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5 Silver Cross Strollers For Every Parenting Style
Updated on
September 11, 2023

5 Silver Cross Strollers For Every Parenting Style

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5 Silver Cross Strollers For Every Parenting Style.
5 Silver Cross Strollers For Every Parenting Style

Shopping for a stroller can feel a lot like shopping for a new car. There are so many makes, models and features to comb through. What most new parents really care about, though, comes down to a few things:

  • Will it keep my baby comfortable and secure?
  • Does it fit in with my daily routine?
  • Can it at least be nice to look at?

Silver Cross is a brand that answers yes to all three. They have over 140 years in the baby transporting business, starting with the very first baby pram (yep, they’re British!) ever made. Their luxury finishes and innovative bouncing spring system earned them quite the reputation, with Queen Elizabeth even having one for Prince Charles.

Today, their travel gear is still known for being high-quality and high-performance. So if you’re looking for a place to start on your stroller-choosing journey, one of Silver Cross’ luxury models might be something to consider. Ahead, we help you figure which one might suit your family best.

If You’re an: Urban Dweller

As functional as the Silver Cross lineup is, none of them skimp on style, and the newer models are especially easy on the eyes. City dwellers might appreciate the Dune. This compact stroller is ready to use from birth and is made to maneuver around city corners.

It has many of Silver Cross’ trademark features—one-hand fold in either direction, the magnetic Genius Harness System for easy in and out and multi-recline seats—but its design is a standout. Vegan leather handles add an oh-so-luxe touch. It comes in three on-trend colorways with outer fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, so you get a stylish yet sustainable stroller you won’t mind pushing around.

If You’re an: Adventure Seeker

Planning to see the great outdoors with your little one at your side? The new Reef is a ready-from-birth option that is designed for multi-terrain use. With enhanced independent four-wheel suspension, it’s a muddy walk and sandy stroll companion.

Like the Dune, it has those convenient Silver Cross trademark features, but with one added surprise: it’s compatible with a compact sleep-safe bassinet. That means you can venture off the beaten path, and your baby can comfortably nap (or sleep overnight!) from anywhere. Not many strollers can offer that. And, like the Dune, it comes in three trendy colorways and is made with sustainable fabrics too.

If You’re a: Jet Setter

Out-of-town family visits and vacations are so much easier when you’ve got a stroller that’s easy to take along. With the Silver Cross Jet 3, you get a sturdy stroller that can withstand regular use all while being just 13.6 pounds. It can also be used from birth to 55 pounds—no accessories needed.

Headed out on a plane? Its compact fold is small enough to fit in most overhead compartments, and you can even roll it through the airport like a suitcase in its included travel sleeve. With a quick one-hand fold and multi-position reclining seat, it’s easy to use too. That’s one less thing to fuss about when planning a visit to the grandparents.

If You’re a: Family Planner

If you’re a family with multiple kids or planning to be one one day), gearing up with the right stroller can make traveling with your brood easier. Enter the Wave 2022 Single to Double Stroller. It comes equipped for seven modes—including a double mode straight out of the box—but can be adjusted into 30 different configurations for multiple riders, including single-riding, double-riding, twins, and even up to three littles. It also comes with a bassinet for newborns so you can use it right away.

The seat is reversible, so your little ones can face you or the world, and the new Genius Harness System and magnetic buckle make it easy to get your them in and out—especially helpful when you’ve got to manage more than one kiddo.

If You’re an: Errand Runner

Need a stroller that can tag along on daily walks and support frequent errand runs? You might like the Comet Eclipse. This one-seat solution is ready for use with a newborn right out of the box and makes everyday strolls stylish and easy. Speaking of style, this stroller features high-shine black gloss chassis, rose gold detailing and 3D textured fabrics for a ride that feels super luxe.

As for performance, its puncture-proof tires and four-wheel dynamic suspension manage unexpected bumps with ease. It also has hard bottom storage for all your necessities, multi-position reclining seat you can adjust with one hand and smooth-motion compact fold—all much appreciated features when you’ve got to handle everyday life with baby in tow.

While most strollers have the same basic elements—wheels, seat, push handle—there’s no one size fits all approach to finding the right one. Depending on where you live and what you’ll be doing with your baby, you’ll want a stroller that makes sense for you.

Silver Cross combines quality and performance, and with prices that range from $450 to about $1,800, buying one of their strollers is an investment. If you buy one new, it comes with a three-year warranty, which can be helpful if you plan to keep it in use over the years—something you can totally do since all of their strollers are built to last. You might not think of a stroller as a family heirloom, but with the premium construction, you’ll be able to keep it in the family for years (and babies) to come.

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