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29-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Listener
Updated on
October 31, 2023

29-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Listener

By Babylist Team
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29-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Listener.
29-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Listener

Your Little Listener

You may have heard that it’s a good idea to avoid familiar parenting phrases like “you’re okay” & “be careful.” Wondering why? We’ve broken down the potential impact of nearly a dozen such expressions plus what to consider saying instead.

And at the end of the guide, we’ve also included a helpful tip for expressing anything in a way that your toddler can more easily understand.

Toddler Communication Tips

Did You Know?

If your 29-month-old is a picky eater, they’re not alone: in one study, more than half the parents surveyed said their kids are, too. And according to doctors, this is just one of several common parenting concerns you shouldn’t stress about. Here are the rest.

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