Video Review: The New 4moms Connect High Chair
First Look: The New 4moms Connect High Chair
December 7, 2021

First Look: The New 4moms Connect High Chair

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First Look: The New 4moms Connect High Chair

Once your baby is big enough to start eating solids (and sometimes even before that), your high chair will quickly become a workhorse piece of gear—aka something you’ll probably use every single day. So anything that makes setup and cleanup easier is a win.

In the video above, Babylist Scout Gina tests out the new 4moms Connect High Chair, which comes with a magnetic tray attachment (and unlike a lot of high chairs, can be used from birth). Here’s the 411 on how it works.

What It Does

You’ve probably heard the name 4moms before. They’re best known for taking classic gear and reimagining it to…just make more sense. There’s the mamaRoo swing and bassinet that both feature parent-like movements (aka they soothe the way you’d sway or rock your baby) and the Breeze playard that sets up with just one hand (because typically the other one is busy holding a baby).

4moms took the same approach with the Connect. Here’s what makes it different from other high chairs.

Use from Day One: While babies don’t typically start solids until around six months, there are a lot of reasons you might want to use your high chair earlier: like as a tableside lounging spot during mealtimes, or as an elevated seat when you want baby close by during standing chores (think: washing dishes).

4moms Connect High Chair Recline gif

The 4moms Connect has a reclining feature that lets you use the seat from day one without any special accessories or attachments (watch Gina’s video at the :34 mark to see how the recline works IRL).

Magnetic Tray Attachment: While a lot of high chairs require two hands to remove the tray (or at least one hand and a hip), this high chair has a smooth magnetic connection that lets you attach and detach the tray with one hand. That might not sound like a big deal, until you’re trying to get the tray into the sink without having to put your baby down or grow extra arms.

4moms Connect High Chair Magnetic Tray Gif

Easy-Clean Surfaces: There’s a purpose behind the 4moms Connect’s sleek, modern look: those smooth surfaces make it harder for crumbs to get stuck, and easier to wipe down (you can even remove the foam seat insert to give it a 360-degree scrub). And if you have a dishwasher, the magnetic tray comes with a removable dishwasher-safe insert, so you can outsource the deep cleaning to your appliances.

4moms Connect High Chair Magnetic Tray in Dishwasher

Grows with Baby: When your little one no longer needs a high chair, but could still use a boost (and the security that comes with straps), the tray and crotch post on the 4moms Connect can both be removed to turn the high chair into a table-side toddler chair. And since the chair itself has an adjustable height (see Gina’s video at the :48 mark to see the adjustment in action), it works with just about any table or countertop.

Just keep in mind that unlike some other high chairs, this one doesn’t fold up. So you’re going to want to make sure you have enough space to display it at all times.

Why You’d Want That

When it comes to gear you use everyday, minor conveniences really add up (ask anyone who owns one of those fancy motion-sensor trash cans). And as Gina put it, one-handed tray removal on high chairs should go up there with one-handed stroller folds in the category of Gear Upgrades that Deserve the Hype.

And while the 4moms Connect high chair isn’t the first one to let your baby start chilling with you at mealtime as early as day one, a lot of those other high chairs require pricey accessories to make them newborn-friendly. The Connect, on the other hand, has all the grow-with-me features built right in.

So if you are looking for a modern high chair that stands the test of time and offers everyday convenience, the 4moms Connect does the trick and does it in style. Check out Gina’s complete video review to see it in action.

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