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Embracing Barbiecore: All Pink Everything
December 15, 2023

Embracing Barbiecore: All Pink Everything

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Embracing Barbiecore: All Pink Everything.
Embracing Barbiecore: All Pink Everything

The upcoming release of the new Barbie movie is bringing about a new-found love for bright pink everything—and we’re here for it! From must-have baby gear like strollers and car seats to fun nursery decor and baby toys, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks in this vibrant hue.

Best Pink Baby Gear

Just because they’re basics doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Bouncer Bliss

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Best Pink Nursery Decor

Pops of pink that’ll make the perfect finishing touch in any nursery.

To Wear

Whether you’re hanging around at home or heading to the pool, here are our favorite pops of pink for any outfit.

To Play

Colors are for everyone and bright pink toys are super exciting for any baby (even if they don’t quite fit in perfectly with your playroom aesthetic).

Briana Engelbrecht

Assistant Editor

Briana Engelbrecht is Babylist’s Assistant Editor, where she brings her passion for early childhood development and the perinatal period, plus experience as a mom of two to Babylist articles and guides. A former preschool teacher, she loves children’s picture books, cats, plants and making things.

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