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3 Time-Saving Products That Make Bottle Feeding (and Cleaning!) Way Easier
Updated on
September 11, 2023

3 Time-Saving Products That Make Bottle Feeding (and Cleaning!) Way Easier

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3 Time-Saving Products That Make Bottle Feeding (and Cleaning!) Way Easier.
3 Time-Saving Products That Make Bottle Feeding (and Cleaning!) Way Easier

New babies eat a lot. When you’re prepping bottles 5-10 times a day, all those minutes of measuring, mixing, cleaning and sterilizing can start to add up. So anything that simplifies the process and eliminates steps is a win (and means more time spent actually hanging out with your baby). These three time-saving kitchen gadgets from Baby Brezza do just that.

The 10-Minute Super-Fast Sterilizer Dryer

Whether you pump breast milk or formula feed your baby, bottles have to get cleaned somehow. And It’s while it’s always recommended to sterilize your bottles at least once before you use them, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to go beyond standard cleaning and sterilize your bottles each time, like:

  • You have a preemie or immunocompromised baby and need to be extra careful with the cleanliness of your gear.
  • You’re the kind of parent who occasionally forgets half-full bottles on the countertop for a little too long and you need that deep cleaning power (not that we’ve ever done that).
  • You just want to know that your bottles are germ-free.

After washing them, Baby Brezza’s Super Fast Sterilizer Dryer can sterilize up to six bottles and two sets of pump parts in under 10 minutes—about 75% faster than the other other sterilizer dryers out there (which can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes).

You just fill the little water reservoir, add your bottles or pump parts and choose your sanitize setting: sanitize, dry or both. When the cycle is complete, the Super Fast can also double as a storage unit, keeping your sanitized bottles clean for up to 24 hours. Watch the video below to see just how it works.

Formula On Demand

Formula feeding usually requires three or four steps to make each bottle: measure, scoop, mix, warm. Not so time consuming with one bottle, but then multiply that by 5-10 times a day and things can start to get a little monotonous (especially in the middle of the night). The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced combines all those steps into one.

Think of it as sort of a Keurig for your baby. You add the powder into the upper reservoir and fill the water tank. Then you push the button, and in 10 seconds it automatically measures, mixes, warms and dispenses formula straight into your bottle.

The Formula Pro Advanced has a bunch of options to customize your settings to the bottle size and formula powder brand you use (watch the video below at the :57 mark to see how you do that). You can choose different warming settings (room temp, body temp or warmer than body temp) and since there’s no shaking or stirring involved, you end up with fewer air bubbles in your bottle, which means less gas for baby.

And if you really want to automate your bottle making process? Baby Brezza also has a WiFi-enabled Formula Pro Advanced that you can control from your phone. Which means when that 2 AM feeding rolls around, all you have to do is push a button from the comfort of your bed and the warm bottle will be waiting for you by the time you make it to the kitchen.

A More Affordable Formula Fix

If you exclusively formula feed, the Formula Pro Advanced works out to be about $.50 per day for baby’s first year (not bad for the amount of time it saves). But if you’re looking for a more affordable formula option, the Baby Brezza Instant Warmer Advanced is slightly less automated at about a third of the price.

Instead of waiting 4-5 minutes for your bottles to get warm, the Instant Warmer Advanced dispenses warm water automatically with the push of a lever. Like the Formula Pro Advanced, you can choose from room temperature water, body temperature or warmer than body temperature. Then all you have to do is mix in your formula and shake.

And here’s the real parent hack: the Instant Warmer Advanced is pretty compact. It takes up about as much counter space as a bullet blender, but it holds a ton of water (an entire day’s worth of bottles, to be exact) and has its own night light. Which means it could realistically fit on your nightstand or a small cart and become part of a mobile formula station that allows you to prep bottles and feed your baby without having to get out of bed or walk down a flight of stairs—which can be really helpful in those early recovery days.

Feeding your baby is one of the sweeter bonding activities of new parenthood. Check out Baby Brezza’s smart feeding gear to see how you can simplify the prep process and maximize that quality time.

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