6 Best Window Childproofing Products

Best Window Childproofing

July 27, 2018

Best Window Childproofing

These window cord protectors, guards and stoppers can help keep little explorers safe. Best Window Childproofing

Young tots are all about exploring the world—it’s their job. They push and prod on everything just to see what happens. And that includes window screens, which kids can pop out and fall through, and cords on blinds, which accidentally can be wrapped around the neck.

To steer your child clear of windows, it’s important to keep the crib and other furniture away from them. The ultimate in window protection is to keep them locked and use only cordless window coverings. If that’s not realistic, then consider childproofing your windows with these types of devices:

  • Cord protectors: These gadgets wind-up long cords or provide a hook to wrap cords around and keep them high and out of reach.
  • Window stoppers: Stoppers limit how wide you can open a window so only a narrow gap is possible. For childproofing purposes, windows should open no more than four inches wide.
  • Window guards: Affixed with screws, window guards prevent children from pushing on screens of open windows and falling out.

Here are various products that help create a secure environment for your little one.

Instant Cord Shortener

Say goodbye to dangling cords with this product that rolls the extra length into a plastic holder to hide it, while still letting you easily operate the blinds.

Up and Out of Reach

The goal: move blind cords high enough so little hands can’t reach them, without having to nail or screw anything. The solution? This cord protector that uses magnets—one goes around the cord and the other is placed wherever you want it on the wall.

For Open Windows

Screens are no match for your kiddo’s weight, but the steel bars of this window protector sure are. It’s 18 inches high and adjusts from 24 to 42 inches wide (it also comes in other sizes). With a fire-safety release pin, it’s a cautionary measure for windows you need to keep wide open.

Simple Window Stopper

It’s a cinch to install these window stoppers—they have a strong adhesive backing so they just need to be pressed into place. Once set, these stoppers will block the window from opening beyond the point you’ve placed them. Use them to childproof your patio, closet, shower or other sliding doors, as well as your sliding windows.

Invisible Window Stopper

You won’t notice these window stoppers because they’re designed to fit within the window frame on both sliding-horizontal windows or double-hung windows. And don’t worry about getting your tools out either: the stoppers use strong Velcro to stay in place and block windows from opening too wide.

A Lock that Lets Air In

Make windows extra secure with this secondary lock. Besides safeguarding your home when you’re away, they can also be adjusted to lock while still open a half inch. That’s good enough to keep a bit of fresh air coming into the nursery or playroom, but still entirely baby proof.

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