Everything You Need for Spring
Everything You Need for Spring
March 31, 2021

Everything You Need for Spring

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Everything You Need for Spring.
Everything You Need for Spring

Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate the warming weather and new blossoms than getting out into the fresh air?

The season can be pretty temperamental in a lot of places, but don’t worry—we’ve gathered everything you and your little one need to quickly go from a picnic in the park to surprise rainfall. (Though we can’t do much about those seasonal allergies, sorry.)

From floral prints to versatile outdoor gear, check out these seasonal favorites for springtime fun.


Step one of any spring outing to the park: find a place to sit. But no worries about damp grass or dirt when you’ve got a Gathre mat. It’s water resistant, folds up in a compact bundle and comes in several different sizes to fit whatever space you need for your next picnic.

More sun outside means needing more shade for baby. Portable shady spots like this dome from Fisher-Price help protect your little one’s sensitive skin and give them their own special spot to hang out. And for something with a little more longevity, the Gloo Inflatable Travel Bed from Joovy fits kids up to five years old (in the large size).

If you have multiple little ones or a baby who just really likes their space, here’s a roomier option for your family’s time outdoors. This playard expands to 50 inches—almost twice the width of the Fisher-Price dome—and even has a zippered side door to make entry and exit easier for baby.

Even if you already have a stroller, a wagon is a fun option to consider for casual springtime strolls, especially if you have multiple kiddos or a play date. It makes for a more open-air ride thanks to the versatile shades, and it’s large enough to fit all your picnic essentials. But don’t be overwhelmed by its size; it’s got a compact fold to rival any stroller.

As the weather starts to warm up a bit, you’ll want a carrier that has good airflow and keeps baby cool. The mesh material of this carrier from Ergobaby is lightweight, breathable and comfortable enough for long walks in the fresh air.

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring pollen and bugs. A multi-use cover like this one keeps baby covered from the less favorable parts of spring while they’re nursing or hanging out in their car seat or stroller while still allowing for breathability. And on days when you don’t need it for your little one, the floral patterns make for a great spring-y scarf for you.

Don’t forget the snacks! No springtime outing is complete without a few munchies, and a portable snack set can make serving and clean up a breeze. Whether you’ve got a formula drinker or your kiddo is onto solid food, the stackable cups in this set can store everything from formula powder to cereal bits to fresh fruits and veggies. The bowl and spoon make it easy to pack purees for a picnic, and the cup transitions from a sippy to a straw in one motion.


Fireflies arrive in late spring, but this one stays all year ‘round! Vibrant colors, fun textures and a variety of interesting features will keep your little one fully entertained during any outing. And thanks to the clip on top, the toy can be attached to the stroller so it doesn’t get lost.

Nothing says spring quite like bunnies and bees and flowers, so why not have them greet and entertain baby as you’re strolling them around? These friendly critters come with mirrors, pull-down effects and a baby-operated propeller to encourage exploration and learning all while celebrating the season.

Springtime = baby animals, and babies love baby animals. But if you don’t feel like taking your baby to a petting zoo just yet, there’s a much easier (and cleaner) way to introduce your little one to, well, other little ones. This book includes puppies, kittens, bunnies and more for baby to pet, encouraging a love of animals and introducing them to fun new textures.

Spring isn’t just baby animals and flowers. Spring is also sneezing and surprise rain and a good time for cleaning your home. Beloved children’s author Todd Parr celebrates everything about the season in this cheerful, colorful book—including important holidays like International Women’s Day!

Even if you’re a Millennial or Gen Z parent, you probably know the Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds classic Singin’ in the Rain—or at least the main song. If springtime where you are includes a few rain showers, this book is the perfect way to turn your little one’s rainy day blues into a cheerful song and dance.


It’s romper season, and this one works for both warm and cooler weather. The short sleeves say sun all day, and the long pants say there might be a cool breeze. Made of 100% cotton, this outfit is soft and wearable for playtime and downtime and is easy to layer, not to mention super stylish with a wrap front and sophisticated floral print.

Looking for something versatile that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion? This one-piece short set has you covered. Baby can wear it on its own for cool comfort (it’s made of muslin, so it won’t get too hot), or you can add cute booties, a cardigan and a headband for a warmer, dressier look. If your little one is more the spring dress type, check out this matching muslin dress and bloomer set.

Spring nights may be slightly warmer than winter ones, but they can still be a little chilly before summer approaches. That’s where gowns come in; they’re long enough to cover baby’s legs from the chilly open air, but the open bottom allows for some airflow to prevent overheating. Gowns are especially great for newborns, too, since the open bottom makes diaper changes so much easier. We also love this gown and hat set from Aden + Anais, if your kiddo’s head gets chilly at night.

It’s not spring without some floral fashion accessories. But this headband does more than just look cute. It helps keep baby’s ears warm in the springtime breeze and can hold their hair back if they’ve got longer locks. Pair it with the matching romper for a complete spring look.

Let your little puddle jumper run free! Made with natural rubber and reaching mid-calf, these sturdy boots keep little feet warm and dry for those rainy spring days (and for those irresistible puddles!). And with over two dozen designs, there’s a look for every kiddo’s style.

If you didn’t invest in a rain jacket for your toddler in fall or winter, now’s the time. Especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of spring rain, you’re going to be thankful to have one at the ready when you’re out and about. This froggy jacket from Target is a great budget-friendly pick, which is something to keep in mind since you’ll likely have to buy a size bigger every year.


If you’re going to be out in the sun more, you’re going to need to protect your little one’s head. This hat will shade kiddo’s face and neck while also protecting their skin from UV rays. It’s got SPF 50+ protection thanks to the way the fabric is woven, and is quick-drying in case it gets wet.

Along with protecting baby’s head, you should also protect their sensitive eyes from the sun’s rays. These sunglasses won’t just have your baby looking super cool, they’ll also provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. They’ll fit most babies from newborn to 24 months.

Slathering your little one in sunscreen should go without saying, but before you head outside into the sunshine, make sure your sunscreen is the safest formula possible for babies. This one from Earth Mama is SPF 40 and has been thoroughly tested by pediatricians and dermatologists. And with an EWG rating of 1, you can be sure this is the best option for your baby’s sensitive skin. For baby’s face, sunscreen sticks usually work better than messier lotions. And if your little one has skin sensitivities, try the option with colloidal oatmeal.

Don’t forget the hand sanitizer! This handy pocket-sized spray bottle will help keep the germs away no matter where baby goes or what they get into. Whether it’s sticks and leaves at the park or baby chicks at the petting zoo, stashing some sanitizing spray in your diaper bag can make sure the fun never stops (not even for germs!).

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