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Best Outlet Covers
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Outlet Covers

By Babylist Team
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Best Outlet Covers

Fact: Electrical outlets are irresistible to kids. Their power? Being low to the ground and within reaching distance of crawling and cruising tots.

But outlet covers are a simple fix. As the name implies, they plug into or go over outlets. They prevent babies and toddlers from inserting their fingers (or anything else for that matter) into the slots and getting an electrical shock.

There are three types of outlet covers:

  • Plugs: These plastic caps are inserted into the outlet like an appliance would be to cover the holes, and they’re usually designed to be difficult to pull off (for you and your child). Installation is a simple matter of just pushing these into each outlet.
  • Box outlet covers: Perfect for outlets that are in constant use, these electrical outlet covers form a box around the outlets and the plugs going into them—so tots can’t pull out the plugs and access the outlets. Installation involves screws and a screwdriver.
  • Sliding outlet covers: These baby-safe electrical outlet covers feature a retractable face. Push the face over to one side to plug something in. When you’re done, it snaps back to a position with closed-off holes. These covers must be screwed in to replace your existing covers.

Plugs were the most popular in the past. However, there’s a chance that some plugs can become a choking hazard. The first place little ones will put them if they find plugs sitting around (because someone forgot to put them back into an outlet after using it) or pull them out of the walls is their mouths (like they do all things). Look for plug covers that won’t fit into a toilet paper tube—otherwise, they’re small enough to be a potential danger.

Check out these top-rated covers to see which meet the needs of your home.

Designer Approved

A modern take on an old classic, Bink’s plugs have an artsy geometric design and come in beachy pastels as well as white. And, they’re recyclable. But most importantly, they have an extra-snug fit so they won’t budge.


There’s nothing to think about once you install this child-friendly outlet cover. Your little one won’t be able to get to the electrical outlet holes, but you will whenever you need to plug something in.

Value Buy

These clear outlet plugs blend in with surroundings, making them less noticeable to tots. And, because of their fantastic price, you can make sure every single outlet is covered even in rooms your little one might not enter often.

For In-Use Outlets

Some appliances like televisions, lamps and computers always stay plugged in, which makes it difficult to protect outlets from tykes intent on ripping out the cords. But this impact-resistant box goes over your outlet and appliance plugs to prevent little fingers from exploring electrical outlets even if the cord gets pulled out.

Tough to Remove

Some little ones are determined to pull those outlet plugs out. These ones from Safety 1st can help keep those persistent kiddos from removing them. To take them out, squeeze the left tab and top tab and gently pull. Doable for a parent, but tough for a curious toddler.

Jumbo Pack

Have a big home? No worries, this pack makes it possible to cover every electrical outlet in the same clear, unobtrusive plug.

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