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How to Use Diaper Purchases to Get Free Stuff
Updated on
March 17, 2022

How to Use Diaper Purchases to Get Free Stuff

By Babylist Team
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How to Use Diaper Purchases to Get Free Stuff.
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How to Use Diaper Purchases to Get Free Stuff

Babies are creatures of habit. The first few months of their lives are basically just eating, diaper changes and sleeping. Which means a lot of habitual purchases (think: diapers, formula and coffee to survive the sleepless nights).

Like anything you stock up on often, there’s a perk to those repetitive buys: loyalty programs. Think of them like frequent flier miles for babies. Every time you make a purchase, you have the option to rack up rewards that turn into things like coupons and gift cards. Here’s how you can do that with Pampers diapers.

Sign Up for Pampers Club

Pampers’ rewards program is called Pampers Club and the first step you’ll want to take is downloading the Pampers Club app to your phone. You’ll automatically get $30 off an Ergobaby purchase of $60 or more. (Boom. Perk number one.)

Pampers Rewards

As soon as you’ve downloaded the app, you can start turning diaper purchases into rewards. Look for a sticker inside your package of diapers or wipes and hit the “scan now” button in your app.

If you’re stocking up with a box of diapers that has multiple packs inside, look for a sticker on the outside of each of the bags within the box. More stickers = more Pampers Cash.* The same goes for wipes! (If you have a hard time finding the stickers, check out the Pampers Club FAQ on where they might be hiding.)

Start Earning Rewards

Each diaper sticker will earn you upwards of $.20 in Pampers Cash, but your first three codes will automatically get you $5 in Pampers Cash just for being a new member. You can turn around and redeem that $5 Pampers Cash for a $5 Pampers coupon. (Boom. Perk number two.)

As you accrue Pampers Cash, you can redeem your rewards for Pampers coupons, deals and gift cards to places like Target, Apple, Amazon, Sephora, Starbucks…the list is pretty long. In general, the amount of Pampers Cash in your account is the value of the coupon or gift card you can get. Easy peasy. (You can also donate your Pampers Cash to a variety of charity partners as well.)

Stretch Your “Dollars”

Pro tip: you’ll often have an opportunity to earn even more Pampers Cash with each sticker scan. One way to do that is to turn on Pampers Club app push notifications so you know exactly when a bonus offer drops. You can also find these offers in the Bonus Offers section of the app.

Pampers App Bonus Offer

Another way to stretch your “dollar” is to look in the Special Offers section of the Pampers Club app, where you might find deals like $25 off at Shutterfly for just $2.50 in Pampers Cash. Or $10 off at 1-800-Flowers for only $.50 in Pampers Cash.

And that’s all you have to do. Loyalty programs are basically free money for things you’re already buying. And they add up quickly. You can also check out the Parenting section of the Pampers Club app to get helpful tips on your baby’s milestones and other parenting advice.

Only redeemable via Pampers Club. No cash value. Click here for Pampers Club terms and conditions.

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