This Gear Makes Everyday Adventures More Baby-Friendly
This Gear Makes Everyday Adventures More Baby-Friendly
May 4, 2021

This Gear Makes Everyday Adventures More Baby-Friendly

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This Gear Makes Everyday Adventures More Baby-Friendly.
This Gear Makes Everyday Adventures More Baby-Friendly

One of the ways you can support your mental health as a new parent is to give yourself space to enjoy the things you did pre-baby: hanging out with friends, the yearly BBQ with your favorite cousins, even just a day at the park. But depending on the age of your baby, fun activities can come with unexpected challenges, especially in spaces that aren’t necessarily baby friendly.

While you won’t be able to solve every one of those challenges with clever gear (surprise meltdowns are a thing), being able to convert spaces into baby-friendly locales can be a huge help. Here are some of the products that can help you do that.

For The House With the Breakables

When you’re ready to visit friends or family in their homes, a portable playard like this can prevent the inevitable baby-chasing that accompanies breakables, small objects and other child-free house hazards. Just pop the playard open, add a few toys and let your baby go to town. Bonus: this playard comes with a removable canopy so you can use it indoors or out.

For the House with the Stairs

Once your baby starts moving, it’s off to the races. If you want to keep your little one contained while still allowing some space to roam, a portable folding gate like this is just the ticket (especially if you’re spending time in a house that has stairs or other tempting structural features). Unlike metal gates, this mesh-style folding gate travels compactly in its own travel bag, and can be used with a variety of door openings (just check the specs to see which size is best for you).

For When You Need a Hands-Free Moment

Moment of honesty: you won’t need most of this go-with-me gear until your baby really starts cruising. But that doesn’t mean you won’t still want a hands-free moment when you’re hanging with your newborn away from home. A portable lounger like this provides a safe space to put your baby down when you need it (and can be a comfy spot when you’re outside on surfaces like grass, which babies are not always so fond of).

For Unexpected Sleepovers

Babies go to bed before most adults even have dinner. Which can make it a challenge when you want to participate in time-honored traditions like family game night or your BFF’s annual Halloween party. But if you’ve got a little one who sleeps anywhere, a portable crib like this can make late nights with friends or impromptu overnights at the grandparents’ house more manageable.

For Unexpected Mealtimes

Imagine the places you might pack a camping chair for yourself, and that’s a place you’ll probably be grateful to have a portable high chair. Not unlike a portable bassinet, a travel high chair makes it easier to make yourself at home in otherwise child-free environments even if you have a baby with a more structured feeding schedule (it is also quite handy when you find yourself at the rare restaurant that doesn’t carry high chairs. Because shockingly, it happens).

For Outdoor Adventures with Older Babies

The more functions you pack into your gear, the better. A multi-purpose cot like this protects your little one from the sun during daytime fun, then converts into a nap or nighttime sleep space so you don’t have to lug around extra gear. Ideal for Airbnbs, camping trips or surprise sleepovers, the breathable mesh sides help keep your little one contained (though it’s recommended you wait to use this with older babies around 15 months and up).

Bringing a new family member into your routine is always an adjustment. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on everything you loved pre-baby. If you think you might be the kind of parent who wants to say yes to invitations and adventures, on-the-go gear is one tool that can make it happen.

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