Best Changing Pad Covers of 2020

Best Changing Pad Covers of 2020

January 1, 2019

Best Changing Pad Covers of 2020

Best Changing Pad Covers of 2020
Best Changing Pad Covers of 2020

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing fun about changing dirty diapers. As much as we love our babies, no one enjoys it. Luckily, changing pad covers can brighten up the process.

You’ll most likely be using a changing pad as a soft, safe place to hold your child while you change them (be sure to check out our Best Changing Table and Pad picks). A changing pad cover is handy for two reasons. One, the cover can protect the actual pad from any accidents or messes. If your cover gets soiled, just throw it in the washer (we recommend getting two or three covers to switch out in between washes). Second, changing pad covers come in a huge range of lovely and fun colors and prints.

Changing diapers may never become your favorite baby-and-me activity, but a nice (even cute) changing pad cover can make it a little more pleasant. Here are our favorite covers from the past year.

Standout Patterns from Iviebaby

Iviebaby is one of our favorite small shops. Elizabeth Ivie designs and handmakes these extraordinary covers that feature a variety of fun and bold patterns- many of which are gender-neutral (a tricky find with a majority of shops). These peaceful winter birches add a soothing note to the nursery’s decor.

This pattern from Iviebaby is charming, cheerful, and perfect for spring!

Iviebaby’s colorful arrows on this pattern are elegant and sleek but also cheerful and fun.

Bold zigzagging stripes make a statement, and would like especially wonderful in a black-and-white themed nursery.

Magical Moments from Crate & Kids

Crate & Kids specializes in products that give your nursery a fantastic, fairytale feel. With prints that are custom-designed by a range of talented artists, these covers will bring a touch of whimsy (and high quality) to your changing table.

This cute Sesame Street collaboration features the sweet fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby.

Grey and white go with almost any color scheme, and the elephants are so whimsical and fun.

Gentle & Simple from Aden + Anais

aden + anais is known for their ultra-soft cotton muslin material, found in their swaddles and crib sheets, as well as their changing pad covers. The gentle and sweet designs of these covers match that softness, helping to create a soothing atmosphere in your nursery.

This jungle jam giraffe fabric is so much fun: you can even buy a giraffe toy that matches.

The 100% organic option is a great option for the ecofriendly mama.

Elephants floating away on star-shaped balloons is an extremely popular aden + anais print!

Another Etsy Favorite

Soft minky fabric and a lovely landscape of deer roaming in the mountains.

Choosing what’s right for you

A great changing pad cover is a fun way to add a bit of color to a not-so-fun activity. With many options to choose from, you can even express your personal style and coordinate your cover with your baby’s bedding and other accessories. For more ways to add to your nursery, check out our picks for the Best Changing Tables and Pads, the Best Cribs, and the Best Bassinets.

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