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The Best Astrology Baby Names
January 2, 2024

The Best Astrology Baby Names

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The Best Astrology Baby Names .
The Best Astrology Baby Names

Picking out a name for your little one is probably high on your priority list of things to get done when you’re expecting a baby. But where to start? You can go with sentimental names, family names, trending names—the list goes on. But if you’re into astrology and excited by the idea of matching a name with your baby’s due date, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of baby names representing each zodiac sign to help make deciding on a baby name easier.

A little astrological primer: While we have characteristics from all 12 zodiac signs, whether it’s our birth sign or not, the sun and moon traits are usually the strongest. An astrological birth chart reading would reveal your baby’s moon sign, but the sun sign is whatever zodiac season coincides with their birth date. Let that guide you as you check out the list below. The names represent various traits of the zodiac signs—and sound pretty cool too! Some of the names you’ll find here are more common; others more unusual. Hopefully you’ll find some baby name inspiration, whether it’s tied to your baby’s sign or not. And if you love this, you’ll probably also want to see the baby products we recommend for each sign too.

Jump to a specific sign, or explore all of the astrologically inspired baby names.

Aries / Taurus / Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces

ARIES (Element: Fire)

Aries Astrology Sign Illustration

(March 21 – April 19)

Traits: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and symbolizes a fresh start. Like the spring, this fire sign embodies renewal—courageous and free—and is represented by headstrong ram. Ruled by Mars, the planet of actions, energy and passion, Aries are bold and fast-paced, and babies born under this fiery sign will surely make their mark.

Aries Baby Names


  • Anala (Hindi: fire)
  • Candance (Latin: clarity)
  • Elaine (Greek: sun ray or shining light)
  • Hestia (Greek: Goddess of the hearth)
  • Idalia (Greek: behold the sun)
  • Nina (Quechua of South America: “Mother of Fire.” The goddess of fire, light, volcanoes.)
  • Seraphina (Hebrew: fiery)
  • Soleil (French: sun)
  • Vesta (Roman goddess of the hearth or fire goddess)


  • Apollo (Greek mythology: The God that brought the dawn by riding across the sky in his fiery chariot)
  • Blaze (Latin: fire)
  • Chase (Old French: to catch/seize)
  • Hugh (English: intellect)
  • Idris (Arabic: fiery leader; prophet; interpreter)
  • Mars (Aries’ ruling planet)
  • Samson (Hebrew: like the sun)
  • Tyson (French: high-spirited)
  • Uri (Hebrew: my light)

Gender Neutral

  • Ash (British: happy)
  • Edan (Scottish: fire)
  • Ember (Old English: spark)
  • Nuri (Arabic: light or my fire)
  • Quinn (Latin: essence)
  • Ra (Egyptian fire god of the sun, light, warmth, and growth)
  • Sol (Latin: sun)

Taurus (Element: Earth)

Taurus Baby Name Illustration

(April 20 - May 20)

Traits: Taurus finds meaning, comfort and beauty in material things. An earth sign, traits often include a love of art, history and food. Taurus also embodies love and is reliable, patient and trustworthy. The second sign in the zodiac, Taurus is represented by the bull, and ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and pleasure. If your baby is born under the sign of Taurus, get ready for a child who loves living the good life!

Taurus Baby Names


  • April (Taurus month)
  • Aminah (Arabic: trustworthy and faithful)
  • Gaia (Greek: earth)
  • Hailee (English: high meadow)
  • Taura (Latin: like a bull)
  • Venus (Taurus’ ruling planet)
  • Zaria (Arabic: Rose)


  • Adam (Hebrew: son of the red earth)
  • Adwin (African: artist and intellectual)
  • Denver (Old English surname: valley)
  • Durant (Latin: enduring or lasting)
  • Ekon (Nigerian: strong)
  • Fabian (Latin: grower of beans, an important food crop. Taurus is an earth sign.)
  • Lennon (Irish: lover)
  • Taurus (Latin: bull-like)
  • Wesley (British: west meadow)

Gender Neutral

  • Ami (Of Hebrew, Persian, Indian and Japanese origin: reliable or beloved)
  • Emerald (Taurus’ lucky gem)
  • Esme (French: emerald)
  • Hadley (British: heath or heather field)
  • Kendall (English: valley of the river Kent)
  • Lee (pasture or meadow)
  • Marley (marsh meadow)

Gemini (Element: Air)

Gemini Baby Name Illustration

(May 21 - June 20)

Traits: Gemini represents the twins, duality, a mirror-reflection of ourselves. The third zodiac sign is a yes sign! Geminis love excitement and spontaneity. An air sign, Geminis are curious and thrive on learning new things—they’re often book lovers (parent tip: start their baby book library now!). Ruled by Mercury, the planet of expression and relationships, Geminis also love a good converation. If you’re having a Gemini baby, be prepared for a fun ride filled with lots of questions and great talks!

Gemini Baby Names


  • Aria (Italian: Air)
  • Aura (Latin: wind or soft breeze. Gemini is an air sign.)
  • Eulalia (Greek: articulate)
  • Jemima (Hebrew: dove)
  • Juliana (Italian/German: youthful)
  • Pearl (Gemini’s birthstone)
  • Skye (English and Scottish: adventurous)
  • Tamsin (British: twin)
  • Vivian (Latin: Lively)


  • Angelo (Italian: Angel)
  • Coleman (Latin: Like a dove)
  • Galen (Greek: healer)
  • Hastings (German: swift one)
  • Jayden (English: bird-like)
  • Kenji (Japanese: two)
  • Nathan or Nathaniel (Hebrew: messenger of God)
  • Sherwin (Old English: a swift runner)
  • Zamir (Hebrew: songbird)

Gender Neutral

  • Avery (Old English: ruler of the elves)
  • Nodin (Native American: wind)
  • Reece (Welsh: swift)
  • Juno (Latin: June)
  • Sage (English and Latin: sensible)
  • Robin (German: bright)

Cancer (Element: Water)

Cancer Baby Name Illustration

(June 21 - July 22)

Traits: Cancers are dreamy, emotional and very empathetic. Like the crab that represents this water sign, Cancers often wear a hard shell over their heart. But once you’ve earned their trust, they’re nurturing and affectionate. Ruled by the Moon, Cancers tap into their intuition to help guide them through life, as well as to support others. A baby Cancer may be a little love bug, filled with affection and big emotions from day one.

Cancer Baby Names


  • Alexa (Greek: defender of mankind)
  • Amaris (Hebrew: child of the moon)
  • Bianca (Italian: fair or white)
  • Cordelia (Celtic: a jewel of the sea)
  • Cynthia (Greek: moon goddess)
  • Fiona (Gaelic: fair or white, one of Cancer’s signature colors)
  • Freya (Nordic: a noble woman or loyal)
  • India (Sanskrit: river)
  • Luna (Latin: moon)
  • Maren (Latin: star of the sea)
  • Summer (Cancer season)


  • Alastair (Scottish: defender of the people or protection)
  • Brooks (Swedish: stream)
  • Christian (Latin and Greek: a follower of Christ, anointed)
  • Coyan (French: modest or shy)
  • Dillon (Irish: loyalty)
  • Gavin (Scottish: Godsend or white hawk)
  • Hudson (Old German: mind or spirit)
  • Truman (English: faithful man)

Gender Neutral

  • Artemis (Greek: goddess of the moon, of hunting and of chastity)
  • Juniper (Latin: young or evergreen)
  • Kai (Hawaiian: sea)
  • Lake (British: body of water)
  • Storm or Stormie (Denmark and Sweden: big emotions, windswept, dramatic)

Leo (Element: Fire)

Leo Baby Name Illustration

(July 23 - August 22)

Traits: Leo is the lion ruled by the sun. This fifth zodiac sign energizes everything and everyone around them. Like the king of the jungle, Leo prompts action but then enjoys sitting upon their throne while others get the job done. Leos are flirty, fun and courageous. They exude confidence and like being the star of the show. So, if you’re welcoming a little Leo into your life, you’ll have someone who loves being the center of attention!

Leo Baby Names


  • Alvita (Latin: lively)
  • Aurelia (Latin: golden, Leo’s signature color)
  • Aurora (Latin: dawn)
  • Eleanor (Greek and French: light-hearted; shining light)
  • Leona (Latin: lion)
  • Lucia (Latin: light)
  • Marcia (Polish and Latin: warlike)
  • Regina (Latin: queen)
  • Zara (Arabic and Hebrew: blooming flower; God remembers)


  • August (Latin: revered, exalted, month of Leos)
  • Bowie (Scottish: golden or yellow hair)
  • Charlton (English: free or free men’s town)
  • Cyrus (Persian: sun)
  • Ferdinand (German: confident, bold, peace)
  • Leo (Latin: lion-hearted)
  • Martin (Latin: warrior)
  • Nero (Latin: powerful, stern)
  • Sol (Latin: sun)

Gender Neutral

  • Arial (Hebrew: lion of God)
  • Dakota (Native American: friend)
  • Dandelion (French: lion’s tooth)
  • Emerson (German: brave and powerful)
  • Emery (English: ruler of work)
  • Loewy “LOO-vee” (Swiss: Brave)
  • Tatum (Old English: cheerful bringer of joy)

Virgo (Element: earth)

Virgo Baby Name Illustration

(August 23 - September 22)

Traits: Virgo are practical, loyal and perfectionists. They stay grounded when they have a long to-do list, and themselves to high standards. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, Virgo are great problem solvers and helpful friends. If you’re gearing up to welcome a baby Virgo, get ready for a busy little bee!

Virgo Baby Names


  • Ada (German: noble, nobility)
  • Cora (Greek: maiden)
  • Hazel (English: greenish-brown, Virgo’s colors)
  • Ophelia (Greek: help)
  • Ramona (Roman: wise protector)
  • Rosemary (Virgo flower; Latin or English: dew of the sea, or rosemary (herb))
  • Samara (Arabic and Hebrew: guardian or protected by God)
  • Wednesday (Virgo’s associated day of the week)


  • Ash (English: ash tree)
  • Bruno (German: brown, one of Virgo’s color)
  • Dion (Greek: child of heaven and earth)
  • Ezra (Hebrew: Help)
  • Gabriel (Hebrew: God is my strength, hero of God)
  • Kenzo (Japanese: wise one, hardworking)
  • Palmer (Old English: pilgrim)
  • Renfrew (Scottish: point of current)
  • Raymond (German: protecting)
  • Truman (Old English: loyal one)

Gender Neutral

  • Aster (English: star; birth flower of September)
  • Calypso (Greek: she who hides)
  • Cassidy (Irish: clever)
  • Kaj (Danish: earth)
  • Patience (English: enduring or forbearing)
  • Pilar (Spanish: pillar)
  • Tovi (Hebrew: Goodness of God)

Libra (Element: air)

Libra Baby Name Illustration

(September 23-October 22)

Traits: Like the scales that represent this air sign, Libras need balance. The seventh zodiac sign also desires a deep understanding of others and situations. Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, but the planet’s energy with this sign focuses more on equilibrium in relationships and working to create harmony. A Libra addition to the family is sure to bring a good sense of balance!

Libra Baby Names


  • Agatha (Greek: good, trustworthy)
  • Amilia (Latin: amiable, work)
  • Autumn (Libra season)
  • Dove (bird of peace)
  • Olive (English: olive tree, olive branch, kind)
  • Opal (Libra’s birthstone)
  • Mabel (English: lovable, dear)
  • Violet (Latin: purple or the flower the Latin goddess Venus carries)
  • Venus (Libra’s ruling planet)


  • Casper (German: treasurer)
  • Hugo (German: mind)
  • Jeffrey (German: divine peace)
  • Kenneth (Irish: handsome)
  • Malcolm (Celtic: a dove)
  • Rami (Finnish: wise protector)

Gender Neutral

  • Guthrie (Irish Gaelic: windy place)
  • Justice (Libra’s tarot card)
  • Blue (Libra’s color)
  • Memphis (Egypt: enduring and beautiful)
  • Zephyr (Greek: west winds)
  • Salem (Hebrew: peace)
  • Emlyn (Welsh: charming)
  • October (Libra month)

Scorpio (Element: water)

Scorpio Baby Name Illustration

(October 23 - November 21)

Traits: Scorpios are mysterious and one of the more complex signs of the Zodiac. But this water sign also bursts with creativity—it’s ruled by Mars, the planet of ambition, passion and energy. In fact, a Scorpio’s drive is so infectious that others feel a rush just being around them. Represented by the scorpion, Scorpios can sometimes be mysterious, but if you’re expecting a Scorpio baby, get ready for some intense love and loyalty!

Scorpio Baby Names


  • Alessia (Italian: defending warrior)
  • Amana (Arabic: faithful, to believe)
  • Azalea (English: azalea, a flower)
  • Raven (English: blackbird; Scorpio color)
  • Scarlett (English: bright-red shade, fall color)
  • Shani (Indian or Hebrew: crimson red; Scorpio color)
  • Topaz (Greek gem name; birthstone for November)


  • Bruno (German: brown; fall color)
  • Cole (Greek: victorious people)
  • Dillon (Irish: like a lion, loyal)
  • Drake (Old English: snake or dragon)
  • Ezio (Italian: eagle)
  • Niles (Irish, Gaelic: champion)
  • Steel (British: steele)

Gender Neutral

  • Basil (Greek: regal)
  • Morgan (Welsh: sea-born, sea-song or sea-circle; water sign)
  • Ocean (Greek: sea)
  • November (Scorpio month)
  • Phoenix (related to scorpion)
  • Ren (Japanese: water lily)
  • River (British: flowing body of water)
  • Sloan (Irish Gaelic: warrior)

Sagittarius (Element: fire)

Sagittarius Baby Name Illustration

(November 22 - December 21)

Traits: Sagittarius, the ninth zodiac sign and represented by the archer, is free-spirited and adventurous. Sags are typically deep thinkers, like philosophers and theologians, and they also have a deep desire for the truth. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity and good fortune, a baby Sag will take you on many adventures in life!

Sagittarius Baby Names


  • Felicity (Latin: good fortune, happy)
  • Iris (Greek: rainbow; purple flower)
  • Liberty (Latin: freedom)
  • Mauve (French: purple color, Sag’s color)
  • Plum (German: someone living by a plum tree)
  • Serafina (Italian: fiery, burning)
  • Tansy (Greek flower: immortality)


  • Cyrus (Persian: sun)
  • Egan (Irish: little fire)
  • Emmett (English, German, and Hebrew: universal, powerful or truth)
  • Evander (Scottish; Greek: bow warrior; strong man)
  • Felix (Latin: happy, fortunate)
  • Hernando (Spanish: adventurer, explorer)
  • McCoy (Irish: fire)
  • Rory (Old Irish: red king)

Gender Neutral

  • Amin (Arabic: devoted, honest, straightforward)
  • Archer (English: bowman, Sag’s symbol)
  • Charley (German: free man)
  • Ember (British: spark, burning low)
  • Francis (Latin: Frenchman or free man)
  • Jove or Jovie (Another name for Jupiter, king of the Roman gods, Sag’s planet)
  • Yves (French: yew, honest)

Capricorn (Element: earth)

Capricorn Baby Name Illustration

(December 22 - January 19)

Traits: Capricorns work hard to accomplish what they want. They’re represented by the goat, which defines this earth sign’s practical approach to life—they’re always climbing up that hill. Caps look to level up on intellect and spirituality. They are worldly and ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules, regulations, structure, obligation and ambition. Whatever Capricorn sets their sights on, they can achieve—and they do it well. So get ready if you’re welcoming a little Cap—they’re on a journey to accomplish great things!

Capricorn Baby Names


  • Alufa (Hebrew: leader)
  • Angela (Greek: messenger)
  • Capria (Italian: goat)
  • Gretchen (German: pearl)
  • Gwyneth (Celtic name: blessed)
  • Heather (British: resilient)
  • Mina (Sanskrit: fish; Capricorns are half-goat, half-fish)


  • Benedict (Latin: blessed)
  • Cornelius (Latin and Irish: horn; strong willed or wise)
  • Dax (French: leader)
  • Elijah (Old Testament: a faithful prophet)
  • Emiliano (Italian: eager)
  • Ethan (Hebrew: steadfast, long lived)
  • Giles (Greek: a young goat; a goatskin shield of Zeus; protection)
  • Lanzo (German: land)
  • Roderick (German: glory and ruler)
  • Tomeo (Japanese: cautious man)

Gender Neutral

  • Carmel (Hebrew origin, vineyard, earth; American: garden)
  • Dionne (One of Saturn’s moons; Greek mythology: name of the Titan goddess)
  • Jael pronounced YAH-el (Hebrew: mountain goat)
  • Quinn (Celtic, Gaelic, Latin: head and wise)
  • Saturn (Cap’s ruling planet)
  • Sage (Latin: wise)
  • Yuki (Japanese: snow, as well as for winter)

Aquarius (Element: air)

Aquarius Baby Name Illustration

(January 20 - February 18)

Traits: Aquarians are deep thinkers and always find something more to understand and question. Represented by the water bearer and and air sign, Aquarius also is ruled by Saturn (rules & regulations), but also Uranus, the planet of rebelliousness and breaking free from limitations. So, while Aquarians will follow the rules, they won’t follow them all. They’re independent and humanitarians, with a strong belief in growth and change. Get ready for some adventure if you’re welcoming an Aquarius into your family.

Aquarius Baby Names


  • Amethyst (Aquarian’s birthstone in February)
  • Karima (Arabic: generous)
  • Kendra (English: knowledge or clear water)
  • Larissa (Greek, Russia: citadel, or cheerful)
  • Maya (Hebrew: water; for the water bearer)
  • Shanti (Sanskrit: quiet, tranquil)
  • Zosia (Greek: wisdom)


  • Archie (British: genuinely bold)
  • Franklin (Old French: free citizen)
  • Lincoln (English: town by the pool; notable Aquarian = Abraham Lincoln)
  • Samir (Sanskrit: wind or air)
  • Sebastian (Greek: revered)
  • Windsor (Old English: riverbank with a winch)
  • Van (Vietnamese: cloud)

Gender Neutral

  • Blythe (Old English: cheerful)
  • Gale (English: jovial)
  • Haley (Irish: ingenious)
  • Skyler (English: sky, scholar)
  • Winter (Aquarius season)
  • Wyndham (English: from the windy village)

Pisces (Element: water)

Pisces Baby Name Illustration

(February 19 - March 20)

Traits: Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign, is a powerful sign with traits that make them well-rounded and memorable. Highly emotional and empathetic, this water sign is ruled by two planets: Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity and good fortune, and Neptune, the psychic planet of ideals, intuition, spirituality and compassion. These ruling planets make Pisces great spiritual practitioners and healers, as well as musicians and poets. Overall, Pisces are loving and sensitive to the emotions of others. Expecting a baby Pisces? They’ll deeply feel their own emotions while also understanding yours.

Pisces Baby Names


  • Adiva (Muslim: pleasant, gentle)
  • Athena (Greek: Goddess of wisdom)
  • Esther (Persian: star)
  • Jade (Spanish: stone of the side)
  • Juliet (French, English: youthful or sky father)
  • Lilia or Lily (Latin: flower lily, a symbol of innocence; purity and beauty)
  • Lucy (English and Latin: of light)
  • Tallulah (Native American: leaping water)


  • Ansel (German: with divine protection)
  • Bay (Latin: berry, or water)
  • Brooks (German and English: water, small stream)
  • Dylan (Welsh: son of the sea)
  • Fisher (Old English: fisherman)
  • Jasper (Persian: treasurer; also a gemstone once tied to March)
  • Kody (British: helpful)
  • Maddox (English: fortunate)
  • Ren (Japanese: water lily; lotus)
  • Thaddeus (Aramaic: praise)

Gender Neutral

  • Cyan (pronounced: SY-an) (English: a beautiful greenish-blue color that reflects the deep sea)
  • Drew (Welsh: wise)
  • Harlow (English: rock hill or army hill)
  • Kai (Hawaiian: sea)
  • Kavi (Sanskirt: poet; Pisces are creative and inspired)
  • Marlowe (French: from the hill by the lake)
  • Noa (Hebrew: motion)
  • River (British: flowing body of water)

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