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4 Reasons You’re Going to Want A Baby Nest For Your Newborn
Updated on
September 11, 2023

4 Reasons You’re Going to Want A Baby Nest For Your Newborn

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4 Reasons You’re Going to Want A Baby Nest For Your Newborn.
4 Reasons You’re Going to Want A Baby Nest For Your Newborn

One thing you’ll learn early on as a new parent is just how much your baby will love being next to you. From skin-to-skin contact to baby wearing, there are many ways to get that good, dopamine-inducing, cuddle-filled snuggle time. The only catch is that it’s kind of hard to do anything else when you’ve got your baby attached to you at all times. Bathroom breaks? What are those?

Parents have found ways around this with gear that provides a safe spot to place your little one when you need to be hands-free. Think: baby swings, bouncers, rockers, playards and bassinets. Depending on what you’re looking for, those all have their pros and cons (size, cost, portability), but there is another option that works especially well for those early months with a newborn: baby nests. We’ve partnered with Skip Hop to break down why baby nests like their Playful Retreat Baby Nest might be a go-to choice as a safe spot for your kiddo—and a relief-giver for you.

Grow-with-Baby Comfort

Of all those safe spots to place a newborn, baby nests are unique in one way: they’re designed to mimic the womb-like environment your little one is used to. That means they’re made with plush padding and high side walls to keep them feeling safe and cocooned. The Playful Retreat Baby Nest actually comes with a breathable, washable cushioned insert that makes it adaptable from birth to 9 months, so you can use it through your baby’s first growth spurts.

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Hands-Free—But Close By

Just because you’d like a few hands-free minutes to grab a snack or check your emails, doesn’t mean you don’t want your baby nearby. The Playful Retreat Baby Nest gives you the best of both worlds. Because it’s lightweight and compact, you can bring it wherever you are, as long as you place it on a firm, flat and stable surface. Carry baby in one arm and the nest in the other (bigger gear like baby swings aren’t as easy to move) and set up a space in the living room, your office or even on your bathroom floor for when you just gotta go.

A Cute Way to Play

This baby nest is more than just a cozy spot for your kiddo—it’s also a place for playtime. The detachable toy arch comes with shooting star soft toy and three toy loops so you can add your own toys. It’s a nice plus that helps you bond through supervised play and keeps your little one engaged.

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Convenient Care

Easy-to-clean finds make life with a newborn easier (we’re looking at you, spit up and diaper blowouts). Skip Hop’s baby nest is easy to clean with a machine-washable insert, water-resistant base and accessories that are spot-clean friendly. Another convenient bonus? It comes with a carrying case for easy travel. If you’re visiting friends or family who don’t have the most baby-proofed home, bring the Playful Retreat Baby Nest along and you’ll have a safe spot for your kiddo to relax.

If you’re looking for a comfy spot for your little one to play and enjoy family time, all while keeping them close, the Playful Retreat Baby Nest is worth considering. With extras like the toy arch and removable insert, it’s a step above a classic baby nest while still giving you the ease of portability that’s super helpful in those early months with baby.

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