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Best Furniture Anti-Tip Kits
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Furniture Anti-Tip Kits

By Babylist Team
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These childproofing kits can help keep furniture or TVs secure in case little ones start climbing.Best Furniture Anti-Tip Kits

Sure, it makes sense to secure heavy furniture in earthquake zones to prevent tipping, but it’s also an important part of baby proofing your home, no matter where you live.

It’s not unusual for tots to scale furniture by pulling out dresser drawers to form a climbing ladder or clamber onto TV stands or other big pieces of furniture. Their quests varies from trying to reach off-limits items to simply making a jungle gym out of anything.

To avoid injuries that could crush or seriously injure your little one, consider using an anti-tip kit to anchor top-heavy and unsteady furniture. Anti-tip kits fasten furniture and big-screen TVs to something sturdier like a wall or TV stand.

Here are our top picks for keeping your furniture in place.

Zero Holes

Worried about making holes in your wall or TV stand? Or having to find a wall stud and use a screwdriver? Don’t be—this kit is hassle free. The straps connect to your stand and any flat-screen TV up to 70 inches with powerful adhesive strips. The adjustable straps stay out of sight and have a buckle you can disconnect if you need to move the TV.

A Good Basic

This kit also has nylon straps to keep flat-screen TVs from toppling over. But instead of adhesive it uses the wall-mounting holes on the back of the TV as a connection point and is screw-mounted to a wall or furniture on the other end. It fits most TVs up to 60 inches.

No-Tools Needed

This kit uses a unique hook you simply twist into drywall, leaving smaller holes than if you had used screws. Adjustable nylon straps latch from the wall mount onto furniture with adhesive and can withstand up to 200 pounds of weight. And if your child’s favorite toy falls behind a dresser or other piece of furniture, you can easily unsnap the straps to reach it.

Heavy Duty

If you have the tools and the know-how, this kit is perfect for total peace of mind. It provides steel brackets to screw into wall studs and your furniture along with 6-inch steel cables to bind your furniture to walls. Even with up to 400 pounds of pressure, this system keeps furniture upright.

Not Messing Around

When you don’t want to leave a single thing to chance, go with this kit. It features steel parts and includes 7-inch steel cables that can withstand 1,000 pounds before they break. What you’ll need for setup? A screwdriver and an easy way to find wall studs (using a stud finder works best).

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