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The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Nine-Month-Old
Updated on
August 21, 2020

The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Nine-Month-Old

By Babylist Team
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The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Nine-Month-Old.
The Best Five Products to Buy for Your Nine-Month-Old

Nine months in and your little one is growing and changing right before your eyes. You’re tackling solids, getting lots of giggles, and developing skills like pulling up to stand, pointing at objects and even starting to say simple words (mama and dada are our favorites, of course).

These are the best five products you and your little one will love as you get ready to celebrate a whole year with your baby.

A Big-Kid Car Seat

Why You Need It

Because your growing kiddo needs a bigger car seat—and the RAVA is one of the best.

Why We Love It

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were trying to figure out how to strap a tiny, squirming newborn into your brand new infant car seat? The days are long but the years really are short, like they say, and it’s almost time for your almost one-year-old to graduate to a convertible car seat. You did all that research to find the best infant car seat for your baby, and now you get to do it all again for the next stage—and you should start that research now so you’ll know what to buy when the time comes.

Time for a quick car seat safety lesson. Here’s how you know when it’s time to make the switch from a rear-facing bucket seat to a rear-facing convertible:

  • Your baby has reached the maximum height limit of your seat;
  • Your baby has reached the maximum weight limit of your seat;
  • There is less than one inch of room from the top of your child’s head to the top of the infant seat.

When your little one has reached any one of these limits, it’s time to make the switch.

The RAVA is consistently one of our top rated convertible car seats. It’s great for extended rear-facing, and keeping your little one rear-facing for as long as possible is the safest way for them to ride. We love its clean, modern design and how easy it is to install with your car’s seat belt. There’s also retractable cup holders, a no-rethread harness and breathable knit fabric with ventilation panels.

A Warm Up for Walking

Why You Need It

Because your little one is going to be on the move before you know it, and practice makes perfect.

Why We Love It

Lots of nine-month-olds are just beginning to pull up to a standing position in order to explore the world around them. What comes next? Walking, that’s what! While your little one may not be on the move solo quite yet, odds are those first wobbly steps aren’t too far into your future. A push toy can get them on their way, helping them to develop skills like balance, strength and gross motor development.

You’ll always know where to find your soon-to-be-toddler if you listen for the gentle chomping and clacking of this adorable wooden push toy. The alligators’ mouths open and shut with every step, and the sturdy wooden handle is easy to grip and at just the right height for tiny hands. There’s also fish on the wheels and spinning butterfly and ladybug beads to keep your little one engaged. It’s from Melissa & Doug, one of our favorite brands for interactive, imaginative toys.

A Sippy Cup That Doesn’t Leak

Why You Need It

Because cleaning up sippy cup spills gets really old really quickly.

Why We Love It

Weren’t you just getting the hang of that bottle thing? Don’t worry, there’s no need to ditch your little one’s bottle just yet. But now is the time to introduce a sippy cup, and the Munchkin 360 is one of our favorites.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends switching from a bottle to a cup somewhere between one and two years old. There’s a learning curve that comes with using a cup, of course—so giving your nine-month-old lots and lots of practice can help them get the hang of big-kid drinking sooner rather than later. (For the full lowdown on cups, check out our Best Sippy Cups guide.)

The Munchkin 360 is a flat lid cup, meaning the liquid comes out around all sides of the lid when your baby’s lips press on it. It does take a bit of practice, but it’s 100% worth it because it truly is leak-proof. Zero spills—we promise. (And trust us when we say that is NOT the case for most sippy cups on the market.) The handles make the 360 easy to hold, and the minimal design makes it easy to clean. If you’d prefer a non-plastic option, Munchkin makes a stainless steel trainer cup too.

A Baby Safety Solution

Why You Need It

Because nine-month-olds are always on the move and always curious. A little too curious.

Why We Love It

Does it seem like every time you turn your back for just a few seconds that your little one has found something new to explore? If that something new is the electrical sockets, the top of your stairs or every sharp corner they can find, then it’s time for some baby proofing.

Nine-month-olds are natural explorers—often to their own detriment. Baby proofing your home will help protect them from getting hurt, of course, but will also give you peace of mind in knowing you can safely let your baby explore, grow and learn about the world around them.

You don’t need to baby proof your home from top to bottom all at once; instead, try working in phases based on what stage your baby is in. This essentials kit is a great place to start. It’s a 46-piece collection of basic baby proofing tools like cabinet and drawer latches, outlet protectors and door knob covers. Add some anti-tip furniture anchors, corner guards, window protectors and of course a few baby gates and you’ll be more than ready for your tiny explorer.

A First Words Book

Why You Need It

Because you can never have too many books.

Why We Love It

There are few things better than watching your little one learn to love books. This one is an all-time favorite, especially for the one-and-under set.

Your little one’s language and communication skills are developing rapidly as they reach their first birthday. You’re likely noticing them making lots of sounds, starting to understand basic language and even saying their first words.

This bright, colorful board book features 100 color photographs paired with 100 simple first words. It’s perfect for reading together or exploring independently. The cover is soft and perfectly sized for your baby’s hands, while the inside pages are sturdy enough to endure hours of reading fun. It’s going to become a book you and your little one reach for again and again.

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