10 Best Baby Gates of 2020
Best Baby Gates
May 20, 2020

Best Baby Gates

Best Baby Gates .
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Babies quickly turn into turbo explorers who find the most dangerous places in the house. Here are the safety gates to protect them from themselves.Best Baby Gates

Newsflash: your chill, cuddly baby is about to turn into a turbo explorer who finds their way into the most dangerous places in your home. This phenomenon seemingly happens overnight, so when it does, you’ll be happy you installed a baby gate.

Do You Need a Baby Gate?

Unless you live in a one-story home and you’ve baby proofed every room from ceiling to floor then yes, you’ll probably need a baby gate. Most babies start to scoot and crawl around seven months old. Tiny fingers love to tamper with cupboards, open every drawer they get their hands on and even taste test the dog food—so you’ll want to make sure your living space is childproofed well before all of that unfolds. And don’t even get us started on stairs…

What Type of Baby Gate is Best?

There are two types of baby gates, each with different installations methods:

  • Hardware-mounted baby gates: Both sides of this type of gate need to be screwed into a door frame, wall or a banister. Although it’s not ideal to put permanent holes into your home, hardware-mounted gates are the most secure, making them a good choice for places like the top of your stairs and other precarious spots throughout your home.
  • Pressure-mounted baby gates: These gates are like tension rods and don’t require any screwing in. If you have a gate with the correct measurements, it should stand up as long as each end is tightly pushed up against a wall or door frame. Pressure-mounted gates are easy to set up (no tools needed) and can be moved from place to place.

Once you’ve decided what type of baby gate installation you prefer, you can check out various styles of baby gates. The main options include:

  • Swing through, a gate door that swings open
  • Step over, a gate you have to climb over because it doesn’t have a door
  • Stair gates, those built specifically to be used on stairs

When shopping around look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification on baby gates. This ensures the gate is at least 22 inches tall, and the spacing between the bottom of the gate and floor isn’t big enough for your child’s head or neck to get stuck.

Best Highly Rated Baby Gate

This safe, versatile baby gate has earned over 15,000 positive Amazon reviews, and for good reason. It checks off all of the boxes of what to look for in a baby gate. It’s easy to open and close, constructed from durable steel, can be installed via pressure or wall mount, expands to fit wider doorways and stands 30 inches tall. It comes with all of the accessories you need for installation (wall cups, extension kit, etc.) and is affordable enough that you won’t break the bank if you need to purchase several for your home.

Best Baby Gate for Stairways

Stairways are some of the most dangerous spots for mobile kiddos, so you’ll want a safe, sturdy gate to secure those types of spaces in your home. This gate is hardware-mounted so there’s no risk of it being dislodged from the wall. It’s made from steel and can fit spaces up to almost 48 inches, so this gate will work even if you have an extra-wide stairway opening. The door swings fully in one direction only so it will never swing out over your stairs, and there’s no threshold bar which minimizes your chances of tripping on the bottom portion of the gate.

Most Affordable Baby Gate

At under twenty bucks, this expandable gate from Regalo is an economical way for you to keep your home safe for your tiny explorers. This pressure-mounted baby gate expands to 42 inches and has rubber bumpers on each side to protect your walls. It’s very easy to install and stands 24 inches tall. Just note that there’s no door so you’ll have to step over it each time you need to get by, something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of installing it in a highly-trafficked area of your home.

Easiest to Open and Close Baby Gate

A great baby gate for doorways that you’re passing through frequently, this Munchkin gate is a breeze to open with one hand while holding your baby—or whatever else you’re lugging around—in the other. It comes in six widths, and you can set what direction you want it to open (either pulled in toward you or pushed out away from you). Just keep in mind that there’s a two-inch bar at the bottom, so you’ll need to watch your step, and there’s no self-closing mechanism.

Baby Gate with Most Configurations

This crazy-long and flexible baby gate has eight panels that together stretch 192 inches across. You can attach it to itself to create an octagon or rectangular-shaped play zone, bend it around off-limits places like the fireplace or use it as a room barrier in areas that have an open floor plan. This sturdy baby gate with a door can also be secured with wall mounts.

The Fancy Baby Gate

With a bronze arch and detailed bars, this fancy baby gate almost looks like it’s a part of the decor. Would-be climbers are deterred by its extra height (it’s a tall baby gate at three feet high), and there’s less bending over for you. It also swings both ways and has an auto-close feature—just keep in mind that it can be loud when it closes so you may not want to position it near your little one’s bedroom if they’re a light sleeper.

Best Modern Baby Gate

If you prefer a more clean, modern style than what’s available in more traditional baby gates, this option from Munchkin is a good choice. This sleek design is crafted from durable aluminum with a door that swings open in both directions. You can quickly adjust the gate’s size—from 26.5 to 40 inches wide—using the gate’s preset positions, no extensions required. This gate does come at a price, however. And it requires two vertical wall mounts to be screwed in so the gate can slide into them from the top down.

Best Baby Gate for Wide Doorways

Not all doorways are created equal—some require an extra-wide baby gate like this one. It expands to fit openings 29 to 50 inches wide with two extension kits: one kit adds 6 inches and the other adds 12 inches. With all-steel construction, this baby gate is strong and a walk-through door makes passing by a breeze. It’s also pressure mounted, so you can quickly remove it and use it in another doorway if you like.

Best Farmhouse Style Baby Gate

What baby gate would Joanna Gaines choose? We’d like to think it’s this one. This solid wood + metal gate fits perfectly into any modern farmhouse aesthetic. It can be pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted for the top of a stairway and fits openings up to 42 inches wide. The door swings open widely and has a self-closing feature.

The Nearly Invisible Baby Gate

Babe gates can be an eyesore, but not this see-through one. Wall-mounted with screws, you’ll barely notice it’s there. It’s made from professional-grade acrylic and meets U.S. safety standards. The door swings both directions, but a one-way stop lets you determine if you’d rather it open in one direction only, which is especially handy when used at the top of stairs. It fits openings 29.2 to 39.4 inches wide and can even be installed at an angle (up to 180 degrees). Just remember that even clear acrylic can’t hide tiny little fingerprints and drool!

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