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Your 5-Week-Old Baby
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Your 5-Week-Old Baby

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Your 5-Week-Old Baby.
Your 5-Week-Old Baby

5-Week-Old Baby Milestone

Although the soundtrack of your day is a mix of crying and explosive diapers (not exactly music to the ears!), you’re in for a welcome new addition: cooing.

Your baby has a new vocal trick up their sleeve…and you’ll wish you had the power to freeze time when you hear these sweet little coos.

Try This

Coo back! It’s as simple as it sounds. By now you’re a pro at having one-sided convos with your kiddo (and making silly monkey sounds in public). A coo session is a great way to communicate with each other and encourage them to keep “talking.”

Doctor’s Corner: Baby’s Skin Conditions

Baby skin is delicate and sensitive. Here are few common baby skin conditions to be on the lookout for:

Cradle cap: Patchy, scaly, flaky, crusty scalp…not exactly the words you want to use to describe your sweet baby’s noggin! “Cradle cap” is an extremely common skin condition in newborns. It’s not harmful, itchy or contagious. Better yet, it usually resolves itself with a gentle shampoo and soft brush, or on its own.

Eczema: Unlike cradle cap, eczema’s red, crusty, rough skin patches are itchy and uncomfortable. While it can occur anywhere on the body, it’s most often spotted on cheeks, and in those cute little leg and arm creases. The exact causes are unknown, but this immune system reaction can flare up due to allergies, heredity or from ingredients in certain skin products. Most kids outgrow eczema early on, but there are helpful baby soaps and lotions that provide much-needed relief.

Diaper rash: A red, irritated diaper area + an unhappy baby is the first sign of diaper rash. Use a soothing diaper rash cream to prevent and treat irritated skin. And don’t feel bad if it happens: no matter how frequently you do diaper changes to minimize contact with moisture, babies’ little bums are sensitive. A rash can be caused by the diaper itself (chafing or fragrances) or by the acid that naturally occurs in pee and poop. A serious rash can even cause open sores and blisters…that’s your cue to head to the pediatrician.

5-Week-Old Baby Tip

Newborns don’t need to be bathed daily (you’re nowhere near finger-painting and muddy puddle-jumping…yet!). Be sure to space out tub time to keep that magical baby skin extra soft. When choosing a soap, go for a mild, moisturizing body wash and shampoo combo made with baby-safe ingredients that won’t cause dryness or irritate the eyes.

Your Period After Birth

There are probably quite a few things you don’t miss about being pregnant, like peeing a little when you sneeze and being asked All.The.Time if you’re having twins. But we have a hunch you didn’t mind the long break from your period. Well, Aunt Flo is probably gearing up for a visit.

While her “re-entry” varies from woman to woman, it may be different than you remember. It could be more sporadic, last longer (or shorter) or have a heavier (or lighter) flow. Most women will resume normal periods after having a baby, but it could go either way. Keep in mind: if you’re breastfeeding, you may not get your period until you’re done nursing, or at least not for a few months post-baby.

Self Care: Mom needs to eat, too

A new mom = a hungry mom. When you’re caring for someone 24/7, it’s easy to overlook your own needs. Instead of grabbing a handful of crackers when you pass by the cabinet, fuel your body with the right foods. Here are a few delicious, easy snacks that fill you up and boost your energy.

  • Smoothies! Fill your blender with your favorite fruits (frozen fruit makes it extra cool and creamy), greek yogurt or dairy of your choice, perhaps a little protein like a nut butter, and voila…a filling drink you can tote around anywhere. Try this Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie for a sweet (but healthy) treat.
  • A handful of nuts, like cashews and almonds. Good-for-you fats, plus protein for energy.
  • Apples and nut butter. The fruit gives you fiber to help keep you regular, while the nut butter adds a boost of protein.

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