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Everything You Want to Know About Target's Car Seat Trade-In Event
Updated on
May 2, 2024

Everything You Want to Know About Target's Car Seat Trade-In Event

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Everything You Want to Know About Target's Car Seat Trade-In Event.
Everything You Want to Know About Target's Car Seat Trade-In Event

Calling all parents, caregivers and anyone who knows anyone with an old or unused car seat lying around—Target’s Car Seat Trade-In is here, so if you need a car seat upgrade, a backup seat for the grandparents’ car, or a replacement, this is the perfect time.

If you’re not sure about what the event is and how do you participate, we’ve got you. The TL;DR version—you bring in your car seat and/or base into your local Target store and they’ll give you a discount on new gear. Yes, it’s that easy!

But if you’re anything like us, we know that you have a ton of questions, like how many car seats can you bring in, what condition your car seats have to be in, and what you can use your coupon on (and a bunch more). Keep reading for all of the deets on how to take advantage of Target’s car seat trade-in event this year.

How often does Target do the car seat trade-in?

Target’s Car Seat Trade-In event started in 2016 and happens once a year. This year it runs from April 14 to April 27.

Do I have to be a Target Circle member to participate in the trade-in event?

Yes, you have to be a Target Circle member to participate in the car seat trade-in. But if you aren’t, it’s very easy to sign up (and it’s free). You can sign up in just a few minutes before you go to trade in your car seat.

What’s the discount?

When you trade in your car seat or base (you can trade in a car seat or a base separately or together), you receive a 20 percent off coupon that you can use twice, on two separate transactions (meaning you can’t receive 40 percent off of a single transaction). The coupon will expire once it’s applied twice or by May 11. Lastly, you can use the 20 percent discount in-store and online.

What can I use the discount on?

You can apply the 20 percent discount to another car seat, a car seat base, a stroller, a booster seat, a travel system, and other baby gear (including some playards, swings, rockers, high chairs, bouncers and entertainers).

Do I have to go into a store?

Yes, you have to bring your car seat or base into the store to receive the 20 percent discount (any reason to go to Target is a good one in my book). Here’s how it works: When you bring in your car seat or base to a Target, there will be a drop box near the entrance or the Guest Services desk. Next, you’ll use your phone to scan the QR code to add the bonus to your Target Circle app. From there you can either shop in the store or head home and shop online.

How can I maximize this deal?

Even if you only take advantage of the deal as it is, you’ll walk away with a pretty nice discount on a piece of baby gear. But, if you want to squeeze out a little extra from this deal, here’s what we suggest:

  • Stack the 20 percent off bonus with other coupons or use it on already discounted products.
  • If you’ve been a Target Circle member for a while, you may have some Target Circle earnings stashed away. If so, you can combine those extra dollars with your trade-in discount.
  • If you have a Target Circle credit or debit card, you can save an extra 5 percent (along with your 20 percent bonus discount) when you use it.
  • If you plan on using your 20 percent discount to purchase a new car seat and you’re either self-purchasing one from your own baby registry or your little one still fits in an infant seat, consider making the switch to a convertible car seat. Typically, they’re in the same price range as infant seats but can be used from infancy all the way through preschool.

Can I bring in more than one old car seat?

You can bring in as many car seats and bases as you’d like, but you’ll only receive one 20 percent off coupon (that can be used twice) per Target Circle account. Here’s a tip: if you have a couple of seats that you’d like to trade in, you and your partner can each bring one and apply a discount to each of your individual Target Circle accounts. Just remember, each 20 percent off coupon will only apply to a single transaction.

What condition can my car seat or base be in?

Thankfully, you don’t have to have a perfectly pristine car seat or base to participate in the trade-in event. Target will accept broken or expired car seats as well as seats with a history of car accidents. The seats are used for their parts and recycled to create new things (albeit less exciting) like steel beams and carpet padding. So the condition of the seats is not important.

What car seats does Target carry?

Target carries many of the brands that make the best car seats, including Graco, Evenflo and Chicco. (unfortunately, if you’re in the market for a more high-end seat from brands like Nuna or Cybex, you won’t find them there). Here are some car seats that you can find at Target that our gear editor Jen LaBracio loves

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