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Best Babyproofing Kits
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Babyproofing Kits

By Babylist Team
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Best Babyproofing Kits

Children are naturally curious and make excellent explorers. But when little hands grab for things like household cleaners, small objects they can choke on or electrical sockets, their expeditions around the home can become suddenly dangerous.

Babyproofing your home helps put harmful items on lockdown and steers kids away from staircases and rooms they need to avoid.

When do you need to babyproof your home?

It’s best to put safety measures in place before or as soon as your baby starts crawling (usually around 8 to 12 months). A sure sign that your little one will soon be on the go is when your baby starts rolling over (about 4 to 7 months).

You can approach baby proofing as an ongoing task—updating your home as your child grows (and is able to reach more and climb!)—or do it all in one fell swoop.

What babyproofing products are essential?

When you think about it, there are numerous things that can be harmful in your home: medicines, toiletries like mouthwash and nail polish remover, beads and buttons, oven knobs and big, heavy furniture that can be toppled over. (For more details, see a longer list of potential hazards from the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

But making your home baby friendly doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Babyproofing kits make it easy to tackle the most common threats. Or, create your own kit using these common babyproofing items:

  • Drawer locks: Safety latches on cabinets and drawers secure items in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms to prevent poisonings and other injuries.
  • Corner guards: These cushions soften the hard edges of tables and desks to prevent injuries during falls.
  • Outlet covers: These inserts prevent little fingers from poking into sockets and getting an electrical shock.
  • Window protectors: Devices that prevent kids from falling out of windows or strangulation from cords on blinds and shades.
  • Safety gates: Temporary gates to use in doorways and in front of stairwells to restrict access.
  • Furniture anchors: Anti-tip kits prevent furniture or TVs from toppling over on children.
  • Door knob covers: These gadgets make it difficult for small children to turn a knob and enter a room (or exit the house!).

Some parents also find temperature guards for the tub, stove knob covers and toilet locks useful, especially for toddlers. See the full list of child-safety home devices recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information.

Kits are a cost-effective option for baby-proofing and can help simplify the process of making your home safe for baby. Here are our favorite kits for babyproofing.

For the Entire House

Chock full of baby-proofing basics, this kit contains 46 pieces to outfit your home. It includes everything you need to keep kiddos out of cabinets and drawers, lock them out of certain rooms and eliminate access to outlets.

Additional Specs
Includes: 4 door knob covers; 12 drawer latches; 30 plug protectors

Super-Easy Installation

Not everyone wants (or is able) to drill holes in cabinets to attach childproofing latches. That’s why these magnetic locks for cupboards and drawers are so genius. You don’t need a drill, screws or nails. It’s super easy to install these powerful magnet fixtures using the included tape (don’t worry, it’s super strong).

Additional Specs
Includes: 8 cabinet and drawer latches; 2 keys to loosen closures; 3M adhesive tape; 4 corner protectors; 4 outlet protectors

Variety Pack

This sampler pack has 40 pieces with the basics to make your home safe: outlet covers, cabinet and drawer locks, and corner guards. There is also a 50-pack if you need even more pieces.

Additional Specs
Includes: 16 outlet covers; 8 safety latches; 6 multi-purpose locks

Advanced Babyproofing

Everything has the potential to be a toy for little ones. That’s why electrical cords, bookshelves and even toilets are irresistible to your little one. Keep your cruising baby or toddler away from off-limit items with this kit of safety aids. Inside you’ll find gadgets that keep your toilet shut, secure furniture and cover outlets where a cord is plugged in so your child can’t rip it out of the socket.

Additional Specs
Includes: 4 door knob covers; 2 furniture wall straps; 2 multi-purpose straps; 1 toilet lock; 2 outlet covers; 1 cord shortener
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