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Parenting Product Must-Haves Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Updated on
February 2, 2024

Parenting Product Must-Haves Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Parenting Product Must-Haves Based on Your Zodiac Sign.
Parenting Product Must-Haves Based on Your Zodiac Sign

While it’s one of the most joyful times in life, becoming a new parent can feel a bit like being thrown into the deep end. Any little bit of intel you can gather ahead of time can help you navigate the journey, which is why learning more about your zodiac sign might prove useful.

Astrology can help you understand both your strengths as a parent and the potential challenges you might face, explains Maisy Bristol, an astrologer and tarot reader. That way, you can be at least somewhat prepared for what lies ahead. (You’ll never be 100% prepared; the surprises ahead are part of the fun!)

Read on to learn what the zodiac says about you as a parent, and browse hand-picked products based on your sign for you and your baby.

Aries / Taurus / Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces

Products for Aries Parents

ARIES (Element: fire) (March 21 – April 19)

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is represented by the headstrong ram. Known for being fiery and intense, Aries parents sometimes struggle with patience, Bristol says. Because of that, you want to be on the lookout for anything that can help you feel cool and collected in the face of a fussy baby. At the same time, Aries are often super optimistic and enthusiastic. Another plus: You may also find it easier to bond with your baby since Aries tend to be children at heart.

Omni Breeze Baby Carrier

Many babies calm down instantly when worn, which comes in handy when you’re short on patience and need a little calming yourself.

Humidifier Starter Set

When you need an instant hit of serenity, fire up this humidifier that comes with two soothing scents.

Rest Sound Machine 2nd Gen

Start nights off on the right note with this parent-favorite sound machine that does it all: serves as a nightlight, sound machine and time-to-rise-alarm clock.

Products for Taurus Parents

TAURUS (Element: earth) (April 20 - May 20)

“Taurus is good with money and usually a good cook,” says KJ Atlas, an astrologer. Those are both great qualities in a parent. But more than that, Tauruses have a special talent for creating a stable, reliable and-ultra comfy home life. One potential snag is that Taurus parents may play it too safe, Atlas says. It can sometimes feel hard to add spontaneity to life with a new baby, but remember it’s okay to have fun and play!

Future Foodie Gift Set

Set your baby up with everything they need for their first experiences with food (exciting!).

Dream Sock and Camera Monitor Duo

Handy for the safety-minded, this baby monitor comes with a sock that tracks your little one’s heart rate and more while they doze.

Products for Gemini Parents

GEMINI (Element: air) (May 21 - June 20)

Represented by twins, Geminis can be fun, exciting, spontaneous and funny. Relationships are super important to Geminis, and they tend to be quite chatty and open. “All of those traits make them wonderful parents,” Bristol says. One potential challenge is that, because their minds run at a million miles a minute, Geminis may be more prone to anxiety. Products that help you keep tabs on your babe’s happiness and safety will be a win.

Baby Carrier Harmony

Play up your spontaneous nature with this versatile carrier that’s equally great for strolls around the neighborhood and long-haul travel.

Room and Bath Thermometer

This nifty ducky tests bath water so you can make sure it’s the perfect temp.

Aden + Anais 
Baby Bonding Playmat

Take advantage of your playful nature with this mat that’s big enough for you to get down on the floor with baby and really make the most of tummy time.

Products for Cancer Parents

CANCER (Element: water) (June 21 - July 22)

With a strong sense of intuition, Cancers are often some of the most confident parents out there. They’re also highly emotional since they’re ruled by the moon, which is the fastest moving planetary body in the solar system, astrologer Atlas points out. That often means your mood can shift quickly and without warning. “As new parents, Cancers have strong nurturing qualities and can sense what their babies need right away,” Atlas adds. But keep an eye out: Cancers are also natural born givers, so be sure to tend to your own needs too.

Baby Basics Kit

When you sense what your baby needs, this kit has the tools to get the job done, from a snot sucker to a handy gas passer.

Cassia Swing

Give yourself a much-needed break from shushing and rocking with this smart swing.

Sammy + Nat 
Organic 2-Pack Muslin Burp Cloth, Red Crab

You can never have too many burp cloths, and this one incorporates crabs, which represent your sign.

Products for Leo Parents

LEO (Element: fire) (July 23 - August 22)

“Leos are born to be parents. They love love, as they are true romantics,” Bristol says. Fun fact: Leo rules the 5th House of fun and children. “So hey, they would know a thing or two!” Plus Leos have a flair for drama and role play, which makes you a pro at finding creative ways to entertain your baby. Represented by the lion, Leos tend to love to be the center of attention, so get ready to enjoy sharing the spotlight with your little cub.

Manhattan Toy 
Safari Lion Plush Stacker

A nod to your sign, this fun stacking toy is cuddly and helps your baby practice essential motor skills.

Sophie La Girafe 
Heart Rattle, Rainbow

Between the noises it makes and the various bits to chew on, this heart rattle will keep your lovebug entertained.

The Play Gym + Tent Kit

This activity tent (that also includes a playmat for early days!) is the perfect place to start teaching your mini to play make believe.

Products for Virgo Parents

VIRGO (Element: earth) (August 23 - September 22)

Known for being prepared, organized and incredible problem-solvers, Virgos have this whole parenting thing down. “They thrive on systems and putting things in order,” Atlas says. Of course, perfection isn’t attainable, so it’s important to remember there are times when you’ll have to let go of control. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help and at the very least, receive support when it’s offered,” Atlas advises.

Skip Hop 
Formula-to-Food Container Set

Keep cabinets and countertops tidy with these nifty food storage containers.

Pom Pom Storage Bin

Stash clothes and toys in their rightful places with a few of these practical-but-pretty bins.

Toco Swivel Glider and Stationary Ottoman

Relax and put your feet up for a cuddle, feed or some you time in this ultra-comfy chair.

Products for Libra Parents

LIBRA (Element: air) (September 23-October 22)

Libras are represented by the scales, so it makes sense that they love balance. Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras look to achieve harmony in all areas, but especially their relationships and environment. “They’re also very much attuned to the feelings of others before they think about themselves,” Bristol says. “That’s helpful because they can easily project what a newborn needs once they pick up on the baby’s cues.” Libras also tend to be very polite, so they may find it difficult being out and about with a baby who is making a scene, and or find it harder to ask for or accept help.

Self Heating Eye Mask Box Set

Balance starts with feeling at peace yourself, so use these self-heating eye masks to take a quick step back and chill.

Bathtime Starter Kit - Tub & Accessories

This aesthetically pleasing baby bath set will fit in with the most sophisticated of decor schemes.

Loulou Lollipop 
Colorblock Wood & Silicone Pacifier Clip

Always have a soothing pacifier on deck when you’re on the go with this stylish beaded clip.

Products for Scorpio Parents

SCORPIO (Element: water) (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios are super driven, which means when you put your mind to something, it usually happens. “Sometimes they can even default to extremes,” Atlas explains. “For example, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a new Scorpio parent took a cross country trip that involves something extreme in the first few weeks after birth.” That’s just how you are, which is awesome. That said, remember to take a pause and rest when you need to!

Guava Family 
Roam Crossover Stroller

Bring baby along on active adventures with this highly rated and easy-to-control jogging stroller.

ever eden 
Cleanse and Hydrate Bundle

As a water sign yourself, you probably know how soothing bath time can be. Help your little one get in on the fun with this set that’s soothing for their sensitive skin.

Pottery Barn Kids 
Sydney Bookrack

This clever bookcase lets you display book covers for your future reader as part of their room’s decor.

Products for Sagittarius Parents

SAGITTARIUS (Element: fire) (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius is the sign of adventure, optimism and travel. As a parent, you’re likely to bring your kids along wherever you go rather than opt out of your usual escapades. You probably also value multicultural experiences, whether that means exposing your bundle of joy to new locales or reading to them in a second language. Represented by the archer, Sagittarians can use their words like an arrow. Bluntness is sometimes a good quality with kids, but it can also be a challenge, so choose your words wisely!

Travel Crib Light

Getting away with baby is easier than ever with this ultra-lightweight (13 pounds!) travel crib.

Bebe au Lait 
5-in-1 Nursing Cover

If you plan to be or support a breastfeeding parent, a nursing cover can be really helpful in transit. This one can also be used as a car seat cover, carrier cover and lightweight scarf.

Let's Go Outside!

This rip-proof, chew-proof, basically everything-proof book is easy to pop in your stroller or carry-on.

Products for Capricorn Parents

CAPRICORN (Element: earth) (December 22 - January 19)

“Capricorns are high achievers,” says Jennifer Neville, an astrologer and tarot reader. “There’s no mountain this goat can’t climb.” Caps are ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of authority, discipline and restriction. “Just remember not to set your expectations too high, as not everyone thrives under pressure the way you do,” Neville adds. Oh, and while parents of any sign can benefit from meditation, Capricorns should really give a try.

Pamela Druckerman 
Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdo...

Get a different perspective on discipline with this book on French parenting secrets.

Huckleberry: Sleep help for all families

If you love structure, this app that helps you track naps, nighttime sleep and feedings can be your new BFF. It’ll even tell you when you’ve reached the “sweet spot” when your kid is most likely to go down for a snooze.

Bunnies by the Bay 
Billy Goat, Grey

Honor your sign with this sweet security snuggler that’s sure to make your baby smile (once they learn how!).

Products for Aquarius Parents

AQUARIUS (Element: air) (January 20 - February 18)

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians tend to be free, innovative and a little eccentric—in a good way! “These parents have a solution for every problem,” Neville says. And when tech can help solve the issue, even better. One of the best qualities an Aquarius can pass on to their baby is individuality, Neville says. “As a rebel of the zodiac, you are here to teach your young one not to conform to the status quo, and to help them develop their own personal uniqueness.”

Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Track your baby’s growth with this nifty changing pad gadget.

3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser & Nightlight

A smart solution that's air-sign appropriate, this humidifier not only clears the air, but's a night light and diffuser, too.

Manhattan Toy 
Little Rocket Finds Home Soft Activity Book

As an air sign parent, you'll find this soft book feels especially appropriate to send your little one’s senses soaring.

Products for Pisces Parents

PISCES (Element: water) (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces are intuitive and creative, which makes them naturally wonderful parents. “They’re sure to make their baby’s life dreamy and fantastical with music, books, fort building and fantasy experiences that light them up just as much as their tot,” Atlas says. However, because Pisces feels things so deeply, there’s a chance you might be more prone to postpartum woes or isolation, according to Atlas. “My advice would be to stay connected to friends, family, and others who are going through the same stages, and be open about what’s going on in your world.”

The Nugget 
The Nugget Couch

A play couch is a great addition to any baby’s room for you for feeding now, and fort building and imaginative play later.

Blabla Kids 
Set of 5 Super Hero Finger Puppets

Use these fun finger puppets to entertain your babe, or send them to grandparents or other family members to use during video chats.

Expectful Meditation App

Add a little something to take care of you. These guided meditations can help your mental health during pregnancy but also once your baby arrives.

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