemini needs to communicate and connect, even if they can’t talk yet,” Atlas explains. “Talk to them and read them books to get them ahead of the game. They’re very observant and will pick up on your behavior and words quickly.”

Baby Starter Library Book Gift Box

Get a head start on your baby’s library with this collection of crowd favorites.

Manhattan Toy 
Take Along Play Activity Spiral Toy

Social babies will especially love toys with mirrors, and this one can be wrapped around your stroller’s bumper bar—meaning you can take it everywhere.

Dozy Dinkums  
Mini Soft Doll

Dolls may be some of your baby’s first friends, and these are made with soft, cozy materials.

Products for Cancer Babies

CANCER (Element: water) (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer babies are known for big feelings. Represented by the crab, they can be tough on the outside but major softies on the inside. You can expect lots of snuggles and sweetness, but also high sensitivity. “Cancerians often process any emotion by crying it all out,” Donelson Jones says.

Pacifier Box

Figure out which pacifier is most soothing for your sweet, sensitive Cancerian with this sampler box.

Bouncer Bliss

Calm even the fussiest baby with this lightweight (read: easy to move around the house one-handed) yet supportive bouncer.

Manhattan Toy 
Floating Fill 'N Spill, Crab

Play into the crab theme with this bath toy set that’s sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Products for Leo Babies

LEO (Element: fire) (July 23 - August 22)

“Leo babies are easy to spot because they’re very smiley and happy with big personalities,” Atlas explains. Represented by the lion, Leos are born performers with confidence and charisma to spare. “A Leo can be a drama queen or king in the best way,” Atlas adds. “You might start to notice they can cry on command when it gets them what they want.”

SleepSack Swaddle Muslin

Wrap your little lion in this best-in-class swaddle for safe and sound snoozing.

Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

Encourage independent play and an early love of music with this play gym that grows with your baby.

Crane Baby 
Lion Decor Bundle

Get your nursery Leo-ready with this on-theme set of decorative items.

Products for Virgo Babies

VIRGO (Element: earth) (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos are known for being perfectionists, and in babies, that manifests as being particular. “Have you ever seen a kid who needs the seam of their sock to be perfectly straight on their toes? That will be your little Virgo baby,” Polinksy says. Virgos, ruled by the planet Mercury, adore routines and organization. Sensory overload can also be an issue for Virgos according to Polinsky, so keep things calm and quiet when they seem overwhelmed.

Drip Drop Cups

Foster your babe’s natural instincts for order and organization with this stacking cup set.

Baby Earmuffs

Noise-canceling headphones can come in handy for babies who get stressed in loud environments.

Skip Hop 
Skip Hop x Babylist Moby 3-Stage Bath Tub Gift Set

Make bath time part of your routine-loving Virgo’s daily schedule with this tub that adjusts as they learn to sit up.

Products for Libra Babies

LIBRA (Element: air) (September 23-October 22)

Since Libra is represented by scales, it makes sense that baby Libras love balance and harmony. Because of that, their surroundings are especially important. “Create a calm, clean, and aesthetically pleasing environment for your Libra baby, and the rest will be smooth sailing,” says Jennifer Neville, an astrologer and tarot reader.

Happiest Baby 
Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Not only does this smart bassinet get top marks for helping babies sleep soundly, but it’s also lovely to look at.

Skip Hop 
Geo Playspot Foam Floor Tiles

Give your baby space to roam and play with these stylish and contemporary cushioned floor tiles.

Wooden Mobile Dots

A design-forward mobile that resembles scales feels especially appropriate for little Libras.

Products for Scorpio Babies

SCORPIO (Element: water) (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios have a rep for being sensitive and mysterious, but they’re also ambitious and creative. “Scorpios are the little detectives of the zodiac,” Polinsky says. They’re especially likely to love puzzles and problem-solving baby toys, she adds. “They need independence and an ability to express their individuality. Let them make a choice and give them the space to choose.”

ExerSaucer Tiny Tropics 2-in-1 Door Jumper and Baby Seat

Encourage independent play with this combo door jumper and seat.

WubbaNub Pacifier

Sensitive babies will love this pacifier that comes with a soft cuddly plush toy (a penguin feels appropriate for a water sign) attached.

Products for Sagittarius Babies

SAGITTARIUS (Element: fire) (November 22 - December 21)

Symbolized by the archer, Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter. Like some of the other signs, they can be fiercely independent, Atlas says. “Sagittarius is probably one to walk earlier than other signs, so give them space to get moving early!”

Sweet Cocoon Multi Activity Baby Walker

Designed with new walkers in mind, this trolley helps babies practice their motor skills.

Mini Mat, Baltic

Perfect for tummy time, stashing under a high chair for meal time and babies on the move, this easy-to-wipe-down has so many handy uses.

Lucy Darling 
Baby Teether Sensory Toy

This teether and sensory toy will make your little fire sign’s heart sing.

Products for Capricorn Babies

CAPRICORN (Element: earth) (December 22 - January 19)

“If you’re having a Capricorn baby, realize that you have a new boss in your life—and it isn’t you,” Polinksy says. “Capricorns are leaders from the moment they’re born, and they want to be in charge.” Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are practical high-achievers who will impress you with their smarts. In baby terms, that means your little goat will probably do well with structure and order.

Little Feminist Board Book Set

Inspire your natural-born leader from the start with some of the most important women in history.

Eco Baby Goat Throw, Milk/Blue

This soft, all-season blanket is ideal for baby Caps.

Birth & Baby Oil

Incorporate this baby-friendly oil into your mini’s bedtime routine with some calming massage.

Products for Aquarius Babies

AQUARIUS (Element: air) (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarians tend to be free-thinkers who value community. When it comes to raising an Aquarian, “it takes a village” is an apt saying, Polinsky notes, because they like to feel supported, safe and secure. And since they’re often futuristic in their thinking as they grow up, technology is extremely important to Aquarians. “High-tech baby gadgets can go a long way,” Polinsky says. One more tip: “Play groups and classes will help bring out their community nature.”

Nanit x Babylist Ultimate Bundle

This top-of-the-line baby monitor has everything techy: breathing monitoring, temperature and humidity sensors, and a smart sheet that tracks your baby’s height.

Clutch Changer Bag

Bring this stylish clutch to play groups for easy changing out and about.

Baby Einstein  
Octoplush Plush Toy

Another fun gadget, this plush octopus plays classical melodies and helps babies learn colors names in English, Spanish and French.

Products for Pisces Babies

PISCES (Element: water) (February 19 - March 20)

“Pisces are extremely intuitive and creative little ones,” Polinsky shares. That means they’ll love lots of inventive play, imagination and fairytales. “The more arts and crafts, coloring, music and dance they experience the more they can truly create the world that is within them.” Water is also super important to this sign, which is represented by a fish. “Bath time, swim lessons and walks near streams will greatly soothe a Pisces.”

Hushh White Noise Machine + Travel Case Bundle

This portable sound machine plays surf noises (as well as white and dark noise) to help send your water baby off to sleep.

Tea Collection 
Baby Wrap Neck Romper, Spotted Fish

This comfy and soft romper is just right for your little fish.

Pat & Play Water Mat Wee Wild Ones

Bring water indoors with this interactive tummy time mat.

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